Best Vacation Places, Pictures and Information

Vacation Places Photo of Wrangell-St.Elias National Park, Alaska, USA.

Man o’ War Bay, Dorset, England

England’s Dorset coast is often glorious during September-October and the beach waters at their warmest. Man o’ War Bay is next to famed Durdle Door and offers a better beach, with less people, more sand and less water turbulence, tho’ lacking a rocking doorway. You could walk there on the Southwest Coast Path (about 25 miles from the ferry across Poole Harbour) or drive via Wareham if you don’t mind steep parking fees.

Low cost vacation places in 2018

Currently the cheapest long-haul tourist destinations worldwide, based on typical holiday spending are:

1: Tokyo, Japan

2: Cape Town, South Africa

3: Mombasa, Kenya

4: Colombo, Sri Lanka

5: Hoi An, Vietnam

6: Bali, Indonesia

7: Tamarindo, Costa Rica

8: Orlando, Florida, USA

9: Penang, Malaysia

10: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Vacation Places September – October

Americas      Europe      Africa      Asia      Australasia

September – October are superb holiday months in the Northern Hemisphere as the tourist hordes take their kids back to school but the sun still shines brightly in  and seas are warmer than ever. However, by the end of September some summer-oriented tourist facilities start to shut down so public transport can become a problem – such as open-top buses and tourist ferries – while hotels, restaurants and bars start to close their doors for the winter season.

The Americas

US Vacation Places September – October 2018

Alburqurque balloon festival, New Mexico, USA

So this is how they get high in New Mexico. The International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, USA, October 6 – 14. Photo by a4gpa

Beach vacations will be attractive in California and Texas at this time of year but the weather in Florida is likely to be hot, sticky and stormy.

The hurricane season in the Caribbean runs from August thru October but the rainy period lasts May to December. Exceptions are the Dutch ABC islands (ArubaBonaireCuraçao) which are below the hurricane belt and consequently have better summertime/autumn weather conditions and practically 12 months availability (though November-January can be a little cloudy and damp).

Hawaii is out of season during these months and the big surf has disappeared, so prices are lower and bargain holidays on offer for careful researchers.

September is a terrific time to take a road trip around southwest America’s awesome canyons and national parks or take a trip around Canada before the chills set in.

Canada September – October 2018

Jumping into Whistler's Lost Lake in the summer, British Columbia, Canada

Hiking around Owen Point on Vancouver Island in western Canada. Photo by Paxson Woelber..

Canada’s currency is not too high and they have few problems with terrorism so this could be another good year for Canadian tourism.

Summer is almost over but this could be the best time to take a trip there to:

Canada’s main vacation places:

Canada tourism begins properly in May and runs thru September.

Best cities: Vancouver (British Columbia), Toronto ( Ontario), Quebec City and Montreal (Quebec) province.

Best wildlife: Churchill (Manitoba), British Columbia, Alberta.

Best winter festival: Ottawa Winterlude, Ontario.

Best summer festival: Calgary Stampede, Alberta.

Best beaches: New Brunswick (Atlantic Provinces) and Vancouver (British Columbia).

Best natural wonders: Banff lakes and mountains (Alberta), Niagara Falls (Ontario).

Best cuisine: Quebec province.

Best landscapes: British Columbia, Alberta and North West Territories.

Latin America Vacation Places, September – October 2018

Machu Picchu high view, Vacation Places Peru

Peru’s Inca Trail. The top of the first, highest and hardest pass, Dead Woman’s Pass at 4,200m. This is the killer. Get past it and you’re coasting. Photo by Jim

Some of Latin America’s most colourful countries are perfect September – October, such as Peru, Brazil, Chile and Argentina, but Central America is generally overheated, oppressively humid and liable to rainstorms.

Europe vacation places, September – October 2018

Lake Geneva giant fork, Vevey, Vacation Places Switzerland

Paragliding off Nice beaches, Côte d’Azur, France.

Europe in September is a perfect month for late beach holidays, with prices down, accommodation options open, sun shining (probably!) and very warm seas. Southern Europe is obviously the prime target in late summer and Nice is one of our favourites.

Tourist services will, however, start to disappear in some summer-oriented destinations in October, such as the Greek Islands. Beaches in southern Spain and  Portugal’s Algarve  will be warm and good value at this time but we’d suggest staying clear of Turkey for the time being.

September is also time for some iconic European festivals, ranging from Venice’s Regatta Storica in Italy on the 3rd, to Germany’s beery Oktoberfest (16 September – 3 October) and Spain’s Festes de la Mercé in Barcelona 22 – 25 September.

For English speakers London is a great choice with its world-beating free museums, invigorating life and newly cheap due to the Brexit currency crash. Other must-see cities of central Europe are ParisRome, and Florence, all  perfect for historic sights and pleasant, uncrowded strolls in balmy, late summer weather.

Beach seekers can find varied, unusual vacation places with the necessary sunshine and good value north Spain, along with some spectacular cities such as Santiago de Compostela, and San Sebastián-Donostia

Island and beach hopping in Greece is a great way to see a lot but not a very cheap option. Still fast ferries do the job smoothly and conveniently. Hop from Athens to Santorini island (Atlantis!), to Mykonos, to Crete etc. maybe 2/3 days each? Plan for September only, many facilities shut down in October.

Africa Vacation Places, September – October 2018

Dune 45 in Sossusvlei National Park, with climbers, Vacation Places Namibia, Africa

Sahara dune and Yasmina lake, Merzouga, Morocco.

North Africa will still be overly hot in September but approaching perfect, warm temperatures and blue skies in October. Magnificent Morocco’s beaches, mountains, deserts, buildings and Marrakesh culture await you, along with the less delightful rug sellers and street hustlers. Learn to deal with them, the country is well worth a little hassle.

Travelling to Jordan’s spectacular Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea should be no problem and a comfortable temperature in October, but stay away from border areas and Amman, which isn’t up to much anyway.

As for animal viewing, September is a good time for Tanzania and Kenya big game safaris (but avoid coastal areas where there has been some violent Muslim/Christian conflict), while South Africa is as usual very good value and offers self-drive wildlife safaris over both these months.

Asia Vacation Places, September – October 2018

Kyoto's Kinkakuji, Golden Temple, Vacation Places Japan

Rafting down the Li River on the way to Yangshuo in southwest China.

Generally in Asia monsoon rains or typhoons will be stirring the muggy climatic soup  but China is more-or-less OK during these two months, as are Bali’s beaches, or the exotic attractions of Tibet (though chilly), Russia and Papua New Guinea.

Australasia Vacation Places, September – October 2018

Fraser Island, Lake McKenzie beach, Australia, Vacation Places

Kepler Track, South Island, New Zealand, a very well-built 60 km (37 miles) circular trail passing through the spectacular scenery of Fiordland National Park. Photo by Samuel Bordo.

New Zealand is heading into winter so less than perfect at this time but still fine for cool walking, the country’s favourite activity.

Northern Australia is fine from May to October, meaning mainly the activities resort of Cairns and the sadly bleached Great Barrier Reef, but Sydney’s weather will be cool and probably damp.

Dangerous Countries as Vacation Places?

We don’t want to discourage adventurous travelling but should clarify for novice travelers which parts of the world are problematical – troubled by disease, terrorist attacks, high levels of crime or aggressive disrespect for single women.

Egypt is looking better now for robust travelers who can find reliable flights (with proper safety checks) going to Luxor and the opportunity of seeing incredible sights a) at low cost b) more importantly without the massed crowds that are normally there stuffing up the ambience.

Turkey still seems a little volatile these days but almost certainly OK for beach or Cappadocia holidays. But in winter it’s a Must-Not-Do anyway, wet and miserable, so that’s a pass.

Here are some broad generalisations on where NOT to go on vacation if you have a nervous disposition.


Africa except for Morocco, Egypt (not Sinai peninsul), Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Madagascar, Mauritius.

Middle-East except for Israel, Jordan (if you’re nervous about flights but really want to visit wonderful Petra, fly to Israel on the world’s safest airline – El Al – and drive into Jordan), Oman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

Venezuela, Honduras, Haiti. Some drug-cartel regions of north Mexico are also off the tourist trail.

Solo women travelers should think twice before going to Pakistan, Philippines, North Korea, Indonesia, India, east China and even Thailand.

Whatever, wherever, safe travels!