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Comoros - The Perfume Islands Of Africa

The splendor of the Comoros' natural wonders is enough to entice you to remain for a few days. Its beaches are lined with beautiful sand and palm palms, evoking an unspoiled beach paradise with unequaled opportunity to witness a variety of marine life.

Author:Velma Battle
Reviewer:Michael Rachal
May 03, 2022
The splendor of Comorosnatural wonders is enough to entice you to remain for a few days. Its beachesare lined with beautiful sand and palm palms, evoking an unspoiled beach paradise with unequaled opportunity to witness a variety of marine life.
Inland, you'll find charming villages and cultural treasures, as well as stunning mountains, lakes, and greenery. Comoros will never run out of delightful surprises, from the spectacular rock formations formed and molded by the volcanic Mount Karthala to the diving beaches, laid-back towns, and peculiar Arabian flair of Moroni.

10 Best Places to Visit In COMOROS

10 Facts & Attractions About Comoros

  • Comoros is an Indian Ocean archipelago. The Comoro islands archipelago is made up of three main islands and several smaller islands.
  • The name of the nation is derived from the Arabic term 'qamar,' which means'moon.' As you can see in the image above, the moon is also portrayed on the Comoros flag.
  • Comoros is an African republic located in the Mozambique channel, north of Madagascar and off the shores of Tanzania and Mozambique.
  • Ngazidja (Grande Comore), Mwali (Moheli), and Nzwani are the names of the three main islands (Anjouan). Grande Comore is the biggest island, whereas Anjouan is the most densely populated.
  • Moroni, the capital city of Comoros, is also the country's largest city, with a population of around 62,000 people. Moroni is a small island off the coast of Grande Comore.
  • Comoros were a French colony that encompassed the island of Mayotte until 1975, when they gained independence from France.
  • Comoros has a population of 864 000 people, the great majority of whom are Sunni-Muslims.
  • The Comorian national languages are French, Arabic, and Comorian, which the inhabitants call to as Shikomoro. Shikomoro is a Swahili-Arabic hybrid.
  • The Comoros Islands are one of Africa's poorest countries, with more than 40 percent of the people living in poverty. Comorians are unemployed in 20% of cases, and just 60% of the population can read and write.
  • The Comoro islands were formed by volcanic activity. Karthala Peak, at 2361 meters/7746 feet, on Grand Comore Island, is the highest point in the Comoros.

Map Of Comoros

Map of Comoros
Map of Comoros

Wildlife Of Comoros

Comoros' fauna flourishes in the rainforests and mangrove forests that cover much of the volcanic islands. The archipelago is located in the Indian Ocean, between Mozambique and Madagascar, off the southeast coast of Africa.
Comoros' biodiversity has more in common with Madagascar's flora and fauna than with that of mainland Africa. Mount Karthala on Grande Comore, Mount Ntringui on Anjouan, and Mount Koukoule on Moheli are all animal areas in Comoros.
Here you'll find a wide range of ferns as well as 72 different orchid species. There are 935 plant species on the island, 416 of which are endemic to the islands.
In Comoros, there are a variety of animal species.
  • There are two types of sea turtles, one of which is a green turtle.
  • Lemurs come in two varieties.
  • Three insectivorous bat species have been discovered.
  • Fruit bats are found in three different species.
  • There are 25 different types of terrestrial reptiles.
Certain animal species are indigenous to the Comoros, and the number of amphibians is very limited. Nearly 146 species of birds have been identified in the Comoro Islands' avifauna, some of which are native and others which have been imported by humans.
The Comoro Islands are home to a number of reptiles. The Comoro Flapnose Chameleon, Comoro Ground Gecko, Comoro Day Gecko, the snake-eyed skink, colubrid snake, and a blind snake are some of the more well-known.
A tortoise in water
A tortoise in water

Top 6 Places To Visit In Comoros

When visiting Comoros, you will want to explore prominent tourist attractions and learn about the local culture. You may certainly discover some of the top things to do in Comoros, among other things to do in Comoros, to make your vacation a memorable one. Exploring Comoros attractions and visiting sites of interest are some of the things to do during a vacation to the Comoros.

Mount Karthala

Mount Karthala is Grande Comore's most prominent feature, not only because of its "biggest in the world" distinction, but also because of its obvious beauty. Its most recent eruption may have buried towns in a sea of ash, but it also sculpted beautiful mountainscapes. The volcanic giant is a popular hiking, walking, and trekking destination on calmer days. While the climb is difficult, the views from the summit are breathtaking, with vegetation and animals peculiar to the Comoros.
Mount Karthala
Mount Karthala

Dziani Boundouni

Another must-see attraction, Dziani Boundouni is a beautiful sulfur crater lake situated right in the heart of the island of Mohéli. It is a pleasurable walk from the capital town of Fomboni, which is also known for its beautiful beaches.
Dziani Boundouni
Dziani Boundouni

Mohéli Island

Mohéli is the smallest of the Comoros archipelago's four major islands. The crater lake and the picturesque fishing town of Fomboni are among the many attractions on offer. Locals have kept a tradition of hand-building sailboats alive, and visitors may see Arab ships being created right on the beach. The Mohéli Marine Park, situated off the island's southern shore, is famed for its green turtle population and magnificent coral reefs. Niumashuwa Bay is a great place to go diving and an excellent place to start touring the marine park.
A beach and a sea
A beach and a sea

Grande Comore

Grande Comore, the largest of the islands, is also home to Moroni, the nation's capital, which has an enchanting Arabian appeal. The island is home to Mount Karthala and Comoros' second reserve, Coelacanth Marine Park, and is well renowned for the Vendredi Mosque and great beaches. Trou du Prophéte in the Misamiouli region is extremely enthralling for divers.
A beach with palm trees and houses
A beach with palm trees and houses

Anjouan Island

Anjouan has a Swahili-Shirazi Mutsamudu town, similar to Grande Comore's Arabian Moroni hamlet. Old homes line the twisting passageways in the island's capital, which has a distinct 17th century vibe. The medieval fortress and a few mosques are located in the heart of the city. Beautiful beaches and spectacular waterfalls are just a short drive away, surrounded by lush greenery. In the town of Bambao, Anjouan is also home to a number of perfume distilleries.
A beautiful sight of Anjouan Island's exotc forest
A beautiful sight of Anjouan Island's exotc forest


If you have time, the magnificent French Mayotte Island is well worth a visit for its beautiful beaches and excellent diving. Mayotte also has what is said to be the world's biggest lagoon, which may be visited by dugout canoe. The Sulu waterfall, which falls directly into the sea, is the island's crown jewel.

The Following Are The Top Reasons To Visit The Comoros Islands.

  • Moheli's whale-watching and idyllic beaches
  • Fomboni's Streets and Sceneries
  • Anjouan's Off-the-Beat Paths
  • At Grande Comore, there's a beautiful Lake Lac Sale.
  • Mount Karthala's Active Volcano
  • Moroni's Laid-Back Capital
  • Unwind on the pristine beaches of Grande Comore, Africa's greatest beach.
  • Iconi Sea Cliffs

Final Thoughts

So there you have it: the eight reasons why you should visit the Comoros. Despite the language barrier, the Comorian people are always willing to help you in times of need.
Locals call it Mwali or Moili, and it's a country frozen in time where the unspoilt environment compensates for the absence of contemporary conveniences.
It's the ideal destination to satisfy your wanderlust, with rugged islands and peaceful corners.
On this utopian island, tourism has yet to take off. However, it won't be long until the world learns about this secret. So, gather your belongings, book your flights, and get ready to travel!
However, because there are few flights to this corner of the world, it may require some preparation.

People Also Asked

What Is Comoros Famous For?

The volcanic islands of the Comorian archipelago are noted for their extraordinary visual beauty and have been dubbed the "perfumed islands" because of their fragrant plant life.

What Do People In Comoros Do?

Comorians are devout Muslims who hold religious ceremonies in high regard. The culture of the area is a mash-up of Arab, French, and African elements. Music and other forms of performing art are highly valued by the locals, and local artists are adept in sculpting, ceramics, needlework, and basketry.
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