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The History Of The Tower of London And Its Current Status

As a historian, I am always interested in researching historical events and determining how they affect us today. The Tower of London is a historical site that we should be aware of. It has previously served as a royal palace, a political prison, an execution site, and an army.

Author:Velma Battle
Reviewer:Michael Rachal
Feb 03, 2022
As a historian, I am always interested in researching historical events and determining how they affect us today. The Tower of Londonis a historical site that we should be aware of.
It has previously served as a royal palace, a political prison, an execution site, and an army. It also served as a royal mint, a menagerie, a public records office, and a variety of other functions.

Inputs Of Tower Of London

In 1078, the Tower of Londonwas just a simple fortress with a moat. Later, it became known as the "White Tower" because it was whitewashed inside and out.
Builder:William I, known as "The Conqueror," told people to start building at the start.
The White Tower is 30m (90ft) high and has walls that are 5m (15ft) thick. It is still the heart of the fort, but over the centuries, it has been strengthened and expanded to include a city arsenal (weapons storage), the Royal Mint (making and storing coins of the realm), and the Crown Jewels (the spectacular ceremonial jewelry of the monarchs of England).

The Tower Of London And Tower Bridge

The outside of the Tower on the Thames embankment, as seen from the river. For free and beautiful views, tourists who don't want to visit the Tower can still walk around the perimeter of the complex and over Tower Bridge.

A Modern-day Map Of The Tower Of London

The Tower's Best Sights And Activities

The latest Map of the Tower of London
The latest Map of the Tower of London
You can go on a free one-hour tour with a Yeoman Warder, who will tell you gruesome stories about people who were held and executed. It could be both interesting and funny. Some of the Yeomen are very funny. Stand-up comics manqu with practiced patter and great topics are some of them, too. Line up early so you can be in good hearing range and stay close to your tour group as they visit the main attractions:
  • The Tower Green Tudor village and the place where two of Henry VIII's wives were hanged.
  • The well-organized and hands-on collection of weapons, armor, and medieval warfare information in the White Tower is very interesting and fun to look at.
  • Even if the Crown Jewels are behind glass and you are on a moving belt, they are still important.
  • Graffiti on the walls of a prison in Beauchamp Tower.
If you start early, you can still spend two or three hours at these places and have a little bit of a walk. They didn't like the Bloody Tower, which was a constricting labyrinth that didn't make us feel bloody.How about a bloody scene?
They also didn't get excited about the Medieval Palace or the Fusilier's Museum, which didn't have a lot of color or "X Factor" to it. He was strangled and had his blood all over his clothes.

Why Is The Tower Of London Famous

In times of war and revolt, the Tower, as the most secure fortification in the land, guarded royal possessions and even the royal family. However, rulers used the Tower as a shockingly opulent castle for 500 years. The Tower has served as a visual emblem of amazement and fear throughout history.
Also, the tower was previously used as a prison. People who are interested in history are undoubtedly the ones who are always present there.

Are There Still Prisoners In The Tower Of London

None, according to research, the last state prisoner was Rudolf Hess.
  • Rudolf Hess, the Nazi Party's deputy leader, was the final state prisoner to be detained in the Tower in May 1941.
  • Josef Jakobs, a Nazi agent, was the final person murdered in the Tower, shot by a firing squad on August 15, 1941.
  • The Kray twins were the last persons confined in the Tower.

Tower Of London History

If you are interested about the history of the Tower of London, you should check this video!

Why You SHOULD Visit The Tower Of London

Opening Times

10 January to 11 February 2022Daily: 10.00-16.30. Last admission: 15.30.
Half term:
  • 12 February: 09.00-16.30. Last admission: 15.30 (15.00 -15.30 timeslot).
  • 13 February: 10.00-16.30. Last admission: 15.30 (15.00 -15.30 timeslot).
  • 14 February to 20 February: 09.00-16.30. Last admission: 15.30 (15.00 -15.30 timeslot)

Tickets And Prices

Take a look at the history of this fortress, which was also a palace and a prison at one time.
Peak ticket prices (excl donation):
  • Members: Free
  • Adult: £29.90
  • Child: £14.90


We were surprised by how big and peaceful the Tower complex was. We were also disappointed that it wasn't dark, dangerous, and bloody.
Even though it's the real thing, it has been cleaned up and organized to deal with the huge number of tourists. The real medieval feel has been replaced by Disney stories and old nightmares.
When we saw slasher movies and vampire goths, we thought they would be more violent and scary than they were. One of the most popular things for kids to do in London these days is to go on dungeon and monster tours where they scare everyone. It's not far from London Bridge station up the South Bank to have a lot of unpleasant things happen to you.
Certainly, it's a great collection of priceless jewelled Coronation ornaments that have been kept since the 17th century. Crowns, orbs, sceptres, rods, staffs, and so on are all there. The huge diamonds behind the glass could just as well be fakes, which is what this lot could be worth.


Surely, we want to learn about the past and how it affects us today. If we consider its history, the Tower of London may be one of the most amazing, terrifying, and entertaining places on the world today.Visiting the Tower of London can bring back memories and events that are otherwise unknown to the public.
You can go to their website and see what they have to offer.
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