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Edinburgh - Discover “Auld Reekie”, Which Means Old Smokey


The city of Edinburgh, which serves as the seat of Scotland's government, is widely regarded as one of the most remarkable and distinctive in all of Europe.

The closes, which are Edinburgh's winding and cobbled alleyways, are one of the city's most endearing characteristics.

The city is also well-known for its majestic buildings and gardens, its numerous fascinating museums, many of which are open to the public for free, and most importantly, its friendly and hospitable locals.

The city is also well-known for the terrifying events that have taken place in its dark corners. All of the aforementioned factors contribute to this city's status as a fan favorite among travelers who have been there.

Things To Do

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Scotland's National Museum

Visit the National Museum of Scotland if you're interested in learning and history. It's one of the best museums in all of Scotland.

We are all aware that the weather in Scotland can be somewhat erratic, and because of this, it may be prudent to seek shelter from the rain inside of the museum in the event that it starts to pour.

Discovering something new is a great way to spend the day in this location, whether it be the ancient Egyptian catacombs, the marvels of modern technology, or the beauty of the natural world.

Edinburgh Castle

When you go to Edinburgh, you absolutely cannot miss this attraction, as it is perched atop Castle Rock and affords a breathtaking panorama of the city and its many attractions.

It is the repository of a significant number of Scottish artifacts, including the Honours of Scotland and the oldest crown jewels in all of the United Kingdom.

Take a stroll through the breathtaking grounds of the castle, or even participate in a guided tour or listen to an audio guide, to gain a more in-depth understanding of the history of the impressive castle.

Arthur’s Seat

Arthurs Seat provides spectacular views and a stunning adventure on a sunny day or if you want to brave the cold. This ancient volcano is 251 meters above sea level and offers a 360-degree view of the entire city. Pack a picnic and take one of the many paths and trails to the summit.


You can shop until you drop in Edinburgh. From luxury designer stores to boutiques and high street stores, this is a fantastic location that caters to everyone, regardless of style or budget. Take a stroll down Princes Street, St James Quarter, or George Street in search of your new favorite outfit.

Camera Obscura And World Of Illusions

Explore interactive exhibits that will blow your mind. Explore mirror mazes, vortex tunnels, and the Ames room. This is a great family attraction, rain or shine. Watch as your body transforms in distorting mirrors and the twin exhibition gives you a new perspective on yourself. This city attraction offers a fun afternoon.

People Also Ask

Is Edinburgh Scotland Worth Visiting?

Edinburgh is a tourist magnet, with its grand castle and famous festival, this place is a must-visit.

What Is The Best Month To Visit Edinburgh?

The months of June through August are ideal for visiting Edinburgh, with average high temperatures reaching 65 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this is also the busiest time for tourism in the city, particularly in August when festivals fill the calendar.

Is Edinburgh Expensive?

Based on a new report, Edinburgh is one of the most expensive UK city to live in.

Final Words

Edinburgh is affectionately known as "Auld Reekie," which translates to "Old Smokey" in Scots. This is due to the city's previous use of smoke and chimneys, which created smog over the city.

The weather in Edinburgh is usually rainy and windy, but rather than being an inconvenience, the cold weather adds to the city's charm, creating a mysterious and eerie atmosphere.

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