Norman Island, British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

Pirate's Bight beach on Norman Island, BVI, Caribbean

Pirate’s Bight beach on Norman Island.

Norman Island, a yachtie dream destination

Norman Island is a privately owned island with no residents at all. It’s believed to be the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s pirate novel ‘Treasure Island’ and located at the southern tip of the BVI archipelago. This small island – 2. 5 miles (4kms) long and 6 miles (9 km) wide – is 7 miles (11km) from Tortola across Sir Francis Drake Channel.
The island’s speciality is its ‘Bight’, a large protected harbour offering one of BVI’s safest and most scenic anchorages.

The island is also popular for hiking trails, dazzling white sandy beaches as well as outstanding scuba diving and snorkelling.

The Bight Beach, Norman Island, BVI beaches, Caribbean

Pirate’s Bight beach, sea view, Norman Island

Things to Do on Norman Island

The Bight

One of the prettiest and safest harbours in the BVI with over 100 moorings for sailors all year round, in calm, clear water and adjacent to a brilliant white beach. The anchorage is controlled by the Pirates Bight bar and restaurant on the beach.
Although there are mixed reviews about their service, the setting is immaculate, the atmosphere is casual, and the cuisine West Indian.

Offshore from the Bight, lurks the infamous William Thornton (aka Willy-T), an old schooner morphed into a floating bar & restaurant, permanently berthed. This is a great place to unwind with a bar food and drinks after long sailing day. It’s a must for those who love to party, though it can get too wild sometimes for some people.

The Caves

A legendary site from the ‘Treasure Island’ novel, supposedly good for snorkeling, but the bugbog hearties thought it was overrated.

“And thereupon we all entered the cave. It was a large, airy place, with a little spring and a pool of clear water, overhung with ferns. The floor was sand. Before a big fire lay Captain Smollett; and in a far corner, only duskily flickered over by the blaze, I beheld great heaps of coin and quadrilaterals built of bars of gold. That was Flint’s treasure that we had come so far to seek and that had cost already the lives of seventeen men from the Hispaniola. ”

The Indians

Around the four pinnacles located off tiny Pelican Island, this is one of BVI’s most popular snorkelling/dive sites. With huge sea fans and corals on the walls, it is home to a wide variety of reef fish and good spot for macro life forms.

How to get there

Unfortunately there are no public ferries to Norman Island so sailors can get there but no yacht-free mortals.