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Venice Travel Guide - The Floating City Travel Ideas

Venice is a small city, but it packs in a lot of things to do. It is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for an escape from the bustling cities and want to experience the beauty of Italy. This Venice travel guide will be a complete package to plan for your next trip.

Venice is often called "The Floating City" because it's built on more than 100 small islands and has no ground level. The city was built this way because it was originally an island that was connected to the mainland by a series of bridges.

Venice has many canals that are lined with beautiful buildings and churches. The most popular church in Venice is St Mark's Basilica, which contains Renaissance art and stunning mosaics from around the world.

A street canal view in Venice
A street canal view in Venice


Best: Feb (Carnival), March-June, Sept, Oct; wintertime is cool but uncrowded, and can be misty and beautiful.

Avoid July and August; in the summer season, the canals grow nasty & prices rocket.

Main Festivals Guide

Feb, Venice Carnival, do it once at least, it's cramped magic!

See Venice Carnival. May, Vogalonga, boat race. July, Festa del Redentore, a big flotilla of adorned boats travel across the canals, regatta, fireworks.

Nov, La Salute [religious] event at the majestic Basilica Santa Maria Della Salute.

Arts/Culture Guide

Museums And Galleries

The number one gallery is the Accademia, Collezione Peggy Guggenheim, Ca' Peasaro, Ca'd' Oro-Galleria Franchetti, Museo Archeologico are also included in this Venice travel guide.

Classical Music

Goldoni, Palazzo Prigione Vecchie, Scuola Grande di San Giovanni evangelista, Pietà church for Vivaldi. Dance/Opera: Fenice Opera, Palafenice.


Teatro Malibran. Live Music: Paradiso Perduto, Da Codroma Check 'Un Ospite di Venezia' for event info/listings. Culture vultures will be glad to get the Orange Venice Card [£10 - 1 day, £19 - 3 days] which lets you into some amazing museums, palazzos, and free onboard all water buses.

Short excursions include Lido (beach, casino), and Murano (glass manufacturers).

Shopping In Venice

Piazza San Marco, the road between San Marco, the Rialto Bridge, the train station, and the Murano glass industry are all considered to be among the most elegant in the world. All of these items are pricey and cliched. Try Ivano Soffiato in Dorsoduro for more intriguing and less expensive glasswork, and pay attention to him as he works.


If you plan to remain for more than a few nights, consider renting an apartment and living like a local, including buying at markets such as the one beside the Rialto Bridge.

What Is The Point Of Visiting Venice?

Because it is one-of-a-kind and ageless, and because it is sinking into the muck. a gorgeous, dying city with no wheels, a maze of intriguing alleyways and canals, surprising views, sublime structures, and particularly the Piazza San Marco, which Napoleon described as "the finest drawing room in Europe." On the other side, the city goes to bed early, and food and gondolas are pricey [unless you stick to pizzas and cicheti, which will be discussed further down the page].

Boats in the canals in venice
Boats in the canals in venice

Venice is a terrific walking city, especially after a couple of expressos and a brandy, according to our sightseeing guide. Take in the sights, including the Rialto Bridge, Piazza, and Basilica San Marco, the Doge's Palace, Accademia Bridge, and the Grand Canal, all while mingling with the crowds of other visitors.

Then take a stroll around the back streets in search of your own wonderful tiny sights to take in. Traveling north to Cannaregio or west to Dorsoduro will take you far away from packages and their activities.

A new brochure, 'Venezia Beyond San Marco,' is available from the Venice Tourism office, which is located near the ancient San Marco Vaporetto stop. The leaflet has information about fantastic, little-known treks in and around the city.

Traveling By Boat

Take the water bus instead of the prohibitively priced gondola. Passes are offered for one, two, or three days. Water buses are also available for a few bucks to transport passengers from Marco Polo Airport to St Mark's Square. The Brussa is Boat in Cannaregio offers self-drive boats, while Rendez-Vous Fantasia in Chioggia offers sleep-aboard cruises for a reasonable fee.

Driving licenses are not necessary for either of the self-drive locations! Beware of rip-offs when it comes to cuisine. Check pricing carefully [ideally in writing], avoid being pulled into a restaurant by a maître d' outside, dine where Italians are eating, and insist on receiving a written bill/check [conto] at the end.

Exceptional Value

Pizzas are the most affordable way to eat a full meal, and two of the most popular places to get them are la Perla and Casa Mia, both located in Cannaregio. For those on a budget, bars are an excellent option because they frequently serve wonderful cicheti snacks that are comparable to the 'antipasti' that you find in restaurants for a low price.

It's Not That Expensive

Among the best fish restaurants in the city is Avogaria in Dorsoduro, while La Zucca near Ponte del Megio is known for its pasta and salads.

Topping The List

For one of the most memorable [woah money!] eating experiences in Venice, head to Da Fiore, a stunning terrace restaurant at the Hotel Cipriani, or Dalla Marisa, a Cannaregio institution. Caffè Florian and Gran Caffè Quadri, both on Piazza San Marco, are two of Italy's oldest cafes, and both have high-society atmospheres.

Is Venice Cheap To Visit?

Expensive. Because it is tough to get decent prices in Venice, it is difficult for budget tourists to remain for more than a day or two here. Expect to pay a premium for everything, from food to lodging, and to discover cheaper bargains, you'll have to travel to the island's neighboring mainland.


This Venice travel guide will guide you about why Venice is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy, attracting millions of tourists every year, thanks to its beautiful history and culture.

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