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Haiti Beaches - The Pearls Of The Antilles


If you're seeking for the ultimate slice of Caribbean paradise, complete with gorgeous beaches, a sun-drenched environment, and waves pounding on the coast, Haiti is the place to be. The gorgeous blue ocean, golden beaches, and swaying palms make this tropical paradise famous. Travel enthusiasts may relax on the beaches, sunbathe, stay in magnificent resorts, buy at local markets, and participate in a variety of activities that they have only dreamed of for years.

Haiti beaches are a popular tourist destination with some of the world's greatest beaches.

Beaches abound over the world, and many people would travel thousands of miles each year merely to see the most beautiful beaches with the softest sands, warmest waters, greatest vistas, and most pleasant activities. This is why many tropical islands and countries with mild climates near the equator have become extremely popular tourist destinations.

Jacmel Beach

Jacmel Beach, located on Haiti's southern coast, is a popular hangout location for both visitors and residents. It's a bustling beach that used to be the major venue for a variety of special events and festivals before the devastating earthquake of 2010. Fortunately, Jacmel Beach has rebuilt itself in the years afterwards, and is again re-emerging as one of the country's most dynamic destinations.

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Before the tragic earthquakes that shook this French colonial city in 2010, the beach hosted various film and art events.

With the start of events like the Jacmel Film Festival, Jacmel Beach has been successful in reinvigorating its vibrant cultural setting.

Jacmel Beach
Jacmel Beach

Cormier Plage

This beach, which is part of the Cormier Plage Resort, is only available to hotel guests and is well worth the admittance fee. It's a beautiful length of beach that's close to a variety of local shops, pubs, restaurants, and attractions. Book a beach-front suite at the hotel and walk right out onto the sand each day, admiring the incredible views from the comfort and privacy of your room in the evenings.

Cormier Plage
Cormier Plage

Port Salut

Paying attention to the locals is one of the finest methods to figure out where you should go on your trip. They're the people who spend all their time in these places, so they tend to know the secret locations and hidden areas that are off the beaten path and away from the noisy crowds of tourists. A good example is Port Salut. It is particularly famous among Haitians owing to its relaxed ambience, and there are many excellent restaurants and shopping nearby.

Overall, Port Salut is a great beach to visit if you want to have an actual Haitian experience rather than merely following in the footsteps of other tourists. This is also one of Haiti's top beaches for watching the sunset.

Port Salut
Port Salut


This beach's name is also spelled 'Labadie,' although they are both the same site. Labadee, on Haiti's northern coast, is a beautiful and popular tourist destination that always draws a large number of cruise passengers. The location is actually owned by the Royal Caribbean cruise line and is one of the country's most prominent seaside areas, with some of the calmest waters and softest sands. It's also well-served by a variety of nice facilities such as shops, food vendors, and other services. Check out the local zip line if you're searching for a little additional action and want to see the beauties of beautiful Haiti beach from a new perspective.


Ils-a-Rat Beach

Ils-a-Rat Beach should be on your must-do list if you have an explorer's heart and are searching for a little adventure to spice up your Haitian holiday. This beach is really on a small island surrounded on all sides by soft beaches and moderate waves and covered in lush flora. There are several coral reefs to explore in the nearby seas, making it an excellent site for scuba diving or snorkeling, but even if you don't want to get in the water, Ils-a-Rat is one of Haiti's best beaches for strolling and taking photos.

Ils-a-Rat Beach
Ils-a-Rat Beach

Wahoo Bay Beach

Wahoo Bay Beach is one of the best sites along Haiti's whole coastline for couples or individuals on their honeymoon. Wahoo Bay Beach, not far from Port-au-Prince, provides postcard-worthy vistas and encapsulates the Caribbean experience with smooth sands, warm waves, and plenty of exciting activities like diving, swimming, sunbathing, and even hiking into the nearby forest.

Wahoo Bay Beach
Wahoo Bay Beach

Gelee Beach

A one-of-a-kind beach in Haiti where you may see cows in the verdant fields, and the animals can even be seen on the beach. Unlike other gorgeous beaches surrounded by lush mountains, the Gelee Beach is bordered by clear, broad expanses.

It's one of those beaches where you can unwind before or after a meal of mouthwatering local lobsters. In the surrounding seaside restaurants, fresh fish is available. Because of its visual splendor and, of course, the Caribbean backdrop, the beach is well worth a visit.

Gelee Beach
Gelee Beach

Kokoye Beach

Kokoye Beach, a slice of heaven on earth and an isolated, sandy treasure for sea lovers, is a piece of heaven on earth and an isolated, sandy gem for sea lovers. The location is a little off the beaten path and less visited, yet it is well worth a visit due to its gorgeous and calm surroundings. The tropical splendor and clean, untouched setting make this beach worth visiting despite the dirt roads and dense foliage. Given the road, the driving may be a little rough.

The gorgeous beach, although being a local attraction, exudes traditional Caribbean beauty and rich Haitian culture.

Kokoye Beach
Kokoye Beach

10 Must-Do Activities In Haiti

Let's see what can we do when we visit Haiti beaches.

  • Take a swim in the Bassin Bleu Waterfall.
  • Discover Haitian Cuisine's Flavors
  • Visit the Citadelle Laferrière Historic Site.
  • Explore the Palace of Sans Souci.
  • Visit the One-of-a-Kind City Jacmel
  • Visit the Pic Macaya National Park and the Massif de la Hotte.
  • Explore Port au Prince's Capital
  • In Labadee, go to the National Museum of Haiti Lounge.
  • Barbancourt Rum Distillery offers famous rum.

Things To Keep In Mind When Visiting Haiti

  • Getting to Haiti: Haiti does not have a railway system. As a result, you must drive or hire a cab to get to your destination. Buses run every day, and the journey to Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, takes around nine hours. Flights to the capital city's Aeroport International Toussaint Louverture are available by American Airlines and Air France. The majority of the flights depart from Florida and make a pit stop before landing in Haiti. If you are coming from another city in Haiti, you will need to fly to Toussaint Louverture International Airport and then proceed by land or a smaller plane.
  • Best time to go: Because Haiti has a tropical environment all year, you may go at any time. The weather is ideal throughout the dry months of November to March, and this is considered the greatest time to visit Haiti's beaches. Heavy rains, followed by powerful hurricanes, are expected from April to June, making it an unsuitable period to visit the beach. From August through October, Haiti receives only moderate rainfall.
  • Haiti is a place where everyone can unwind: There is a wide range of activities available to tourists visiting Haiti. Families, young individuals, and those who love active vacations will enjoy Haiti. If you're traveling with your family, consider taking an eco-tour to the beautiful Haiti resorts of Pentonville, Jacmel, Croix-de-Bouquet, or Cap-Etienne, which are also balneological, and where you can enjoy vibrant festivals, interesting exhibitions, exciting excursions, and animation events in addition to the wellness portion of your vacation.

People Also Asked

Does Haiti Have Good Beaches?

Haiti has a lengthy coastline that runs north, west, and east of the nation, with many lovely beaches and coves to enjoy by visitors and locals alike. There are so many wonderful beaches in Haiti that it might be difficult for the typical visitor to decide which to visit.

Does Haiti Have Waterfalls?

Saut-Mathurine, the area's greatest waterfall, is a captivating cascade in Haiti's southwest region. The Rivière de Cavaillon is the source of the waterfall's stream, and its crystal clear waters are ideal for paddling and swimming.

What Is Haiti National Dish?

Tasso is made from beef or goat (and occasionally turkey), whereas griot (often spelt griyo) is considered Haiti's national dish.


Enjoy the warm, turquoise waves of the ocean on one of Haiti's beautiful beaches. The silky beach, pounding waves, and occasionally calm seas, as well as stunning views of the coastline, lush flora, mountains, and palm trees, will captivate you. Keep these beach destinations on your list for a relaxing and fun beach vacation in Haiti's tropical paradise. Pack your belongings and travel to Haiti.

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