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Beaches Ko Samet - A Comprehensive Guide

Beaches Ko Samet, one of Thailand's most beautiful beach islands, is only a couple of hours by bus from Bangkok and half an hour by ferry from the capital.

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Beaches Ko Samet, one of Thailand's most beautiful beach islands, is only a couple of hours by bus from Bangkok and half an hour by ferry from the capital. There are several attractions on Ko Samet, including cool, powder white sand, clear waters, and an unusually fine and stable climate.
There is a wide variety of beachesto choose from, as well as a variety of accommodation options ranging from pleasant low-cost bungalows to glitzy and obtrusive resort hotels, though these monstrosities are perhaps not as prevalent as on some other Thai islands that do not have the designation of National Park.
Even though Samet is a short flight from Bangkok, it is worth the trip for the amazing sand quality, the slow-moving waters that are warm, clean, and safe, the good food (particularly seafood), and the vibrant nightlife (though not excessive) on several of the beaches. Furthermore, Ko Samet is statistically the driest island in Thailand, making it a viable option during the cheap-cheap wet season in the country. The island is only 6 km long and 3 km wide, but it is densely packed with a variety of beaches, so if one doesn't suit you, the next one will.

Is Koh Samet Worth Visiting?

Koh Samet is a terrific place to relax and unwind. There are no major attractions, although it has lovely beaches and good beach eateries, especially at night. Go to Hat Sai Kaew Beach to be in a more lively portion of the island.
An angular shot of koh samet beach
An angular shot of koh samet beach


Samet is a touch run-down in spots, with ratty power lines and the occasional piece of thoughtless litter apparent if you take the time to look. This isn't the Hawaiian Islands! Prices, on the other hand, aren't particularly low.
Because a variety of ostentatious resorts have penetrated this latter-day paradise, positive blinkers and patience will be required in order to uncover your own personal Nirvana.
Because this is a National Park [heh! ], there is a significant entrance cost.
Snorkeling is not particularly successful here due to a lack of interesting coral.
The view, which is primarily green and blue, is pleasant, but not breathtaking in the same way as Phi Phi Island is.
Weekends and holiday seasons might see the island swarming with city dwellers, so if you're arriving without bookings, try to arrive during the week.
From Bangkok, a simple three - or four-hour bus ride or minibus ride to Ban Phe port [via Pattaya and Rayong] will take you to Ko Samet, where you can then take a ferry to Na Dan village on the north coast [30 minutes] or Wong Duan village on the central east coast [45 minutes].
The crossing is normally free of obstacles.
Ferries depart on a regular basis from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.
Choose your ferry to Koh Samet and its nearby destination in accordance with the beach on which you intend to spend the majority of your time.
Two white ceramic statues on the stone on Koh Samet beach
Two white ceramic statues on the stone on Koh Samet beach
Though overdeveloped and parasol-packed, Had Sai Kaew[also spelled Hat Sae Kaeo and other spellings] still offers an unusually wide strip of exceptionally soft sand even for this island, making it a great place to people-watch during the day.
Thailand's Ko Samet Island is the setting for a beachside dinner. On the beach in Ko Samet, you can have seafood feasts. The majority of the beaches are built out in a similar manner.
Vong Duern[also known as Wong Duen/Duan] beach at high tide on the Thai island of Ko Samet. The beach of Vong Duern [also known as Wong Duen/Duan] is at high tide. In the backdrop, you can see a boatload of day-trippers approaching. Ao Vong Duern, located halfway down Samet's east coast, is home to a cluster of convenient bungalow businesses as well as a few excellent little seafood eateries.
The Wong Duen/Duan bungalowsare located on the Thai island of Ko Samet. Bungalows on Wong Duan Road. The disadvantage of Vong Duern is that the bungalows are not only more expensive than those located further away, but they are also much sought after by tourists who do not want to haul their luggage a couple of miles, so make your reservations early.
Ao Thian, often known as 'Candlelight Beach,' is a beach on the Thai island of Ko Samet. At high tide on Ao Thian, often known as 'Candlelight Beach,' Following that, photographs of the beaches of Ao Phrao Candlelight Beach is home to a large number of reasonably priced backpacker bungalows as well as practical amenities such as a creative hanging bar, despite the fact that the beach is narrow and rocky in places.

Weather In Ko Samet

The best season to visit the beaches of southern Thailand is from December to March, excluding peak holiday periods such as Christmas and New Year's Eve. The most inhospitable period to visit is generally between May and October, especially on the Andaman [west] Coast, where heavy and continuous rains are common.
The eastern 'Gulf Coast' receives significantly less rainfall.

Advantages Of The Rainy Season

On Ko Samet, continuous rain is rare; instead, strong showers are more scattered and occur only at night, or occasionally during the day. This break from continual sunshine may be compensated by the far lower cost of lodging - not to mention the availability of such accommodations - as well as the availability of beach space and the general quiet of the area.
The negatives of the rainy season include it could rain all day for two or three days in a row, or it could be overcast; you could become lonely; mosquitoes [known as 747s in Thailand] could suffocate you; seas will be turbulent, and water clarity will be less than clear.


Beaches are one of the most popular destinations for tourists and locals alike. Beaches Ko Samet is a perfect example of a beach that has been developed over the years.
Ko Samet is a beach in Thailand located in the province of Rayong. It is a popular tourist destination and was named one of the world's best beachesby TripAdvisor. The meaning of Ko Samet is "beautiful beach" in Thai.
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