Caribbean Map

Caribbean map

Caribbean Map by Google with additions by Bugbog

Caribbean map: Best season to visit this warm and sunny sea?

December to May are usually the best months in the Caribbean while May is the favourite low-cost month as accommodation charges multiply mid-December to April but the weather remains fine through May – hopefully.

The hurricane season runs from August thru October but the rainy period lasts May to December. The exception is the Dutch ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao) which are below the hurricane belt and consequently have better summertime/autumn weather conditions and practically 12 months availability (though November-January can be a little cloudy and damp). Tobago‘s season is a little different too, with best months being January to June.

Around Christmas/New Year (last 2 weeks of December and first 10 days of January), a week either side of Easter and during North American College breaks is the very busiest and most costly time to travel to and stay in the Caribbean.

7 Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Caribbean

7 Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Caribbean.

Where can you go in the Caribbean hurricane season?

Aruba island, Palm Beach, Caribbean

Aruba island, Palm Beach, far south Caribbean.

August to early October is the normal peak hurricane season (78% of tropical storms; 87% of the “minor” hurricanes; 96% of the “major” hurricanes). Though hurricanes are rare, rain is not, the humidity can be oppressive and stormy, water may be rough and unclear for scuba or snorkelling and beaches garbed in seaweed.

However, you could also consider the southern sector of the Caribbean which is effectively below the hurricane belt. e. g. Trinidad and Tobago, and the three Dutch islands off the north coast of South America.

n.b. Many Caribbean resorts, restaurants and other services are limited or shut down completely from September to end of November.
n.b.2 Sand drifting across from Africa can create hazy conditions mid-May to mid-June.

Bermuda and Bahamas

Rapids at Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

Rapids at Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas.

And by the way…Bermuda’s not in the Caribbean, but the best time to visit the island – about 1, 000 miles off the Florida coast in the Atlantic – is in the summertime. From June to October,  the pink-sand beaches sprawl in temperatures of around 30C, with long daylight hours, low rainfall and warm seas around 25C.
Strictly speaking the Bahamas are also not in the Caribbean, though they’re close, with the nearest island – Bimini – just 53 miles (81 kms) away from Miami, though the main island is around 190 miles away.

Names Origins

The Caribbean Sea and its islands is also known as the Antilles by French speakers, Caribe by Spanish speakers and the West Indies by varied people due to Columbus’ original idea that he had found a part of India. His SatNav was way off then. In English speaking areas of the Caribbean indigenous people are often referred to as West Indians.

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