Papua New Guinea Tourist Map, PNG

Papua New Guinea Map of main tourist destinations

The Trobriand Islands are marked by the pink camera icon just north of the southeastern tip of PNG.

Papua New Guinea Overview

Papua New Guinea is a brilliantly colourful, diverse and fascinating country with over 700 languages (including the hilarious lingua franca, Pidgin), totally wacky traditional outfits (especially wigmen in the Highlands), bizarre customs, amazing bird life, great diving and a pretty rainforest/ mountain/ coastal environment.

However, Rascals – the PNG term for gang members – though unsophisticated are violent and pervasive.

Papua New Guinea is expensive, generally wet and humid and may have a malaria problem.

You have to fly just about everywhere.

This is not an easy destination for individual travellers and especially difficult for single women. Tours are advised for this difficult but absorbing country.