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Best Views In Miami - Discover The Best Spots Of The Magic City


If you love taking pictures then you definitely enjoy the best views in Miami. Sun-kissed Miami is known for its long sandy beaches, glitzy nightlife, never-ending shopping, Art Deco architecture, and a vibrant fusion of cultures - and with its tropical climate, Miami welcomes visitors all year.

The metropolitan area of Miami is a patchwork of wildly diverse neighborhoods that encompasses both the inland City of Miami and the separate island city of Miami Beach - effectively a giant sandbar in Biscayne Bay.

Miami Fast Facts

Miami is a city in the southeastern United States on the Atlantic coast of south Florida. Miami and its suburbs are situated on a broad plain that stretches from Florida Bay north to Lake Okeechobee, with the Florida Everglades to the west and Biscayne Bay to the east.

The city of Miami with the word MIAMI in front
The city of Miami with the word MIAMI in front

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The population is expected to be slightly more than 440,000 in 2016. Miami is now the 44th most populous city in the United States. With a population of around 5.5 million, Miami's urban area is the fourth-largest in the United States, according to the United States Census Bureau.

With a population of slightly more than 6 million people in 2016, the Miami metropolitan area is the most populous in Florida and the eighth-largest in the southeastern United States.

Miami has a land area of 93 square kilometers (36 square miles) and a water area of 52 square kilometers (20 square miles), totaling 145 square kilometers (56 square miles). In most neighborhoods, especially near the coast, the elevation never exceeds 12 meters (40 feet) and averages around 1.8 meters (6 feet) above mean sea level.

Miami is a leading resort and Atlantic Ocean port located on Biscayne Bay at the mouth of the Miami River. It is a major transportation and business hub. Tequestas inhabited a large portion of southeast Florida, including the area where Miami now stands, for thousands of years before Europeans arrived.

An Indian village of hundreds of people existed at the mouth of the Miami River between 500 and 600 B.C. Admiral Pedro Menéndez de Avilés, Florida's first governor, claimed the territory for Spain in 1566.

Miami is known as "the only major city in the United States conceived by a woman, Julia Tuttle," a wealthy Cleveland native and local citrus grower. In its early years, the Miami area was better known as "Biscayne Bay Country."

Reports from the late 1800s described the area as a promising wilderness. Miami was officially incorporated as a city on July 28, 1896 with a population of just over 300. It was named after the nearby Miami River, which was named after the Mayaimi people who lived in the area during European colonization.

Northerners were drawn to Miami in the early twentieth century, and the city prospered during the 1920s with an increase in population and infrastructure. When World War II broke out, Miami, located on Florida's southern coast, became a US defense base against German submarines. Miami's population grew as a result of the war.

Following Fidel Castro's ascension to power in 1959, many Cubans migrated to Miami, increasing the city's population. Miami gained a reputation as a center of the illegal cocaine trade during the 1980s.

Miami is now a major financial and commercial center, as well as a leader in culture, media, entertainment, the arts, and international trade.

The Best Views In Miami

Miami. It is known as a very fun city for some, as well as a place where business, pleasure, and the beach can all coexist. In 2018, up to 16.5 million people stayed in the city overnight. With that in mind, visitors to this destination city want to make the most of their time there, and one thing they look for is views.

This can include views of the Miami skyline, beachfront views, and other locations. But where in Miami do you get the best views? We recommend the following six views from around the city.

Rusty Pelican

This is a seafood restaurant that can be found in Key Biscayne, and it features breathtaking panoramas of the skyline of the surrounding city. The restaurant is located right on the water, and due to the lighting of the city skyline on the other side of the water, the view can be enjoyable both during the day and at night.

A view of the Rusty Pelican restaurant
A view of the Rusty Pelican restaurant

For those of you who are planning to visit during the holiday season, you should know that this establishment offers specials for Christmas brunch and dinner, which means that you can host special events here.

You can take in the scenery while savoring some delicacies from the sea, such as a Whole Local Snapper or Chilean Sea Bass, for example. Even though it is just one of many seafood restaurants in and around Miami, the setting makes for a particularly enjoyable experience.

Brickell Key

This is a man-made island that is located right next to the downtown area of Miami. In order to get there, you will need to take Brickell Avenue to Carlos Arboleya Boulevard, which will eventually turn into Brickell Key Drive.

An aerial view of Brickell Key buildings
An aerial view of Brickell Key buildings

Then, the landscape of the relatively small area will be dominated by a number of hotels and condominiums that are located on the island. On the other hand, there is a little park at the very end of the island that looks out over the water and has some benches.

On the island, some of the hotels and condos have swimming pools that you can use that are also right next to the ocean water. As a result, from the edge of the pool, you can get a fantastic view of the ocean as well.

You might get the impression that you're on your very own private island, even though you're only a quick drive away from the city center, depending on which part of the island you visit.

Perez Art Museum Miami Terrace

On the opposite side of the MacArthur Causeway from the previous location on this list is a museum that is a component of the Museum Park that can be found in the heart of downtown Miami. The museum is primarily focused on showcasing works of art from the 20th and 21st centuries, and it is widely regarded as being among the most significant cultural destinations in the city.

Some tourists around Perez Art Museum
Some tourists around Perez Art Museum

It's possible that some people who aren't from around here are wondering how a museum can offer one of the best views of the city. The reason for this is due to the location of the building within the city.

As a result of its location on the other side of the Causeway from Miami Beach, it offers a fantastic view of the skyline from the vantage point of a visitor from the outside looking in. Additionally, the area is encircled by a park and a pavilion, both of which allow you to freely stroll around while taking in the view of the city.

Area 31

If you are looking for a rooftop location in Miami that offers great views as well as a lively atmosphere, you will be hard-pressed to find a place that is superior to Area 31. You can enjoy seafood dishes at the rooftop restaurant and lounge, which is located within the EPIC Hotel. You can also get a drink there and take in the view any time of day or night.

The view of Miami buildings from Area 31 rooftop bar
The view of Miami buildings from Area 31 rooftop bar

It is located in the Brickell neighborhood, and due to the fact that it is in the middle of several skyscrapers, you can see other skyscrapers lit up at night from a close distance, giving you the impression that you are right next to the action. Because the weather in Miami is generally pleasant throughout the year, a restaurant and lounge of this kind would never experience an off-season there.

Vizcaya Museum

Another museum to add to this list, the Brickell Key Museum can be found in south Miami close to the Rickenbacker Causeway and Brickell Avenue. You can take in a cultural experience, explore the gardens around that museum, and also get a great view of the city before and after you visit the museum.

A stunning view of Vizcaya Museum
A stunning view of Vizcaya Museum

With just the museum by itself, it is a place that has beautiful architecture and well-maintained gardens, but with the view looking straight out to the Atlantic Ocean with that, it makes it not only a great place to take a variety of photos but also an excellent destination for an unforgettable day trip within Miami.

Lighthouse At Bill Baggs State Park

Because it is approximately 30 minutes away from The Bentley Hotel South Beach, which is located at the southernmost tip of South Beach, this view requires a bit more effort to reach than the others on this list.

Lighthouse At Bill Baggs State Park
Lighthouse At Bill Baggs State Park

This is due to the fact that it is further away from The Bentley Hotel South Beach. In addition, because this state park is situated on a separate, remote island that is not connected to the mainland of the city, the Rickenbacker Causeway is the only means by which visitors can arrive at and depart from the area.

However, once you are there, the views are absolutely breathtaking, with a lighthouse that was constructed in 1825 and measures 95 feet tall standing directly in the background. In addition, you are free to participate in other types of water sports, such as swimming or kayaking, or to go on a hike through the state park to take in the sights and sounds of the area.

To put it another way, getting to this vantage point may require more effort than others, but once you are there, you will have the most leeway to enjoy the experience in the manner in which you find most satisfying.

People Also Ask

What Is Miami Most Known For?

Miami is well-known for its beautiful beaches, nonstop nightlife, and pleasant weather. Miami is also known for its breathtaking skyline, opulent shopping malls, Art Deco architecture, and opulent hotels. But did you know that Hispanics make up 70% of the population?

Why Is Miami Called The Magic City?

For a variety of reasons, Miami is known as the Magic City. Because of its beautiful sunsets, cool breezes, and warm waters. Or maybe it's because at 4 p.m., traffic appears magically everywhere on every highway. Google the question, and the results indicate that the city's rapid growth is the source of inspiration.

Is It Expensive To Live In Miami?

The cost of living in Miami, Florida is 17% higher than the national average.


These are just six of the most breathtaking vistas that Miami has to offer, and they have the potential to make your visit to the city an experience that you will never forget. However, there are many more locations within the city where you can take in a good view, but in order to experience all of those, you will first need to arrive here.

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