Spain Map, Balearic Islands Map, Canary Islands Map

Spain Map for tourists

Spain map of main tourist destinations. No zoom.

Maps of the Balearic Islands (Mediterranean) and Canary Islands (Atlantic Ocean) are below

Balearic Islands, Spain Map

Balearic Islands Spain Map by entbert and bugbog.

Canary Islands, Spain Map

Canary Islands, Spain Map.

Why holiday in Spain?

Spain is a living history lesson, homebase of a thousand stories. . . horror? Conquistadors, brutal colonists, the inquisition, property corruption. . . romance? Flamenco, Carmen, Don Quixote. . . . art? Picasso, Goya, Dali. . . architecture? Gaudi, the Moors, Spanish Baroque, Bilbao modernist madness. . . landscapes? Massive sandy beaches on two coasts, mountains and hills in between. . . stunning towns?

Overbuilt on the coasts but the interior of Spain is still magnificent, majorca a great all-round destination, Ibiza is youth-insane, Minorca offers unspoil beaches, Canary Islands varied winter-sun activities, costs are low and nightlife late.

Also see West Andalusia Map, Spain.

Spain Seasons

Best tourist season: April-October, tho’ the coasts and islands are often fine and fairly warm in winter; the north and mountains are cooler and marginally less crowded in the summer. July and August are crowded everywhere and extremely hot in southerly areas such as Andalusia but temperatures along the Atlantic coast of northern Spain will be perfect in this season, between 20C-30C.

Worst: December-February can be bitterly cold (below zero) and damp in north/central Spain – including Madrid – and the rain in Spain doesn’t just fall on the plain, Andalusia gets it too.