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Lake Como To Milan - A Fairytale Refuge


Whether it's a boat trip on the lake, hiking in the adjacent hills and mountains, touring the homes, gardens, and lakeside promenades, or just relaxing on a patio with a beverage and appreciating the scenery, Lake Como has something for everyone. So let us see everything there is to know about Lake Como to Milan.

Where Is Lake Como?

Lake Como Map
Lake Como Map

Lake Como, shaped like an upside-down Y, is situated in the Lombardy region of northern Italy.

Lake Como, which sits at the foot of the Alps and is Italy's third-largest lake, has won the hearts of many visitors, who come year after year to explore more of it.

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Duomo Of Como

Duomo Of Como
Duomo Of Como

Take a seat at a café or pub on the piazza in front of the Duomo and enjoy the beautiful 15th-century neogothic façade, which includes Pliny the Elder and Pliny the Younger sculptures.

The inside is equally impressive, spanning architectural styles and dating back over 400 years. Of course, admission is free.

Botanical Garden At Hotel Villa Cipressi

A Landscape With Cacti And Palm Trees At Botanical Garden
A Landscape With Cacti And Palm Trees At Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is available to the public and is part of the lovely lakeside Hotel Villa Cipressi, which was erected in the 1400s.

The remainder of the structure belongs to the hotel and its restaurant. The century-old garden, which stretches all the way down to the lake, is filled with plants and flowers that nature enthusiasts will like.

It's built on many levels that overlook the lake, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to take in the scenery.

Jungle Raider Park

People Climbing Trees Jungle Raider Park
People Climbing Trees Jungle Raider Park

Jungle Raider Park, which has two sites in Civenna and Margno, is a nature-based adventure park that offers everything from ziplines to bungee jumping.

It has seven distinct difficulty levels, including trails created exclusively for youngsters or novices - or those who aren't quite so bold.

Museum Moto Guzzi

People Looking At Motorcycles At Museum Moto Guzzi
People Looking At Motorcycles At Museum Moto Guzzi

This museum will pique the interest of individuals who are interested in motorcycles and engines in general, as it traces the history of motorcyclists via exhibits of cars from various periods.

The museum is free to enter, and it is ideally located if you are seeing the lake's many communities.

Sentiero Del Viandante

A Panoramic View At Lake Como
A Panoramic View At Lake Como

This should be a contender if you like hiking and can't choose amongst Como's various routes.

It's 45 kilometers (28 miles) long, thus it should be divided into three or four halves. The walk, which runs along the east shore of Lake Como, goes back to Roman times and is an excellent opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature and art in the region.

Things To Do In Lake Como To Milan

A Woman Admiring Lake Como
A Woman Admiring Lake Como

Lake Como is one of the most beautiful destinations in Italy to visit, particularly in the north.

It's a region of Italy you can't miss, with centuries-old villages, breathtaking vistas, and a coastline that's second to none.

Not only that, but the lake's shore is littered with some of the greatest things to do in Lake Como.

Eat At One Of The Coolest Restaurants On Lake Como

Some Tables Under An Umbrella At Lake Como
Some Tables Under An Umbrella At Lake Como

Lake Como showcases the best in north Italian cuisine and there’s no shortage of amazing places to eat around the lake.

For fresh lake fish don’t miss Trattoria al Porto, in the sleepy village of Careno, where the menu changes each day depending on the catch.

Visit Agriturismo Sorsasso, a family-run restaurant near the northern end of the lake, for superb local products.

Every component is derived from the surrounding region and the family's farm. Meals are simple and cooked with passion here, as is frequently the case with the best Italian cuisine!

Don't be concerned about the costs. When I went to Lake Como on a budget, I could always find a modest pizza or spaghetti dinner.

If you want to treat yourself to a spectacular supper in Lake Como, make a reservation at the Michelin-starred I Tigli in Theoria, where you'll be taken on a sensory trip via exquisite gourmet Italian food.

Go Wine Tasting In Lake Como

A Glass Of Wine At Lake Como
A Glass Of Wine At Lake Como

When it rains at Lake Como, what should you do? Why don't you go inside and try some local wine?

Northern Italy is a wine lover's dream, and if you're staying in Bellagio, I'd suggest paying a visit to Enoteca Principessa, one of the top wine shops on the lake.

The store is bursting at the seams with superb wines, and the knowledgeable staff is constantly on hand to provide explanations, suggestions, and samples. One of Lake Como's most unusual attractions is this ambient treasure trove of a shop.

Take A Day Trip To Milan

A Woman Looking At A Church In Milan
A Woman Looking At A Church In Milan

Milan is recognized as Italy's fashion city, so a day trip here is the ideal chance for some retail therapy.

Simply board a train at Varenna and you'll be enjoying coffee in one of Milan's classic bars in under an hour.

Watch A Lake Como Sunset In Style

Sunset At Lake Como
Sunset At Lake Como

One of the most popular and easiest activities to do in Lake Como is to watch the sunset!

I believe the sunsets over Lake Como are extremely stunning, and they're much better when you're sipping a wonderful drink!

Head to the lake's east bank for the greatest views, where you can see the peachiest colors reflecting on the water's surface.

Try the lakefront terrace at T Bar at Grand Hotel Tremezzo or Bar Il Molo in Varenna for the greatest sunset drinks on Lake Como.

Take the funicular train from Brunate to see sunset views over the lake for a once-in-a-lifetime vista!

Take An E-Bike Tour Of Lake Como

A Woman Riding A Bicycle
A Woman Riding A Bicycle

Lake Como is a fantastic location for energetic travelers, with plenty of chances for water sports, hiking, and cycling.

I'd suggest renting e-bikes and going for a ride around the lake if you're looking for a fun but not too strenuous sport.

E-bikes provide a kick up the hills while still being a terrific way to go out and enjoy the environment.

This 3-hour e-bike trip includes an audio guide and will take you to some of the top places on the lake to see all there is to see. It's without a doubt one of the most enjoyable things to do in Como!

Lake Como - Italy - Top 10 exciting things to do! English Version.

People Also Ask

Do You Swim In Lake Como?

Yes, it is possible to swim in Lake Como. Some of Lake Como's pebbled beaches are said to have the most swimmable waters on the planet - but should you go?

Although the waters are swimmable, a small minority of people believe it is not the most 'perfect' spot to do so for a variety of reasons.

Is Lake Como Safe To Visit?

Lake Como is a fairly secure destination. Having said that, there are several measures that should be taken while visiting a new or unknown location.

Common sense, as usual, is the most crucial tool for remaining safe. Traveling alone at night is not recommended.

What Animals Live In Lake Como?

There are many different fish species in Lake Como. Many are common freshwater species, such as trout and pike, while others, such as bleak, chub, shad, and perch, are more uncommon.

Each fish has its own shad story: a little fish that can only be caught in May and June and has a sardine-like form.


A Hammock Under A Tree At Lake Como
A Hammock Under A Tree At Lake Como

Lake Como is the epitome of Italian luxury, with its stunning scenery, picture-perfect towns, and opulent lakefront homes.

It's renowned as the jet set's playground, and it's been luring tourists for thousands of years.

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