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The World's Best Beaches - August Edition

Here is the list of the beaches august edition given below: the Mediterranean, Picturesque Greek beaches, Picturesque Turkish beaches, St Tropez, Cannes, and Juan-les-Pins are busy during August. While Antibes' sandy beaches, Cagnes Sur Mer, and Nice's stony strands are significantly more affordable. More attractive and less crowded beaches on Corsica island as well.

Author:Velma Battle
Reviewer:Michael Rachal
Mar 01, 2022
Here is the list of the beaches augustedition given below:
  • Picturesque Greek beaches
  • Picturesque Turkish beaches
  • St Tropez, Cannes, and Juan-les-Pinsare busy, while Antibes' sandy beaches, Cagnes Sur Mer, and Nice's stony strands are significantly more affordable.
  • Corsica island
  • More attractive and less crowded beaches on
  • Take a ferry or fly from Nice.
  • Even if the Atlantic Coast of Spain is at its best in August, there is still some room left in Spain.
  • Sardinia and Lampedusa islands, Italy.
  • It is one of Europe's younger attractions, offering a handful of gorgeous, isolated, and low-cost beach holidays.
  • Pacific Beach Photos
  • In Hawaii and California, the sand is fine and the ocean is warm...
  • Anakena Beach, Easter Island
Soft sand, clean sea, palm trees, and six gigantic moai watching traffic.
  • Bora Bora: Matira Beach.
Best beach in the South Pacific, starting from the famous Hotel Bora Bora.
  • Yasawa Islands, Fiji
Little sandy islands with cheap backpacker resorts.
  • One Foot Island Beach, Aitutaki, Cook Islands.
  • Ofu Island, American Samoa.A stunning landscape with few tourists.
A kid flying a kite on geger beach
A kid flying a kite on geger beach
  • Lefaga and Aleipata Beaches, Western Samoa
One of the most beautiful beaches in the South Pacific.
  • Ha'apai Beach, Tonga
Low-cost, nice locals
Bali's beaches range from big, busy, easy to reach but lack character (Kuta/Legian/Seminyak) to excellent surf and swimming beaches (like Bingin and Padang Padang) and calm upscale resorts with outdoor dining (e.g. Jimbaran, Bingin, Sanur, and pricey resorts in Nusa Dua region). Bali beaches are arguably the greatest in Asiain July.
  • Madagascar: Ile Sainte Marie is an idyllic island resort in front of beautiful and peaceful beaches.
  • Tanzania: Zanzibar's greatest beachesare on the north and east shores, while visitors frequently prefer Mafia Island's solitude.
A fantastic way to end a Tanzanian wildlifesafari.
Atlantic Ocean USA
Florida's beaches are now scorching on both the east and west coasts, while storms are churning up the waters and drying the coast.
  • UKThe beaches are alluring, especially those on the sunny south coast like Dorset and Cornwall.
  • Portugalhas great beaches.
  • La Rochelle, Arcachon, Biarritz, and St Jean de Luzall have long expanses of soft sand.
  • EssaouiraA peaceful coastal resort for alone tourists.
  • In Tioman Island, MalaysiaStay at Berjaya Tioman Beach Resort or Kampung Juara for total peace & quiet.
  • Kecil Island, Perhentians. A favorite among budget vacationers.
  • Redang Island, Redang archipelagois a fantastic marine park for scuba/snorkelers.
Some of the best beachesto visit in augustare provided above.
Some people, wearing black and blue wetsuits, playing on Australia Whitehaven beach
Some people, wearing black and blue wetsuits, playing on Australia Whitehaven beach
  • Similajau National Park, SarawakIt's worth the trip for some of Malaysia's best beaches.
Australia (Northern Coasts)
  • The Ningaloo Reef
Vast lengths of brilliant, uninhabited sand are found off Perth's northwest coast. It's hot all year (over 26C) on the North East Coast (Cairns & Great Barrier Reef islands), however, January-March is usually cloudy, and December-January is crowded and scorching. BUT! The waters are full of hazardous species like box jellyfish and tiger sharks, so you'll either need a full wetsuit or swim in one of Cairns' or Airlie Beach's lovely artificial lagoons.
  • Caribbean
Depending on the island, rain, wind, and rough seas are possible.
  • The Dutch Caribbean
Which includes Aruba, Bonaire (for diving and windsurfing), and Curaçao, which is a group of Caribbean islands that is well out of the hurricane belt and yet functioning normally.
  • Beaches to avoid in August Australia(South East Coast)
  • Winter in southern Australiameans cold water, so head north, but bring stinger suits.
  • Mexico
No way! This time of year brings stormy weather with it.
  • Thailand
May – October is the rainiest season, especially on the west coast.
  • From June to December, the Gulf (east) Coastreceives less rain than the west.
  • Seychelles
Beautiful islands with world-class beaches, but July to September is the worst period to be on the sands due to south-east trade winds, but ideal for surfing.
  • Palau
Tropical cyclones are common between June and August in the Rock Islands.
These are some of the world's best beaches August edition is provided above.

What Island Is Best To Visit In August?

The Cook Islands are a group of islands off the coast. Traditional dance and choir performances are held throughout the week, and they are not to be missed. In addition, the Cook Islands offer postcard-perfect beaches and resorts at a fraction of the cost of other South Pacific islands, making it one of the greatest destinations to visit in August.


Are you a beach lover?? I think you are. Do check out our list of the world's best beaches august edition.
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