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Why Cornwall Newquay Is Famous As UK's Surf City?


Newquay is a town on the north coast of Cornwall, in the southwest of England, and is the county town of Newquay.

Cornwall Newquay is a civil parish, seaside resort, a regional center for aerospace industries, spaceport, and a fishing port on the North Atlantic coast of Cornwall, approximately 12 miles (19 km) north of Truro and 20 miles (32 km) west of Bodmin.

Geography Of Cornwall Newquay

South of the town, on the Gannel River and its associated salt marsh, and north of the town, on the Porth Valley, is the town's southern boundary.

The western edge of the town meets the Atlantic at Fistral Bay.

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Since the former fishing village of New Quay began to grow in the second half of the nineteenth century, the town has been expanding inland (to the south).

A permanent population of 19,562 was recorded in the 2001 census with a subsequent increase to 20,342 in the 2011 census. According to recent estimates, the total population for the greater Newquay area (including the Newquay and St Columb Community Network Area) was 27,682 in 2017, with a projected increase to 33,463 by 2025.

Some people on a tolcarne beach in Newquay Cornwall with some fern plants
Some people on a tolcarne beach in Newquay Cornwall with some fern plants

Why Is Cornwall Newquay A Must-Visit Place For Travelers?

Cornwall Newquay is the most populous and boisterous holiday destination and will not let you down. This bustling seaside town has been thronging since the first day of summer, but with a few unique twists that make it stand out.

It almost has the feel of a resort on the Costa del Sol (except without the guaranteed sunshine!). Newquay is a very different place from the rest of Cornwall in my opinion. The bucket and spade brigade will be rubbing shoulders with a younger generation that is determined to have the best time possible. Pensioners arrive by coach to spend days reminiscing about the good old days, while Stag and Hen groups terrorize the local pubs and clubs. Newquay is not known for being particularly sophisticated, but this is part of what makes it so popular.

Regardless of what people may think or say about Newquay, it remains the most popular resort town in Cornwall by a considerable margin, and this speaks volumes about its popularity. Family-friendly beaches, a raucous nightlife, excellent surfing, and even some top-notch restaurants can be found in this area. And with that, without further ado, here are our recommendations for things to do in Newquay.

What Is Newquay Known For?

Newquay is widely regarded as the surfing capital of the United Kingdom. Historically, this reputation dates back to the 1960s and reached its zenith when Fistral Beach became a regular stop on the professional surfing circuit in the 1980s and 1990s. Back then Boardmasters was a surfing championship, held at Fistral Beach, which attracted top competitors from all over the world.

Why Cornwall Newquay Is Best For Surfing?

Cornwall's most populous beach town is the origin of the British surf scene and the nerve center of the country's multi-million-pound surf business, according to the National Trust. In the summer, it's overrun with tourists and boozed-up partygoers, but if you can get away from the throngs, it's still a fantastic spot to base yourself, with access to dozens of top-notch getaways options.

Cornwall is a swell magnet due to its geographical location, which is a protruding point straight into the Atlantic Ocean. Add to it a milder climate and an abundance of beautiful beaches, and you have the UK's surf capital. The county's renown is further enhanced by the fact that it is the site of one of the largest professional surfing tournaments in Europe.

Newquay, the self-proclaimed center of the Cornish surf scene, is also one of the top surf towns in the entire United Kingdom, according to Surfer magazine. It's a seasoned competitor in big contests, and it benefits from excellent exposure to the west Atlantic wave channels, positive vibes, and an abundance of surf schools and surf camps.

Newquay, on the North Coast of picturesque Cornwall, is home to wide sandy Newquay beach and massive waves that roll in continuously from the Atlantic Ocean, making for excellent surfing conditions. As a result, it is considered to be one of the top surfing spots in the British Isles.

Stones covered with  mosses and flowers in Cornwall Newquay beach side
Stones covered with mosses and flowers in Cornwall Newquay beach side


Cornwall Newquay has never been easier to reach but with Cornwall's principal highway A30. The penultimate stretch of the single-carriageway before the Newquay exit is now dual. Cornwall Airport connects to several UK cities as well as destinations in mainland Europe and beyond. Spain, Germany, Ireland, as well as London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, and Glasgow are now regularly scheduled. The airport is around 15 minutes drive from town.

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