Central America Map

central america map

Central America is the skinny northern part of Latin America. The large southern part is South America. This Central America map is by Google, with additions by Bugbog.

Central America Map:  countries starting from the north are

• Guatemala, also colourful, with Maya temples and colonial cities but embellished occasionally with brilliantly-dressed local people. Poorer than Mexico, care needs to be taken in some areas.

• Belize, a tiny country that’s worth exploring as it’s not only home to tropical jungle and Mayan remains like its northern neighbours but also one of the richest diving/snorkeling areas on the planet –  the huge Belize Barrier Reef. Beaches are so-so.

• El Salvador doesn’t have Maya ruins but does offer mountains, volcanoes and pretty good Pacific Ocean beaches with decent surf. The  Ruta de Las Flores is a popular scenic driving route.

• Honduras. Some Maya ruins at Copan and good diving and the brilliant little island of Roatan offshore  but robbery and kidnapping is rife so maybe later?

• Nicaragua. The country encompasses some stunning scenery including lakes, volcanoes, beaches and the Spanish colonial city of Granada, but again is going thru some socio-political turbulence.

Costa Rica. An awesome country of wildlife-rampant National Parks, magnificent volcanoes and excellent beaches on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

• Finally there’s Panama and it’s famous canal – now upsized. Panama City is typically modern but there are old colonial buildings too, plus a rainforest reserve and some good scuba diving. But, it’s a very hot and sticky place with no shortage of mosquitoes.