UK Map, United Kingdom (Britain+N.Ireland)

UK map by Google, adapted by bugbog. Map is not zoomable. Also see Wales & England tourist map

This simple UK map encompasses the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

UK Map: why holiday there?

Oxford College, England, UK map

Oxford University, England, UK. Photo by Photo by Laemq.

The United Kingdom – aka British Isles – is made up of (Great) Britain – England, Scotland and Wales – plus Northern Ireland.

This land has a lengthy history (Stonehenge is at least 5, 000 years old) and a lot to offer a demanding tourist, except for reliable sunshine and cheap hotels!
London and Edinburgh both contain world class arts and culture action with well-organised, intellectual but still entertaining museums and galleries that are older than America, while other parts of the UK brim with ancient buildings, traditional thatched villages, classic gardens, dark moors, bright beaches and the occasional mountain (especially in Scotland) so the British Isles will suit many travellers, whether they are walkers, talkers or stalkers, just don’t expect the these little, tired old countries to be perfect.


• It’s expensive, especially the south of England and London hotels are particularly outrageous.

• The weather is often damp, grey and unpredictable, particularly in Wales and Scotland.

• Public transport, especially rail, is over-priced, while some sections of the tube (London’s underground rail system) are shabby and overheated – the tube was built long, long ago when users were few.

UK best seasons

The best season is May-September, though no guarantees, prepare for rain and shine! The south of England sees the warmest, sunniest weather, especially in July/August when temperatures average from 15C-30C (59F-86F) but can go above 30C (86F) on occasion. Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland are famously wet much of the year.

Worst: December-February (wet, cold, grey, and short daylight hours). Average temperatures mostly range from a few degrees below zero to 15C (59F), with London and the south being the warmest regions. Scotland is the coldest.

London and Edinburgh have accommodation problems around New Year (Dec 29-Jan 2), summer time and the Edinburgh Festival (mid July-August)