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Tourist Attraction That You Need To See In 2022

Everyone has their own personal conception of what makes a tourist attraction. However, it could alter over time, and you could find yourself looking for something new.

Planning new adventures as the new year approaches is always exciting, but discovering the greatest destinations to travel in 2022 is something special.

After two years of border closures, cruise cancellations, and travel restrictions abounding, 2022 is the year we plan to get back out there, unrestrained (albeit vaccinated and COVID tested), to revisit old haunts and discover new ones.

1. Lanai, Hawaii

Over tourism in Hawaii has been a hot topic in recent years (and will be even more so in 2021 after the picturesque state's borders closed), and it was masterfully satirized in HBO's The White Lotus.

A beach resort in Lanai, Hawaii
A beach resort in Lanai, Hawaii

So, how can visitors to Hawaii travel responsibly? First, avoid adding to the stress on Maui by traveling to the far more secluded Lanai instead. Oracle entrepreneur Larry Ellison purchased 98% of the island for $3 million in 2012 with the intention of turning it into an exclusive vacation.

He subsequently spent $450 million building the Four Seasons Lanai, filling it with museum-quality art and Malibu Farm and Nobu branches, as well as all the amenities of a 5-star oceanfront resort. Looking to reconnect with your mind, body, and spirit without having children?

Then go inland to the Sensei Lanai, a 24-acre sanctuary of tropical flora and green hills where the wellness-focused program may include horseback riding, meditation, forest bathing, thermal body mapping and sleep analysis, and deep soaks in Japanese onsen baths, with all meals provided by Nobu.

2. Madrid, Spain

As far as European cities go, Madrid's many charms are difficult to match. Beautiful old world architecture, blue chip museums, delicious gastronomy, stunning parks and gardens, terrific shopping, a delightful locals' attitude, and royal clout abound in Spain's capital.

An aerial view of Madrid, Spain
An aerial view of Madrid, Spain

Just as the landmark Ritz in El Retiro Park was recently turned to a Mandarin Oriental hotel, the Rosewood Villa Magna, another old grande dame in need of a facelift, reopened in October as the Rosewood Villa Magna.

The hotel, located in the affluent Salamanca neighborhood, includes 154 rooms meant to imitate the sense of a contemporary Spanish villa, as well as a trademark restaurant overseen by Michelin-starred chef Jess Sánchez.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada

What occurs in Las Vegas? That is dependent on your interests. With best-in-class offerings in food, shopping, and lodging across the board, you'd have to go out of your way to have a bad day in the iconic city.

A stunning view of colorful buildings in Las Vegas, Nevada
A stunning view of colorful buildings in Las Vegas, Nevada

For starters, Adele has announced a residency in Las Vegas beginning in 2022, giving you even more reason to visit. If you really want to immerse yourself in the Las Vegas experience, rent a room at the Cosmopolitan, right in the middle of the strip.

The hotel features a plethora of can't-miss restaurants to pick from, including Momofuku, Scarpetta, and Blue Ribbon, as well as vast rooms and suites constructed with a contemporary infusion to provide a peaceful retreat from whatever mayhem may ensue.

4. Malta

Rejoice, members of the new pot elite. Malta has become the first European Union country to legalize marijuana.

An aerial view of Malta
An aerial view of Malta

Not a fan of cannabis? Malta is a gorgeous archipelago that has served as a filming location for a number of period epics, from Gladiator and Troy to Munich and Murder on the Orient Express (and FOMO-inducing Instagram backdrops).

And, having been invaded by the Phoenicians, Romans, Moors, Normans, the Kingdom of Aragon, the French, and the British over the centuries, the Mediterranean country has a rich history, culture, and architecture.

Stay at the Xara Palace, a former 17th-century palazzo that is now a Relais & Chateaux and the only hotel in Mdina, the medieval walled city that was the island's capital (until 1530) and the center of Maltese nobility.

5. Scotland

While going to London to watch all of the formal celebrations that will whirl around Buckingham Palace in June may be incentive enough to travel, how about paying honor to the UK's longest reigning monarch with a pilgrimage to her home Scotland?

A view of an old bridge in Scotland
A view of an old bridge in Scotland

It's easy to see why she returns to the Highlands every summer to rest at Balmoral Castle, her favorite palace. But first, marvel at Edinburgh's diverse blend of medieval and Georgian buildings before checking into the Balmoral, a Rocco Forte hotel (not to be mistaken with the queen's home), for a night or two of 5-star pampering and Michelin-starred eating.

Then it's on to the Scottish Highlands and the town of Braemar, which neighbors the queen's Balmoral, to stay at the Fife Arms, a former Victorian-era coaching inn that art world power couple Iwan and Manuela Wirth completely transformed into an absolute jewel box of a property bursting with more than 16,000 works of art.

Not sure how to drive on the opposite side of the road? Enter the Royal Scotsman, a Belmond Train that is quite likely the most luxuriously outfitted way to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

6. Ireland

There are countless compelling reasons to visit Ireland, whether you are a history geek, a literature lover (it is the birthplace of William Butler Yeats, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, and Sally Rooney, after all), or a golf enthusiast.

A view of the famous cliff in Ireland
A view of the famous cliff in Ireland

But, whatever your interests, the island is temperate virtually all year and provides wonderful experiences ranging from gorgeous drives up the coast to picturesque national parks and even unique possibilities to observe the Winter Solstice. However, Adare Manor, located outside of Limerick, is a must-see.

7. Bermuda

It's no surprise that tourists have been flocking to Bermuda for years. The immaculate beaches are famous around the world for their delicate pink sand, and getting there is a breeze—just a 90-minute trip from New York City.

An amazing view of a beach resort in Bermuda
An amazing view of a beach resort in Bermuda

And two new hotels on the island provide the ultimate in luxury. The St. Regis Bermuda, which opened its doors to vacationers in summer 2021 and is located on a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the first.

Expect avant-garde design with a local flair, as well as elegant accents that are synonymous with the St. Regis brand. What else is on the world-class property? For visiting families, there is a golf course, a state-of-the-art spa, and a designated children's club.

8. Geneva, Switzerland

The tranquil cobblestone city of Geneva, on the western side of Switzerland, encircled by the Alps, is worth a visit for the vistas of Mont Blanc alone.

An aerial view of Geneva, Switzerland
An aerial view of Geneva, Switzerland

While the cosmopolitan neighborhood is home to both the European offices of the UN and the Red Cross, the worldwide financial hub provides for a nice slow-paced escape, or dare we say, a fantastic respite while on a business trip.

9. Nambiti, South Africa

While travel to Southern Africa is presently prohibited owing to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, a safari in South Africa is still on the bucket list—just make sure to double-check travel advisories before booking.

Nambiti private game reserve in KwaZulu, South Africa
Nambiti private game reserve in KwaZulu, South Africa

What makes the wait worthwhile? The Homestead is the Nambiti Game Reserve's soon-to-be-opened luxury safari in one of Africa's most biodiverse places.

The Homestead's personalized safari experiences are also designed with conservation and sustainability in mind, as seen by the twelve suite "super luxury" eco lodge accommodations that are completely solar-powered.

Menus are created by world-renowned chefs, and the food is cooked with locally sourced ingredients - all in the hopes of having a good impact on both the environment and those who attend.

10. Lake Como, Italy

It should come as no surprise that the glitterati flock to the gorgeous region of Northern Italy year after year (which also recently made appearances in The Morning Show, Succession, and House of Gucci).

A view of Lake Como, Italy
A view of Lake Como, Italy

It's no surprise that the location never goes out of style, what with visiting the ruins of ancient villages, sumptuous palaces, and, of course, the stunning lake.

Summer is when the region truly shines, and 2022 is the ideal year to celebrate at Villa Passalacqua. The grand mansion, which was erected in the 18th century by Count Andrea Lucini Passalacqua (both Napoleon Bonaparte and Winston Churchill were known to visit), is the sister hotel to Grand Hotel Tremezzo and offers only the best in luxury.

People Also Ask

Indeed, according to Tripadvisor's annual Travelers' Choice Awards, the Island of Hawaii is the No. 1 trending domestic destination for 2022. Beachy Florida attractions including Naples, Clearwater, and Fort Myers Beach were all among the top ten.

What Tourist Attraction Means?

People are drawn to go to tourist sites because they are areas of cultural significance, natural beauty, historical significance, or recreational opportunities.

What Makes A Good Tourist Attraction?

Tourists' expectations when visiting a specific location are influenced by a variety of factors such as culture, architecture, gastronomy, infrastructure, geography, events, shopping, and so on. These features draw tourists to the destination and contribute to the overall travel experience.


The world is still in transition. So, if you're planning a trip anywhere these days, check travel restrictions for the destination you'd like to visit, as well as State Department and CDC cautions. Even if you don't plan a trip right now, think of this as your ultimate travel bucket list for this year.

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