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English Speaking Festivals You Must Know In 2022


It may sound like English speaking festivals in English-speaking countries are boring, but that's not the case if you go to the proper area.

Forget about the typical county fair; the celebrations that are described in this article are extraordinary and exciting occasions that will have you talking for several weeks.

You will be able to comprehend each and every word, with the probable exception of the Scots and the French speakers in Canada.


  • United Kingdom, Scotland, And Edinburgh - A truly rowdy and wooly underwear event, Hogmanay features a torchlight parade, a Fire Festival, fireworks, concerts, and a great deal of intoxication, all of which take place in a city that is dark but strangely light.
  • The United Kingdom, London - Celebrations on both New Year's Eve and New Year's Day include fireworks displays. At twelve in the morning, there will be a parade, which will be followed by a spectacular fireworks show over the river at midnight. I'm sorry to say this, but the American marching bands were the highlight of the parade.
  • Los Angeles, California - Los Angeles, California, USA The Rose Parade in Pasadena is a massive, airy, floral extravaganza of floats and bands.
  • USA, Philadelphia Mummers Parade, Pennsylvania - the biggest, wildest event of the year, with fantastic costumes and tons of humor. If the weather is terrible, the event is rescheduled for the following Saturday.
  • New York City, United States Three Kings Day Parade – a vibrant Latin-inspired procession with Nativity animals, dressed people, and children.
  • Australia, Sydney, starts on January 6th. Sydney Festival Is the country's largest cultural festival, spanning all arts from play to music in superb international flair.
  • Sydney Travel 12 - 14 January USA, Miami, Florida Art Deco Festival - at Miami Beach's Historic Art Deco District with 1920s-30s style music and parades. A vibrant throwback to the past.
  • 9 January - 4 February, USA, Fort Worth, Texas Southwestern Stock Show and Rodeo Texas Travel
  • 19 January - 11 February, Australia, Melbourne Midsumma Is another crazy and exciting gay/lesbian festival to rival Sydney's.
  • La Fete des Neiges [Snow Festival] in Montreal, Canada, is dominated by an enormous and labyrinthine snow castle, ice sculpting, dog sledding, and other frosty fun.
  • Sydney, Australia Australia Day is celebrated throughout the country, but the Sydney area is especially festive.
  • 26 January - 11 February Canada, Quebec City Winter Carnival - a ten-day celebration of parades, themed parties, ice sculptures, and, of course, winter sports of all kinds in a charming Francophile city.

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  • Ottawa Winterlude Festival, 2 - 18 February weekends only, Canada - includes parades, dances, snow races, ice sculptures, sleigh rides, and more, but notably skating.
  • TBC Australia, Sydney, 3 February - 3 March Sydney Mardi Gras is a massive and world-renowned festival of joy in all artistic realms, complete with a spectacular parade, shows, and parties. The procession is on the penultimate day, as is the incredible last celebration [which must be booked in advance].
  • TBC USA, New Orleans, Louisiana, 10 - 20 February Locals begin celebrating up to two weeks before Mardis Gras, dressed oddly, intent on mayhem and well-oiled good times. An incredible must-see.
  • Los Angeles, USA, TBC Happy Chinese New Year! Golden Dragon Parade from 2 to 5 p.m., including many shows
  • New York City, February 25th, USA Chinese New Year Parade and Festival, complete with floats, bands, dragon dancers, musicians, acrobats, and so on. Parade from 1-3pm, followed by concerts on Bayard Street at 3pm.
  • Galveston, Texas, USA, 9 - 20 February Mardi Gras consists of live bands, parades, balls, and elaborate costumes.
  • Wellington, New Zealand, February 23-24 Street Carnival in Cuba. A spectacular Saturday night procession, as well as music, dance, and entertainment.
  • Daytona Beach, Florida, USA, February 18 The Daytona 500 features large automobiles racing round and round.
  • Australia, 8 - 31 March Adelaide Festival and Fringe combines the country's premier cultural festival with the wild fringe. Edinburgh in the sun is a massive, colorful celebration. 1 month every [even] two years
  • Houston, Texas, USA, 27 February - 18 March Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, the world's largest animal and cowboy spectacle, with laser shows and music.


  • 2 - 11 March, USA, Daytona, Florida Bike Week - Daytona Beach, the world's largest bike fiesta, with events of all kinds. God, two wheels, four wheels, blah.
  • 3 March [start] Anchorage, Alaska, USA Iditarod Dog Sled Race - 1131 miles in doggy style from Anchorage to Nome... it's the white stuff. The beginning is the best part.
  • South Africa, 6-24 March Cape Town Festival Is an eclectic mix of art events all across town including international talent.
  • St. Patrick's Day Parade in the United States, 17 March - especially good in Chicago, Boston, New York, and San Francisco.
  • St. Patrick's Day, March 15 - 19, Ireland, Dublin - a wild, green four days culminating in a massive parade, fireworks, dance, and more. p.s. What is the distinction between an Irish wedding and a funeral in Ireland? At the funeral, there is one less inebriated person.


  • Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, 13–22 April, Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival - snow and music together!
  • 20-29 April, USA, Fiesta San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas It's the biggest celebration in Texas, with over 150 distinct events ranging from masked balls to the Pooch Parade!
  • 27 April - 6 May USA, New Orleans, Louisiana, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival - Forget Mardi Gras and enjoy some of the best live music in the country, skip Mardi Gras.
  • 3Is7 May, UK, Gloucestershire, Cheltenham International Jazz Festival - the UK's top jazz festival in a beautiful rural Cotswold setting.


  • Tulip Festival, 4 - 21 May Canada, Ottawa, Hull - a five-day city-wide street extravaganza for all ages surrounded by 100,000's of tulips.
  • Bath International Music Festival, 18 May - 3 June, UK, Somerset - classical and other musical styles in this, the most classical of all UK cities.
  • Chelsea Flower Show - 11 acres of the UK's best flowers and gardens event, with plenty of creative, even strange ideas - 22 - 26 May UK, London
  • Isle of Man TT Races, United Kingdom The ideal event for fast bikers: watching racers ride at up to 190 mph on 37 kilometers of narrow, twisty roads [with stone walls!] before heading out there themselves. This one is no stranger to death. Every year, 12,000 bikes are sold.
  • 31st of May [every year]
  • Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling in Brockworth, near Gloucester, England – dozens of insane guys plunge themselves down a dangerous hill in the hopes of catching big rounds of cheese. It's illegal, and bones are shattered, yet it's an amazing sight in this nanny state.


  • TBC USA, Red Earth Native American Cultural Festival, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Over 100 tribes gather to commemorate their ancestry through song and dance.
  • TBC Ireland, Dublin ++, Magnificent Irish Houses Festival – music in great Irish houses, primarily in Dublin but also in Wicklow and Kildare counties. Excellent.
  • 7–10 June, Chicago, Illinois, USA, Chicago Blues Festival. Six stages with free admission!
  • Ascot, Berkshire, UK, June 19-23, Royal Ascot Horse Racing. The poshest of posh UK events, with ladies wearing crazy hats and gentlemen wearing tails.
  • 21st of June [every year]
  • Stonehenge, Wiltshire, United Kingdom Summer Solstice - midsummer night ceremony with druids, hippies, and new age wackos of all stripes. Amazing, especially if the weather is nice!
  • Lindauer Winter Festival, Queenstown, New Zealand, 22 June - 1 July - 10 days of ridiculous outdoor competitions, serious inside culture, parties, parades, and fireworks in a wintery setting.
  • International Jazz Festival in Vancouver, Canada, from June 22 to July 1.
  • Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, 25 June - 8 July, UK, London - the world's most renowned tennis event.
  • Glastonbury Music Festival, 22-24 June UK, Glastonbury, Glastonbury Music Festival - the biggest and best in Europe, with all sorts of weird, new age events, but VERY tough to get tickets to.
  • Henley Royal Regatta – rowing races, July 4 - 8, UK. Another chance to witness the English upper classes at their best picnicking alongside the River Thames outside of lovely Henley.
  • Canada, Montreal, International Jazz Festival, 28 June-8 July Outdoor Megashows and interior performances are also free.
  • Smithsonian Folklife Festival - Smithsonian Institute, National Mall, 27 June - 1 July and 4 - 8 July, USA, Washington DC Music, music, dancing, crafts, cuisine, storytelling, and conversations are all part of the program.
  • United Kingdom, Gloucestershire, Cheltenham International Music Festival - approximately 60 classical music concerts combining old and new.
  • 29 June - 25 August, USA, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Santa Fe Opera - a fantastic series of performances in a magnificent new opera theater.


  • 4 July USA Independence Day - huge patriotic event, especially in Washington DC, New York City, and Boston [Harborfest].
  • July 7-16, Canada Calgary Calgary Stampede - a ten-day world-class rodeo riot, a chaotic yet comradely celebration cherished by the entire 'Cowtown'. Chuck Wagon racing, rodeos, a spectacular procession, country music performances, and free pancake breakfasts are among the events. Travel to Canada | Pictures of Canada
  • TBC USA, Seattle, Washington State, Seafair - a boisterous monster of a celebration with parades, bizarre competitions, displays, and so on.
  • 17-30 July Ireland, Galway, Galway Arts Festival - Ireland's largest arts jamboree, including all forms of entertainment, street, theater, music, children's, exhibitions, concerts... Ireland TBD Canada, Montreal, Just For Laughs - a global comedy festival Summertime sees 2,000 performers in a variety of 'Fringe' theater, English and French, seen by 1 million tourists.
  • Klondike Days - 10 days of concerts, racing pigs, racing bathtubs, racing rafts, and presumably racing pricing, but the pancakes are free.
  • Caribana - West Indian carnival in Toronto, complete with parades of calypso bands, parties, ethnic foods, and street dance. Travel to Canada | Pictures of Canada
  • WOMAD - [World of Music Arts and Dance] spectacular world music festival, 28-30 July UK, Reading, with 70 musicians from 30 countries on 7 stages. Friendly to families.
  • Cheyenne Frontier Days - wild west events of all kinds at the world's largest rodeo, July 21-30, USA, Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • TBC Canada, Montreal, Montreal Pride Is a massive performing arts celebration that is predominantly gay, but not exclusively so. Concerts, shows, parties, conferences, and other events are all free.
  • 27 - 30 July UK, Cambridge, Cambridge Folk Festival Is the genuine deal for music fans. A distinguished reputation for high-quality music in private settings.
  • 4 - 6 August, Ireland, Waterford, Waterford Spraoi Street Festival - Three days of free music, street theater, procession, and fireworks at Ireland's largest street party.
  • 13 August - Canada, Saskatoon, Saskatoon International Fringe Festival, a dynamic mix of theater offerings.
  • USA, Abingdon, Virginia, Virginia Highlands Festival, 29 July - 13 August


  • [International] 13 August - 3 September Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe Festival in Scotland - nearly a thousand events of all genres, from opera to stand-up comedy, near porn to corn. A monstrous art attack in a magnificent metropolis. This is not to be missed.
  • Newport, Rhode Island, USA, August 4 - 6, Newport Folk Festival and Jazz Festival
  • 7-13 August, Sturgis, South Dakota, Sturgis Rally and Races - Hog Heaven as tens of thousands of large motorcyclists make a dreadful, colorfully fat roar
  • Ireland Puck Fair - Ireland Puck Fair in Killorglin, County Kerry, from August 10 to 12. An enormous and bizarre street fair featuring lots of singing, dancing, and horse displays, all directed by King Puck, a goat.
  • 11–20 August, Kilkenny, Ireland, Kilkenny Arts Festival - music, theater, dance, and exhibitions in beautiful surroundings.
  • TBC Canada, Edmonton, Edmonton Fringe Festival - crazy theater from over 1,000 performers in the historic core of the city.
  • TBC Ireland, Tralee, Rose of Tralee International Festival – a huge celebration of romance!
  • Ireland, August 25-27 Fleadh Ceoil - a massive festival of Irish music, dancing, and arts, with over 10,000 musicians wandering and playing across the city. Every year, a different town hosts the event; in 2006, Letterkenny, County Donegal hosted the event.
  • [Carling Weekend] August 25-27, UK, Berkshire Reading Festival - the leading UK rock festival, with strong all-around stock rock and numerous enormous smoking barrels.
  • Notting Hill Carnival - feast featuring music, dance, and procession by London's Caribbean population, sponsored by London Pickpocket Association, 27 - 28 August TBC UK, London
  • Burning Man, in the Black Rock desert outside Reno, USA, August 28 - September 4 [Labor Day] - a week of unique, liberal, communal artistic craziness ending in the torching of various structures. It will be expensive and well-organized [virtually nothing is for sale there], but this may be a truly life-changing experience.
  • Southern Decadence - the LGBT Mardi Gras, 30 August - 4 September, USA, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 31 August - 3 September, USA, Chicago, Illinois, Chicago Jazz Festival Is a free festival on Lake Michigan's scenic waterfront.


  • 1 - 4 September, USA, Seattle, Washington State, Bumbershoot - approximately 2,000 artists, many of whom are world famous, perform art of all kinds, ranging from top-tier rock to comedy, theater, and poetry to weird sculptures.
  • Highland Games, 2 September, Braemar, Scotland – typically weird Scottish athletic games and massed pipers in a picturesque environment.
  • 8 September - 1 October USA, Los Angeles, California, Los Angeles County Fair - the largest fair in the United States, with everything from pig racing to rodeos and major-label concerts.
  • TBC, USA, Hawaii, Aloha Festival Floral Parade - a spectacularly colorful and stinky event in Oahu kicks off a week of celebrations all around the islands.
  • Ireland, Galway, Galway International Oyster Festival - featuring a variety of exciting events from September 28 to October 1.
  • San Francisco Blues Festival, September 22-24, USA, San Francisco, California
  • 21 September - 1 October New Zealand, Nelson, Montana Word of Wearable Art Awards - a one-of-a-kind, weird, and fascinating event for artists and fashionistas alike.
  • South Africa TBC Hermanus Whale Festival - Hermanus [Western Cape], South Africa Various events will take place, but most of the time will be spent sitting on rocks watching whales pass by.
  • Folsom St Fair - crazy S & M, leather fair, September 24, USA, San Francisco, California


  • 6 - 15 October, USA, Albuquerque, New Mexico, International Balloon Festival - plenty of hot air in the air.
  • TBC Australia, Sydney Sleaze Ball - yet another exceptional LGBT event in this metropolis; this one is an all-night theme party at Fox Studios.
  • 8th of October, Miami, Florida Miami Carnival is a massive citywide rave with a strong Latin influence, particularly in dancing. The climax of the week is the last Sunday in Calle Ocho, which culminates in a parade to the Orange Bowl.
  • TBC Canada, Vancouver International Comedy Festival
  • Wexford Opera Festival, 19 October - 5 November Ireland, Wexford - a modest but nicely formed and well-received event.
  • 31 October, USA, New York City, Village Halloween Parade - a colorful and frightful event with over 20,000 terrifying creatures on the prowl among the bands, puppets, and other oddities.


  • 5 November, USA, New York City, New York Marathon - the world's largest.
  • 5 November [every year] UK, Devon, Ottery St. Mary Tar Barrels – massive flaming barrels are hauled around this little rural town.
  • Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, New York City, November 24, USA – specializing in enormous helium baloon figurines. 9am-noon.
  • USA, Marshall, Texas, Wonderland of Lights - Marshall is beautifully lit up with almost 900 miles of lights from November 24 to December 30.


  • Christmas Ship Festival, 1 - 23 December, Seattle, USA - not only a fleet of brightly lighted boats, but they also play carols as they travel.
  • [Same dates every year] 1 December - 2 January Australia, Brisbane, World's Rainbow - for a month, the south bank of the city's river is magnificently lit.
  • [Same dates every year] 30 December - 1 January Edinburgh Hogmanay is a genuinely wild and woolly underwear affair, with a torchlight procession, a Fire Festival, pyrotechnics, concerts, and much inebriation in a city dark yet oddly light.
  • [Same dates every year] 31 December - 2 January - South Africa, Cape Town, Minstrel Carnival - a whirlwind of festivals, parades, singing, dancing, and competitions in the middle of summer.

People Also Ask

What Is English Fest?

The English Festival is a program that encourages and rewards young people in grades 7 through 12, and it employs young adult literature as a springboard for the experience.

How Many Festivals Are There In England?

In 2020 the number of UK festivals was approximately 241.

What Is The Most Important Festival In Great Britain?

The Greenfield Festival Glastonbury is England's largest festival. Since the 1970s, it has remained the largest event.


These are English-speaking festivals that you should not, under any circumstances, skip out on attending. It is important to double check the dates before making a reservation because they are not always accurate and may not even be confirmed.

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