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Ghan Train - Journey Through The Australian Outback Like Never Before

The Ghan train is a luxury transport and a living legend, transporting passengers through infinite views of Australia's most stunning wilderness regions in one of the most luxurious ways possible. This is your chance to see some of Australia's most remote towns, as well as the stunning beauty of the Outback, while stopping in places like Alice Springs, a world-famous town that is considered a symbol of isolation, Ayers Rock, the world's largest monolith, and much more.

Author:Velma Battle
Reviewer:Michael Rachal
Jun 11, 2022
The Ghan trainis a luxury transport and a living legend, transporting passengers through infinite views of Australia's most stunning wilderness regions in one of the most luxurious ways possible.
This is your chance to see some of Australia's most remote towns, as well as the stunning beauty of the Outback, while stopping in places like Alice Springs, a world-famous town that is considered a symbol of isolation, Ayers Rock, the world's largest monolith, and much more.
Imagine not having to worry about getting behind the wheel and getting lost, or being crammed onto a crowded bus with a slew of other visitors.
Instead, you'll be able to relax in the privacy of your own cabin, staring out the window and being inspired by the ever-changing scenery.
When you wish to be sociable, though, you may start up a discussion with your other passengers, sharing the thrill of seeing the sights as they pass by.
Ghan train travels provide you access to parts of Australia that you wouldn't be able to see or even come close to seeing on other sorts of vacations, while also providing the perfect blend of comfort and excitement.
It all begins at the train station, where you'll get a taste of the exceptional treatment to come as welcoming personnel guides you to your own private cabin.
As the landscape outside steadily changes, you may relax in and explore some of the train's numerous facilities. Are you prepared for the most thrilling journey of your life?


Ghan Train Interior
Ghan Train Interior
The Ghan has two service levels: platinum and gold. Regardless of the option you choose, you can expect a nice and peaceful experience. In a four-course dinner, it's like choosing between filet mignon and lobster.
Both options offer fantastic experiences, but the premium is like that multi-course meal - an especially luxurious vacation with lots of extras like in-cabin breakfasts and access to the Platinum Club, where onboard chefs prepare an all-inclusive menu using fresh local fare to create fantastic seasonal dishes like grilled kangaroo filet.
You'll receive a bigger suite with complementary Australian bathroom amenities, picture windows with views from both sides of the train, drinks supplied in your cabin, and the option to travelwith Platinum Service Transfers at both the start and finish of the voyage, among other things.
Your own private cabin, as well as all-inclusive food and drinks, are included with Gold Service.
You'll have access to free shuttle bus transfers in Darwin to numerous hotels in the city center, as well as a large screen window to take in the views.
You'll never be hungry or have to spend all that additional money on meals if you choose either choice.
The Platinum Service pricing includes a variety of free wine and other drinks to combine with the substantial, satisfying breakfasts, two-course lunches, and three-course dinners.
All-inclusive meals in the Queen Adelaide Restaurant is included in the Gold Service tariff, which includes Australian wines, beers, base spirits, and non-alcoholic drinks.
You can anticipate cheery top-of-the-line service throughout the voyage with any level, which means you'll never have to wait for your glass to be filled, as well as nice company and intriguing nuggets about the region's culture and history.

The Destinations And Routes

Panoramic View Of The Ghan Train
Panoramic View Of The Ghan Train
Aside from comfort and service, the locations are what really make for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Ghan provides four train rides to experience Darwin, Adelaide, and all in between:

Darwin To Adelaide

The Ghan Train On Route
The Ghan Train On Route
This epic, and most popular, rail journey traverses more than 1850 miles in the heart of Australia's continent, taking four days and three nights to travel from the north coast's tropical city of Darwin to the south coast's Adelaide.
It runs from early April to late October each year. Katherine is your first destination, with its stunning Nitmiluk Gorge and old sandstone cliffs.
You'll be able to participate in the Katherine Outback experience, which includes a look inside a cattle station, cattle dog demonstrations, and live music performances, including several well-known Aussie classics sung from atop a horse.
Of course, the most renowned town in the Outback is also on the itinerary. Alice Springs, located around 900 miles from the closest large city, is known for its unending desert vistas and vast gorges, as well as being a center for Aboriginal art, pioneer history, and odd activities like the "boat race" held on a dry, sandy bed.
Cooper Pedy will also be discussed. This opal-mining city was erected underground, out of ancient abandoned mines, and is one of the world's most bizarre communities.
Residents establish their home underground in the Australian desert, around 500 miles from Adelaide, to be sheltered from the scorching heat of the sun.
The heat is so harsh here that living as typical inhabitants above ground would be impossible.
By the time you get in Adelaide, the landscape has changed considerably. It's set on a plain between rolling hills and the Gulf of St. Vincent, bordering by some of the country's most well-known wine districts and home to one of the country's best-kept secrets: Henley Beach's unspoilt beaches.

Adelaide To Darwin

A Woman Next To A Ghan Train
A Woman Next To A Ghan Train
You may also do the trip backwards in three days and two nights. It offers the opportunity to see an Outback dawn in Marla, a distant town about 25 miles from Coober Pedy, and a spectacular display of the dazzling night sky in Manguri, a remote hamlet approximately 25 miles from Coober Pedy.
You'll also stop in Alice Springs to learn about the culture, lifestyle, and history of the town, with opportunities to see an impressive bird show, take a helicopter ride over the MacDonnell Ranges for a bird's-eye panoramic view, ride a camel across ochre land, or travel further into the interior to see Uluru and Kata Juta before continuing on to Katherine for cultural activities with the Aboriginals.

Darwin To Alice Springs

A Woman Serving Passengers In The Ghan
A Woman Serving Passengers In The Ghan
This two-day, one-night journey from Darwin to Alice Springs includes the Katherine Outback experience, as well as the choice of a helicopter or scenic flight over both Nitmiluk and Kakadu parks, as well as a visit to Alice Springs and its possibilities as indicated above.

Adelaide To Alice Springs

A Ghan Train At Sunset
A Ghan Train At Sunset
The two-day, one-night trek may also be done the opposite way around, starting in Adelaide and ending in Alice Springs.
It involves seeing an Outback dawn in Marla and stargazing in Manguri before arriving in Alice Springs and experiencing some of the city's numerous attractions.

Culinary Highlights

Two Women Showcasing The Food Served At The Ghan
Two Women Showcasing The Food Served At The Ghan
No matter the level of service you choose, you can expect delectable regional food that complements the unique experiences you'll enjoy both on and off the ship.
Expect lovingly crafted meals such as grilled goldband snapper fillet with steaming asparagus, saffron aioli, and orange, parsley, and papitas cous cous, as well as delectable desserts and regional cheese platters.
Both Gold and Platinum Service are available. Passengers are invited to dine in the elegant Queen Adelaide Restaurant, which evokes the impression of Old World rail travel with its opulent décor and offers some of the most memorable dining experiences - all while taking in the breathtaking valley, desert, and mountain views.
The menus highlight the best of the region's flavors, including Margaret River cheeses, locally farmed lamb and cattle, and even natural Australian delicacies like kangaroo.
The cuisine is inspired by the stunning food and wine areas that can be seen just outside your door.
Platinum Service passengers may also enjoy private eating and drinking at the Platinum Club, which has a luxurious bar, lounge, and flexible dining room with wood floors and quartzite tabletops in an upmarket Australian style.
All of the regional dishes served in the Queen Adelaide Restaurant are also available here.
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People Also Ask

Why Is The Train Called The Ghan?

The Ghan has a long and illustrious history. The Ghan railway, formerly known as the Afghan Express, was named after the pioneering cameleers who pioneered a permanent track into Australia's Red Centre more than 150 years ago; the original Ghan line followed explorer John MacDouall Stuart's route.

What Is The Ghan Train?

On the Adelaide–Darwin rail route, the Ghan is an immersive tourist focused passenger train that runs between Australia's northern and southern coasts, passing via the towns of Adelaide, Alice Springs, and Darwin.

Is Ghan A Luxury Train?

The Ghan travels between Adelaide and Darwin for three days and two nights on one of the world's most intriguing luxury train rides.

Is The Ghan The Longest Train In The World?

The Ghan, a weekly sleeper service that travels between Adelaide and Darwin in Australia, is the world's longest passenger train in regular operation.
The length of the trains varies depending on the number of passengers, but a typical service consists of two engines and 30 carriages, totaling 774 meters (2,359 ft).

Who Owns The Ghan Train?

The Indian Pacific and The Ghan, which have been featured frequently in lists of the world's top long-distance train excursions for decades, have been purchased by the US-based Hornblower Group for an estimated $600 million.


Two Men Waiting At A Station
Two Men Waiting At A Station
You'll likely have some time to spend in two of the country's most vibrant cities before and after your big adventure if you take one of these rail journeys.
Both Darwin and Adelaide have a lot to offer visitors. Adelaide, Australia's fifth biggest city, was the country's sole location to be named one of the best places to visit by the New York Times in 2015.
It's home to Central Market, which began in 1869 and is popular among foodies. Over 80 kiosks, cafés, and eateries display fresh, local products and more, while the city itself has a plethora of fine dining restaurants, amazing food trucks, pubs, and bars.
Darwin, which hugs the Northern Territory's coastline, is a multi-cultural hub that provides as a gateway to renowned destinations such as the Tiwi Islands, the Top End, and Litchfield.
A swimming lagoon and wave pool are located in the city's Waterfront Precinct, which is flanked by cafés, diners, laid-back pubs, and stores.
If you dare, you may even take a dive inside a real-life crocodile habitat at Crocosaurus Cove, entering via a tunnel known as the "Cage of Death."
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