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The Best British Beaches In The UK


England may not be the first place to come to mind when considering a beach vacation. But for travelers looking for a change, destinations may surprise you.

England`s coastline encompasses regions of outstanding beauty, areas distinguished by dramatic sea cliffs, yawning bays, and some truly remarkable beaches. Outstandingly diverse in their environmental setting, these beaches afford endless vacation escapades for anyone looking to spend time by the sea. Hotels, restaurants, and leisure amenities, including an abundance of fantastic water sports facilities, serve many of these beaches. Some are located off the beaten track and make ideal retreats for those seeking peaceful oceanfront solitude. However, some are near historic buildings, buildings that help define the characteristics and sense of place of the building.

Best Beaches In UK

Use the list of the best beaches in the UK to find picturesque sandy beaches for your next vacation.

  • Woolacombe Beach, Devon
  • Weymouth Beach, Dorset
  • Rhossili, Swansea
  • St.Brelades Bay Beach Jersey
  • Porthminster Beach, Cornwall
  • Perranporth Beach, Cornwall
  • Fistral Beach, Cornwall
  • Luskentyre Beach, Scotland
  • Hengisybury Head, Dorset
  • Sandbanks, Dorset

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Dorset Beachside
Dorset Beachside

If you are looking for a great beach holiday, do you feel that your only option is to go abroad? Think again as Dorset has many beautiful beaches along the 100-mile coastline. So you won't sacrifice to feel the soft sand and clear blue water gently wrap your feet. With a wide variety of beaches, the Dorset coast has become one of Britain's most exciting and spectacular coastlines.

Dorset is indeed a place to come for breathtaking and award-winning beaches. The county boasts 25 Blue Flag and Seaside Award seashores.

Soft golden sands and secure bathing waters make Weymouth a suitable own circle of relatives excursion destination. With some of the seashores to pick out from, Weymouth with its Georgian structure alongside the esplanade clearly is a slice of the conventional British beach. Enjoy a walk alongside the promenade, donkey rides at the seaside, or watch a Punch and Judy display to entertain younger and old.


Cornwall beachside
Cornwall beachside

Cornwall is renowned for the quality and variety of its beaches. The long, exposed sandy beaches of the North Coast, such as Perranporth and Godrevy, offer great surfing and are a great place to stroll on a fierce winter day. More protected sandy coves on the south coast, such as Porthcurno and Praasands, provide excellent bathing and protection from the cold northerly winds. Remote beaches like Harlin and Kinance offer a chance to get away from everything. The beaches of bustling cities like Marazion and Portmere are the perfect place to spend the day with plenty of cafes, restaurants, and galleries within walking distance.

Praa Sands Cornwall is a medium-sized sandy beach located on the more sheltered south coast between Marazion and Porthleven.

Treyarnon Cornwall, A beautiful, beautiful northwest facing a sandy beach surrounded by low cliffs and bordered by dunes. At low tide, this popular family beach offers a fine sand spread with many corners to explore. A short walk around the point north of Constantine Bay.

Harlyn Cornwall, is a large sandy beach popular with families and surfers. Coastal paths cross the beach on the way to the famous Bedre Sunstep, but be aware that the sand can be almost completely covered at high tide. Lifeguards patrol the beach in the summer, making it a safe swimming opportunity. Winter storms, on the other hand, can bring good quality waves that are well protected from strong southwest winds.


Beach side with boats and houses
Beach side with boats and houses

Devon in southwest England is a county with beautiful beaches to visit. A vacation in Devon, famous for its picturesque coastline and delicious cream tea, will relieve the stress of the city.

Woolacombe Devon - is a 3-mile sandy beach in North Devon. It is frequently visited by enthusiastic surfers and families, mainly looking for a quick escape from the city. To get the most out of your vacation, you can always rent one of the colorful cottages on the beach. barbecues are allowed on the beach, but you can relax and sunbathe in the free sun loungers. To keep the kids entertained, the heart of Woolakum Beach is home to an elastic castle and a large swing boat.

Blackpool Sands Devon - The crescent-shaped beaches of Blackpool Sands are set in the fascinating backdrop of pine trees and the rolling Southam countryside. The beach itself is a bit misleading, as the sand is actually mostly coarse gravel, but there is sand towards the top of the beach. The beach is privately owned and can be very crowded as there is only one grocery store in this area. The beach is often the winner of the blue flag.

East Sussex

Eastsussex coastline with houses and people alongside
Eastsussex coastline with houses and people alongside

The East Sussex coast, which stretches from Brighton to Camber Sands along the south coast of England, is dotted with wonderful family beaches with easy access to London. With swimming opportunities in the English Channel, dramatic cliff views, and easy access to South Downs National Park, why this trial-and-error area is so attractive for an annual camp vacation in South East England. Is easy to understand.

Brighton Beach was known for its bohemian lifestyle, stylish Victorian terraces, and easy access (only an hour's train ride to London). Brighton & Hove's seaside resort is a great destination in everyone's book. Vintage markets like The Lanes, a vibrant art scene, great nightlife, and some of the best restaurants in the UK mean it's worth a visit without its characteristic pebble beaches.


Kent Shore Side with a human walking alongside
Kent Shore Side with a human walking alongside

If you want to plan your stay on sandy beaches, blue skies, and some great hidden spots, heading to one of Kent's beautiful beaches should be at the top of your list. I was very surprised that Kent has a lot of sandy beaches, but even gravel beaches, wild nature reserves, and even seaside towns have a lot to offer to family and friends on a coastal vacation.

The Kent coastline is unique and one of the longest coastlines in the UK. Cretaceous, sandstone, and clay cliffs that separate Kent's greenery and pleasing lands from the sea attract many visitors each year, along with the natural beauty of salt marshes and sandy and gravel bays.


Northumberland beachside with a castle
Northumberland beachside with a castle

Northumberland is blessed with stunning beaches, many of which are pristine and uncrowded even in the middle of summer. In the Northumberland area, a special natural beauty area that stretches along the vast coastline, you can see some of Britain's finest beachfront landscapes. A secret place where adventure and rock pool hunting are the order of the day. It's also a great place for families and photographers. If you're feeling energetic, you can head to Scotland on the Berwickshire Coast Pass, which is accessible from the Berwick-upon-Tweed beaches.


So you don't have to search all the beaches we rounded up from the best of the family-friendly crowd pullers in Devon to the surfing hotspots of Cornwall and the secluded coves of Scotland, the warmest and most Consider the cleanest and most beautiful beaches. Hope that you will consider the above list as your beach bucket-a list for your upcoming summer vacation.

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