England Map with Wales, Tourist Places

England and Wales Map

England map and Wales map by Google with tourist destinations by Bugbog

Why visit England or Wales?

The United Kingdom – which comprises England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – has 5, 000 years of world-changing history and a wide range of things for a tourist to see and do, from culture to nature, old to new, silly to serious, whatever suits you – except serious sunbathing, comfortable swimming or skiing!
London has a world class arts and culture scene with superb museums, galleries and theatres in settings of great age and historical reference, while the rest of this small land spills over with historic buildings, traditional villages and lovely gardens and parks.
The countryside is easily accessible by car and ranges from dramatic moors to bleak mountains to big soft beaches; a walker’s delight and not bad for drivers too, if they stick to the smaller roads.


However! England and Wales are expensive – especially London hotels, the weather is often lousy and unpredictable – especially Wales, and public transport – especially rail  travel – is very pricey (particularly compared to the neighbours, France and Spain), while some sections of the tube (London’s ancient underground rail system) are shabby and unpleasant.

Welsh Tourism

Tourism in Wales is mainly about visiting dramatic castles – and there are around 600 of them scattered around this small country – and hiking, horse-riding or driving around/up and down (!) the spectacular, green countryside.

Two of the most popular castles are  Caernarfon Castle (a massive fortress in northwest Wales with spectacular views) and Conwy Castle (one of the finest examples of 13th century military architecture in Europe), both of them conveniently close to  Wales’ most dramatic green space –  Snowdonia National Park, a spectacular and popular area for climbing, hiking and horse-riding.