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Tourists Keep Traveling The World, Even With Rising Prices


Amid growing concerns of out-of-control inflation and rising interest rates, tourists keep travelingand the travelindustry has flourished with no drastic impact.

A new survey indicated that inflation is having a minor impact on travel, with 79 percent of respondents indicating that the present pricing difficulties won't drive them to cancel their plans.

This finding supports the hypothesis that inflation is having a minimal influence on travel.

The Report

After two years of anticipation, vengeance travel is now in full swing.

The fear of COVID-19 is receding in the minds of consumers, and significantly higher numbers of travelers for the season compared to 2020 and 2021 are a win for travel brands who bet big on customers paying higher fees to get out of their homes.

However, consumers and the industry are now caught between revenge travel and high inflation, particularly rising gasoline costs, which means that many households' travel budgets may be depleted by late summer, portending a difficult fall and winter for travel and hospitality businesses.

The Global Rescue Summer 2022 Traveler Safety and Sentiment Survey found that 21 percent of travelers intend to increase the amount of time and money they spend on vacation in order to make up for the pent-up demand that was induced by the coronavirus outbreak.

Despite the fact that disruptions to flight schedules have been caused by staff shortages among pilots, attendants, gate agents, and ground crews, 58 percent of travelers have reported that they have not been negatively impacted by the difficulties.

The CEO of Global Rescue, Dan Richards, stated that travelers are sending a loud and obvious message. They are looking forward to getting back to their usual routine of taking vacations with their families, going on exciting trips, and going on work trips.

"Despite increased expenses and airline staff shortages, they are pushing ahead with international and local travel by overwhelming proportions," Richards stated. "They are confident in their ability to travel and return home."

Another 20% of respondents said they changed an overseas trip for a less expensive one, and another 28% said they swapped a domestic holiday for a less expensive one.

In terms of those looking to save money, the poll found that 21% want to travel for fewer days, 19% expect to fly on less expensive tickets, and 15% plan to stay in less expensive lodging.

"I continue to see great interest in bookings of both all-inclusive resorts and cruises," TheCruiseGenius.com's Scott Lara said. "The so-called "revenge trip" is well underway. "I believe 2022 will be a fantastic year for travel advisors."

While travel demand is strong, purchasing patterns are changing as a result of inflation. According to a recent Mastercard survey, "runaway inflation" is affecting lower-income clients' spending habits, especially vacation expenditures.


Travel prices are currently high, inflation is high, and industry supply is struggling to meet demand, but travel data show that the share of U.S. adults planning to travel within the next one to three months has increased by 5 percentage points since January.

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