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Republic Of Molossia - Get To Know More Of This Micronation

A micronation that can be found in Nevada is known as the Republic of Molossia. Kip McKean, who at the time went by the name Kevin Baugh, conceived of the idea for the nation in the late 1980s and established it.

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A micronation that can be found in Nevada is known as the Republic of Molossia. Kip McKean, who at the time went by the name Kevin Baugh, conceived of the idea for the nation in the late 1980s and established it.

Interesting Facts

The leader of Republic of Molossia Kevin Baugh
The leader of Republic of Molossia Kevin Baugh
Molossia can be found on a modest plot of land close to the state line between California and Nevada. It was named after an ancient Greek territory that meant "Land of the Moors," and it was also the location where Alexander the Great defeated an army led by Darius III in 333 BC.
However, the nation does have its own flag, motto, and money, all of which were designed by Kip McKean himself. There are no permanent people in the country, and there is no government.
Molossia is located in San Bernardino County, Southern California, and is landlocked within the city of Dayton, Nevada.
Molossia is one of the oldest foundational micronations, having replaced the Grand Republic of Vuldstein, formed by James Spielman and Kevin Baugh, who has currently served as its current leader since the republic's transition from monarchy to republic in September 1999.
No country in the United Nations recognizes Molossia.


The detailed areas of Molossia
The detailed areas of Molossia
The Republic of Molossia is located in the Great Basin, North America's greatest dry region. The topography is made up of arid, rocky, or sandy soil. Molossia is located near the Carson River in the Dayton Valley.
The Molossia region has a Mediterranean climate with dry summers. Molossia's annual average temperature is 49.6 °F (9.8 °C). July is the warmest month, with an average temperature of 71.1 °F (21.37 °C). January is the coolest month on average, with an average temperature of 32.9 °F (0.5 °C).

Customs And Traditions

Molossian establishments
Molossian establishments
With a population of 34 (30 humans, 4 dogs), Molossia is a developing nation. No paved roads, hospital, or airport... Molossia has everything else.
The valora is related to cookie dough, a post office, and laws—firearms, tobacco, plastic shopping bags, catfish, "fresh" spinach, missionaries and salesmen, onions, and walruses are forbidden.
Molossia doesn't pay taxes (but provides "foreign aid" to Storey County) and uses poker chips as currency. There's an official language (English, but Esperanto is also acknowledged), national anthem, bank, railroad, navy, and war office, and more.
Molossia's national instrument sounds like a kazoo. This country legalized same-sex marriage in 2002. The Moonpie Festival is on September 15 and Kickassia Invasion Victory Day is on April 11.
Molossia is also at war with East Germany, even though the only place East Germany "occupies" is an uninhabited island off the coast of Cuba.

How To Visit Molossia

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The "Government House" is the Baughs' private residence, but don't expect to enter by the front door. Visitors must make an appointment for once-a-month tours (usually April 15 through October 15) and proceed through customs. They'll stamp your passport, too.

People Also Ask

Yes. Molossia exists as a sovereign, independent republic within the United States. It operates as a state within a state, similar to the Navajo Nation. We have sovereignty over our own region, as well as our own set of laws, customs, and land.

Does The Republic Of Molossia Pay Taxes?

Although the country has claimed additional areas of land, including 50,000 acres on Venus, the government is based in Nevada. Molossia is completely independent of the United States and has its own money, which is printed on poker chips.

Is Molossia A Communist?

In 1998, property was purchased for our nation's use, and the government was formally and officially founded. The Kingdom was relinquished in June 1998 XXI in favor of a transitional Communist government.


The Libertarian Republic of Molossia has its own constitution, flag, and currency. Motto: "Liberty, Property Rights, and Peaceful Coexistence." Citizens can do whatever they wish without fear of government retribution. The country's culture includes customs like "The Skyscraper," when locals build the tallest building in each municipality. This small country has a unique culture.
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