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Best Beaches To Visit In September

Mediterranean Greece: Beach photographs are still nice till late night in beaches September month.

Author:Velma Battle
Reviewer:Michael Rachal
Feb 28, 2022
  • Mediterranean Greece:
Beach photographs are still nice till late night in beaches Septembermonth.
Turkish beachesand Turkey beach photos are also great for the last summer fling before the school year ends.
– As the bling set departs the** Côte d'Azur, French beaches** have become unexpectedly cheap(ish) and cheery, albeit St Tropez remains crammed with porky North Europeans
  • The beaches of Corsicaare stunning; Cannes is small, sand-filled, and pretentious; and Nice's massive stony bay, while not particularly cuddly, offers fantastic shoreline attractions.
Spain's beachesare inexpensive, and now that August's holidaymakers have returned to the dole lines and the weather is pleasant, it's looking promising.
  • The Balearic Islands
Majorca, Minorca, and Ibiza – are inexpensive to visit with package deals, costing less than most of Europe. They have a wonderful climate with plenty of sunshine and some of the best beachesin the Mediterranean.
Not known for its beaches, the clear waters, golden cliffs, and culture of the Sardinian and Lampedusa islands are well worth the trip, while the mainland's Versilia Coast has plenty of sand, but much of it is filled by pay-parasols.
Egypt's Sidi Abdel Rahman and Marsa Matrouhoffer long stretches of magnificent white sand along the coast west of Alexandria, but there are few services, so adventurers are required (stay in Alexandria and rent a car for day trips?).
Beaches in Croatia, not in the Mediterranean, but in the adjacent Adriatic, one of Europe's newest hotspots, with a handful of stunning, isolated, and low-cost beaches.
  • The Pacific Oceanis a large body of water in
Also, see Pacific Beach Photos.
  • Easter Island, Chile: Anakena Beach Soft sand, clear water, palm trees, and six massive moai guarding your backs.
Pic of a beach with pink and blue water - September best beaches
Pic of a beach with pink and blue water - September best beaches
  • Matira, French Polynesia's Bora Bora.
One of the most renowned beaches September edition in the South Pacific.
Beaches of the Yasawa Islands, a collection of islands with modest, fine sand beaches and low-cost backpacker resorts.
  • Cook Islands: One Foot Island, an islet off the coast of Aitutaki.
  • American Samoa: Ofu Island's south coast A spectacular landscape with a little number of visitors.
  • Upolu Island, Western Samoa:
Lefaga and Aleipata beaches
  • Two of the most beautiful beaches in the Pacificare little recognized.
  • Ha'apai Beach, Foa Island, Ha'apai Islands, Tonga.
The cheapest place in the Pacific, with the friendliest natives, but the most difficult to reach.
  • Hawaiihas fine sands and pleasant waters.
  • Australia (Northern Coasts)
It's winter in southern Australia, and the water is cold, so head northeast or northwest, but don't anticipate much surf.
Due to toxic jellyfish and the occasional shark, travelers beyond Brisbane on the east coast are either clad in wetsuits or swim in free, picturesque salt-water lagoons.
The spectacular Ningaloo Reef and enormous stretches of the brilliant, people-free beach may be found on the northwest shores above Perth.
  • The Atlantic Ocean – UK:
The coasts can be spectacularly rocky or comfortably sandy, the water temperature is at its finest now, and British beaches, particularly those on the warm south coast such as Dorset and Cornwall, or even stony Brighton, are looking appealing, but the weather is erratic.
Portugalhas a plethora of soft-sand beaches; the Atlantic coast for surf and size, and the Algarve for warmth, facilities, and kid-friendly waves.
  • La Rochelle, Arcachon, Biarritz, and St Jean de Luz
all on France's Atlantic coast, have wonderful stretches of soft sand for surfing.
  • Enjoy unending sunlight and beaches of various types – activities, nudist, family, surfing, wild town sand, back-to-nature coves – on Spain's Canary Islands.
  • The sunniest islands are Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, whereas La Palma is the wettest.
Essaouira's beaches are enormous, albeit a little plain, with heavy sand.
A beach with wooden fences and some fern plants near the sea
A beach with wooden fences and some fern plants near the sea
  • Brazilis blessed with numerous large, beautiful beaches, such as Rio's stunning Copacabana – possibly the world's best city beach – and life is vibrant and inexpensive, despite the harsh and freezing seas.
  • Malaysia – Tioman Island – Berjaya Tioman Beach
The resort, a private, palm-fringed beach, or Kampung Juara for serenity.
  • Long Beach is a popular budget beach on Kecil Island in the Perhentian Islands.
  • Redang Island, part of the Redang archipelago, has a fantastic marine park that is ideal for scuba and snorkelling.
  • Turtle Beach and Golden Beach, Sarawak's Similajau National Park
  • Some of Malaysia's nicest beaches are difficult to reach.
  • Vietnam
China Beach is a long white strip between Da Nang and Hoi An, Mui Ne is windy and unspoilt, and Nha Trang, on the 'Vietnamese Riviera,' is a little town with a fantastic white sand beach.
  • Bali's beachesrange from big, busy, and easy to get to but lacking in character (Kuta/Legian/Seminyak) to awesome surf and swimming beaches (such as Bingin and Padang Padang) and calm upscale resorts with outdoor dining (e.g. Jimbaran, Bingin, Sanur, and pricey resorts in the Nusa Dua region), but getting around is a pain in Bali these days with seriously bad traffic, so don't plan on travelling Ubud, in particular, is a letdown!
  • Madagascar:
The lovely island resort of Ile Sainte Marie is surrounded by quiet beaches.
  • Flic en Flac, Trou aux Biches, and Paradis Beach, Mauritius
Less fantastical and less expensive than Seychelles, but with high-quality resorts that cater to both romantics and families.
  • Tanzania:
The nicest beaches on Zanzibar are on the north and east coasts, while experienced travelers frequently prefer the remoteness of Mafia Island. After a nature excursion, this is the ideal way to end your vacation.
Rain, wind, turbulent seas, and even hurricanes may strike the island, however, many tourists will not be there, and many amenities will be closed. It's a low-cost option, but it's also risky!
  • Aruba, in the extreme south Caribbean, offers the best chance for magnificent beaches outside of the hurricane zone, together with neighboring Bonaire, which is known for diving and windsurfing, and Curacao, which has small beaches and moderate diving.
  • Beaches in Mexico
Storm season can bring turbulent seas, clouds, wind, and rain, as well as seaweed on the beach and closed alia facilities.
  • Beaches in Thailand
The months of May to October are the most inhospitable, especially on the Andaman (west) Coast (big rains).
From June to December, the Gulf (east) Coast receives far fewer rains than the west coast, but for a longer period of time.
  • Seychelles
These beautiful islands have some of the world's best beaches, but the southeast trade winds make July to September the worst months to visit.
Sunset view of a person walking on a beach side
Sunset view of a person walking on a beach side

Can You Go To The Beach In September?

Best weather in September. It's not yet too hot or too cold, and it's not even close to being either. The wind hasn't picked up yet, and the ocean breeze makes it even warmer at the shore, making it the perfect time of year to spend time at the beach all month.


August and September are the warmest months along with most of the coasts, with temperatures reaching into the 90s. Temperatures reach their highest levels at some beaches in August, while at other beaches September becomes the hottest month.
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