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Best Beaches In November That You Have To Know About

According to the climate data, there are a great number of best beaches to visit in November. According to the monthly averages for sunshine, sea temperature, rainfall, and air temperature, these are the greatest beaches in the world to visit in November.

Author:Velma Battle
Reviewer:Michael Rachal
Aug 06, 2022
According to the climate data, there are a great number of best beachesto visit in November.
According to the monthly averages for sunshine, sea temperature, rainfall, and air temperature, these are the greatest beachesin the world to visit in November.
Even though there are a number of things that can influence your decision, the weather at the beach is almost always going to be the most important one. We have compiled a list of the best beachesbased on the typical weather and water temperature that may be expected there.

Best Beaches To Visit In November

Australia (South-East Coast)

A kangaroo at the beachside
A kangaroo at the beachside
- Byron Bay, located halfway between Sydney and Brisbane, for a 'alternative' beach ball.
- North Stradbroke Island, near Brisbane, offers wildlifeviewing, peaceful beaches, and great surfing.
- Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast, with beautiful soft sand, parks, and surf.
- Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island; clean freshwater surrounded by vegetation and the clearest white beaches.
Whitehaven, Whitsunday Islands, 6 kilometers of powder sand and turquoise water Some consider this to be Australia's best beach, but Bugbog disagrees - it's too far out! How about the jellies?
Also also the Great Barrier Reef's South and West Coasts. For convenience, style, and surf, head to Bondi or Manly in Sydney.

Indian Ocean

Durban surf beach, South Africa
Durban surf beach, South Africa
Durban is on the Indian Ocean, as opposed to Cape Town, which is uncomfortably located at the confluence of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.
Beaches west of the Cape are gorgeous sites where fashionistas prefer to congregate in the latest beachwear and enjoy stunning sunsets - but they're not keen on getting wet because the seas are at least 4C degrees cooler than those well east of the Cape, such as warm and relaxing Durban.
- Goa beaches, India A tourist trap, yet nevertheless enjoyable. The parts north of the Chapora River are the least busy.
- Mauritius beaches: Less exclusive and far less expensive than Seychelles, but a delightful island ideal for families.
- Seychelles: Anse Lazio, Praslin Island, Anse Source d'Argent, La Digue Island, Ile Souris, and Mahé Island's east coast. Costly but beautiful islands with some of the world's best beaches.
Myanmar (also known as Burma), Ngapali Beach, Chaung Tha Beach, and Ngwe Saung Beach. Little developed, reasonable pricing, very kind folks, and a really terrible military junta.
- Muscat Beaches, Oman (Arabian Sea). There are almost 1000 miles of coastline with infinite unspoiled sand and very few people.
- South Africa's eastern shores are washed by the warm seas of the Indian Ocean and provide cheap but bustling city beaches like Durban as well as completely peaceful, natural beaches like Nature's Valley. November is the beginning of summer, and it is neither too busy nor too hot.
-Ile Sainte Marie, Madagascar, a lovely island resort surrounded by tranquil beaches.

Atlantic Ocean

Playa Papagayo, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain
Playa Papagayo, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain
- USA, with smaller beaches, the Florida Keys provide the best certainty of heat and sunshine.
- Canary Islands(Spain), offering a wide range of beaches ranging from action-packed to large and placid to isolated and natural.
- Camps Bay, South Africa, with gorgeous vistas and easy access from lovely Cape Town, but frigid water.
- Brazil is blessed with several enormous, superb beaches, such as Rio's magnificent Copacabana - possibly the world's best city beach - and life is vibrant and inexpensive, despite the fact that the waves are usually turbulent and chilly.

Red Sea

A resort town in Red Sea
A resort town in Red Sea
Egypt's famous Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, and Dahab, as well as Israel's relatively run-down Eilat, now have a lot of competition, so rates are low, sun is high, coral is lush and lively, the sea is warm in November, and side trips to magnificent places like Luxor are a mass-tourism treat.
In November, the air temperature in the Red Sea is normally around 26°C (21°C at night), while the water temperature is a balmy 25°C with very low humidity and nearly no danger of rain.


A woman walking at the beach side in Caribbean
A woman walking at the beach side in Caribbean
The Caribbean storm/hurricane season is still technically underway, but if you're looking for a low-cost Caribbean vacation, the Dutch islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao are outside the hurricane belt and should have fantastic deals! Caribbean islands on a budget

People Also Ask

What Is The Best Beach To Go To In November?

  • Descanso Beach: Catalina Island
  • Myrtos Beach: Kefalonia, Greece
  • Playa Xcalacoco (Punta Bete): Riviera Maya, Mexico
  • Coral Bay: Cyprus
  • Plage des Salins: St.-Tropez
  • Gouverneur Beach: St. Barts
  • Playa Grande: Costa Rica
  • Huntington Beach: South Carolina

Where Is The Warmest Beach In November?

  • San Diego
  • The Florida Keys
  • Hawaii
  • Gulf of Mexico

Is It Too Cold To Go To The Beach In November?

Swimming in some beaches in November is possible, but the sea is generally chilly. As a result, while the sea temperature can occasionally reach 65°F, it can also fall as low as 60°F.


Would you like to visit the beach in November? Where can you go to be sure that the water is the proper temperature for swimming? The answer is already given, along with the global sea temperature in November and our recommendations for the best spots to ensure you enjoy the sea.
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