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10 Turkey Beaches - Plan Your Incredible Trip Here

With 7,200 kilometers of coastline, it's no surprise that millions of visitors visit Turkey beaches each year in search of the perfect blend of culture, history, and beach paradise.

Author:Velma Battle
Reviewer:Michael Rachal
Apr 04, 2022
With 7,200 kilometers of coastline, it's no surprise that millions of visitors visit Turkey beacheseach year in search of the perfect blend of culture, history, and beach paradise. Calm, clear waves wash against pristine swaths of sand along its sun-blessed coastlines, while old civilization remains to guard secret emerald nooks.
Over 450 Blue Flag beaches(with backdrops ranging from expensive 5-star resorts to picturesque towns to magnificent pine-clad mountains) offer unending fun in the sun along the Lycian Way, one of the world's greatest hiking pathways.

Turkey Best Time To Visit

Travelers who want to learn about diverse cultures and see gorgeous buildings would like Turkey. Turkish architecture has been impacted by hundreds of civilizations over the centuries, making it truly one-of-a-kind. But that's not all; Turkey's seaside resorts, gorgeous mountains, and ski slopes provide enough opportunity for those seeking adventure.
Going to the right places at the appropriate time is the key. The months of April and May, as well as September and October, are ideal for visiting Turkey. During these months, the weather in Turkey is rather pleasant, so you will be able to see the towns and outdoor ruins without feeling too hot. There will be fewer people because it is shoulder season.
The summer months of June through August are the busiest (for the rest of Turkey; this is shoulder season for Istanbul). The number of travelers grows during these months, while much of Turkey endures a hot and humid summer.
An Aerial view of green mountains and blue sea view of Dreamy Kas beache
An Aerial view of green mountains and blue sea view of Dreamy Kas beache

Turkey Covid Entry Requirements

Officials in the Republic of Turkey have made the following decisions about who can come to Turkey starting March 4, 2022, as part of the COVID-19 pandemic preparations.
Passengers who meet at least one of the requirements below will be able to enter Turkey and will not have to apply for quarantine, so they won't have to.
Passengers who have received at least two doses of the World HealthOrganization or Türkiye-approved vaccinations for emergency use (one dose for Johnson & Johnson), and who produce paperwork confirming that their most recent vaccination occurred at least 14 days ago;
2-passengers who present a document from the appropriate country's official authorities declaring that they have been infected with the virus during the previous six months. Passengers who present a negative PCR test result received within the last 72 hours or a negative rapid antigen test taken within the last 48 hours before entering Türkiye; and 3-Passengers who present a negative PCR test result received within the last 72 hours or a negative rapid antigen test taken within the last 48 hours before entering Türkiye.
They don't have to show a PCR/antigen test report or a vaccination certificate if they're under 12. The rules above don't apply to people who are going from one international line to another.
SARS-CoV-2 PCR testing and quarantine are not required for seamen or truck drivers. At the airports and during flights, all passengers are required to wear masks.
There are some countries that the Republic of Turkey accepts vaccination certificates from for people who want to enter Turkey with a vaccination certificate. These countries are Serbia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Libya, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Egypt.

Turkey Cost Of Travel

A 7-day vacation to Turkey costs an average of $870 for a single traveler, $1,416 for a couple, and $1,054 for a family of four. Hotels in Turkey cost between $33 and $141 per night on average, whereas most vacation rentals cost between $70 and $390 per night for the full house.
Economy tickets to Turkey cost between $676 and $1,149 per person, while first-class flights cost between $2,123 and $3,608 per person. $25 to $53 per person per day is a good amount for transportation and food at local restaurants, depending on what you do.

Turkey's Most Beautiful Beaches

The Mediterranean Sea is the hottest for swimming and the most popular with sunbathers, but the Aegean shore is more laid-back and undeveloped. The Black Sea, which may be choppy at times, isn't as appealing, but the landscape can be breathtaking. Beachesalong the Marmara Sea, which is densely populated, might offer a fast escape from Istanbul.
Here are our top beaches to visit in Turkey, whether you're seeking water sports, family fun, peace, and quiet, or just a good time.
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Patara Beach

The picturesque 11-mile-long Patara Beach on the Mediterranean, near the town of Gelemiş, is one of Turkey's best, with white sand and gentle dunes. It's also popular with sea turtles, who use areas of the beach to lay their eggs.) The beach backs up to ancient Patara's dispersed, dramatic remains, which include a 5000-seat theater. Also passing through is the Lycian Way long-distance hiking track.


The Aegean beaches of Alaçat appeal to windsurfers and kite surfers of all abilities thanks to a protected harbor with consistent winds and flat water. Lessons and equipment rentals are available at a variety of laid-back surf clubs and schools. Old stone mansions have been turned into boutique hotels and stylish eateries in the town itself.

Iztuzu Beach

Because it is a designated nature reserve, this long, sandy beach near Dalyan stays untouched. The water is clear, calm, and free of boats, jet skis, and other watercraft. A sea turtle rescue facility is available to tourists at one end of the beach. You can drive to Ztuzu, but the ideal way to get there is to take a boat ride down the reed-lined river that runs through town and leads to the sea.

Bodrum Peninsula

The Bodrum Peninsula is one of Turkey's most popular places to go to the beach on the South Aegean coast.
The wooded, mountainous slopes of the peninsula give way to curving coves of shingle and sand beaches, which attract both European and Turkish visitors throughout the summer months.
Some of the most beautiful stretches of beach can be found near the towns of Yalikavak, Bitez, Gündogan, and Gümüslük, which are home to luxury vacation villa projects and boutique hotels, and others can be found nearby.
Many guests, however, stay in Bodrum Town, which has a castle, an old town center with white-washed homes, and convenient access to the beach.
El Vino Hotel is a good choice for individuals who appreciate the pleasant, intimate environment of boutique hotels. Voyage Bodrum provides five-star service and facilities if you want to live in a resort right on the beach.
Bitez Beach, with its long stretch of golden sand, and Ortakent Beach, with its wide bay, are also excellent choices for families. The aqua-colored sea here is shallow at the ocean's edge, the beach is lined with restaurants and cafés, and water sports are plentiful.

Kaputaş Beach

On Turkey's Mediterranean Coast, Kaputaş Beach is a small bay on the major coastal route between the port towns of Kalkan and Kaş.
This small stretch of shingle beach has become famous around the world because of its beautiful setting, sandwiched between tall and rocky rock walls.
Beachgoers must either trek down the steep, 200-step stairs from the coastal highway above or travelby boat from Kalkan or Kaş. As a result, boat cruises are the most convenient way to get there. Arrive early in the summer, since the beach may fill up quickly with sunbathers.
Kalkan is approximately seven kilometers to the west, making it a convenient base for visiting. There are several boutique hotels strewn across Kalkan's old town's cobblestone lanes.

Çesme Peninsula

This peninsula on the Aegean coast has become a popular holiday spot for well-heeled Turks, but it is still mostly unknown to Western visitors.
When the sunbathing is done for the day, the excitement moves to Alaçat, where gourmet eating and café culture keep a trendy population occupied.
The beach landscape on the Esme Peninsula was initially known for windsurfing, and the region remains Turkey's top windsurfing destination. The majority of visitors these days, though, come for the more relaxed activity of beach clothing.
From Alaçat's Windsurfing Beach, where local operators offer windsurfing and kitesurfing lessons and equipment rental, to exclusive beach club beaches, which host live music and other events during peak season despite having little actual sand, to Ilica Beach on the seafront of Esme Town, which has a long swath of soft white sand.

Butterfly Valley

The coastline of this beautiful canyon, bordered by rocky cliffs, spills out into a vast sweep of white sand and shingle.
Part of the beach's dramatic charm is arriving by boat and seeing the valley and beach unfold themselves as you sail past the steep bluffs of the Yedi Buran Cape.
The majority of people come here as part of a day excursion by boat from Fethiye. During the summer, shuttle boats travel to and from Lüdeniz on a regular basis.
The only other way to get to Butterfly Valley is through a strenuous and hot climb from the clifftop village of Faralya.
Butterfly Valley has more to offer nature enthusiasts than sun, sea, and sand. The Jersey Tiger butterflies, which are native to this area, gave the valley its name. There are nice treks down the valley beyond the beach if you feel like a wander and some butterfly spotting.

Mermerli Beach, Antalya

One of the county's most beautiful beaches can be found in the center of a bustling metropolis like Antalya, which isn't the first place you'd expect to find it.
Mermerli Beach is a little city beach nestled away near the historic harbor, within a stone's throw of the city center. Mermeli can only be reached on foot because Antalya is a pedestrian-only zone, but there's nothing like a moment of rest, sunbathing, and swimming after a hard morning spent strolling about town.
To get to the beach, pay a nominal charge at Mermerli Restaurant's entrance and walk down a wooden stairway from there. A beach lounger and parasol are included in the ticket, and beverages, ice cream, and meals may be delivered straight to your seat from the restaurant.
The modest natural beach of brown sand and stones has been enlarged by a stone plateau and wooden terraces. However, keep in mind that space is limited. However, there is enough space in the water, and the sea is clear, offering stunning views of the opposite coast.

Ölüdeniz Blue Lagoon

The Lüdeniz Blue Lagoon is undoubtedly Turkey's most well-known beach, and with good reason. Few sites on the planet can rival its natural beauty, so visitors flock to the vivid blue seas for a few hours of relaxation by the sea.
With the Babadag mountains in the background, this large bay is located where the Aegean and Mediterranean oceans meet, inside a protected natural park. Although the sands are coarse, most people choose to relax in the shallows of the water, which are warm and ideal for children to play safely.
The Blue Lagoon was a relatively unknown jewel until the early 1980s, only known to hippies and travelers. It is now well-developed, with pubs, restaurants, and a wide range of activities.
Paragliding from the neighboring mountains is one of the most popular sports for taking in the beauty from above. You might also hire a paddleboard for your adventures if you want to stay at sea level. In any case, you'll quickly realize why the blue lagoon is one of Europe's most photographed beaches and a must-see during your luxury villa vacation in Turkey.

Icmeler Beach, Marmaris

The beautiful sands of Icmeler Beach are nestled in the same-named resort town, which is only 8 kilometers from Marmaris. What was once a modest fishing town is now one of Turkey's most popular coastal vacation spots for both families and groups of people.
For a beach bordered by pine trees and flanked by the Taurus Mountains, Iclemer has a surprisingly Caribbean atmosphere. It's possibly because of the 6km length of sand that never seems crowded and is cleaned every night, so it's immaculate when you come in the morning.
You'll find everything here, including dozens of pubs and restaurants, whether you're looking for excitement or utter relaxation. The beach is tranquil, with little waves, making it ideal for sunbathing and extended swimming. If you prefer water sports, everything from parasailing to jet skiing and scuba diving is available. There are also some excellent hiking paths in the adjacent hills, which provide some lovely views of the beach from above.

Where Is The Clearest Water In Turkey?

The Lüdeniz Blue Lagoon is undoubtedly Turkey's most well-known beach, and with good reason. Few sites on the planet can rival its natural beauty, so visitors flock to the vivid blue seas for a few hours of relaxation by the sea.

Are There White Sand Beaches In Turkey?

Patara Beach is a white sand beach in Turkey, flanked on one side by sand dunes and on the other by a turquoise blue mild sea. This is one of the few beaches in Turkey that isn't near a big city. People go there for walks, sunbathing, and swimming.


There are numerous attractions in Turkey, but it is no secret that the hundreds of beaches that stretch along its 7000-kilometer coastline are among the most popular.
Many of Turkey's most breathtaking vistas can be found along its coastlines, and there are plenty of local cultures to be discovered right on the sand.
So, if you're planning a trip to the Aegean Sea, you're definitely wondering where the best Turkey beaches are. You'll be hard-pressed to find a Turkish beach that doesn't meet your expectations, but we've done the legwork for you and chosen our personal favorites. These beach highlights will have you booking tickets in no time, from family destinations to off-the-beaten-path secrets.
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