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Phuket Beaches Map - Experience The Beauty Of Thailand's Largest Island

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If you are looking now at Phuket beaches mapand wondering where to go, this guide would definitely help you find out more about this paradise island.
Phuket, Thailand's largest island, has no lacking of stunning coastline or pristine, untouched beachesto explore.
Visitors to this beautiful province are spoiled for choice, from the popular, party beacheswith loads of activities to the tranquil, serene beaches that are nearly deserted – and those in between.

Phuket Fast Facts

Phuket is a province in southern Thailand. It is Thailand's largest island and is located in the Andaman Sea. Phang-nga is the closest province to the north, and Phang-nga and Krabi are the closest provinces to the east.
An amazing view of an island in Phuket
An amazing view of an island in Phuket
Because Phuket has a strong Chinese influence, there are numerous Chinese shrines and restaurants across the city. Every year, a Chinese Vegetarian Festival is held there.
While the Chinese community is large, many other ethnic groups bring their customs and festivalsfrom all over the world to Phuket.
Phuket is surrounded by numerous beautiful beaches, including Rawai, Patong, Karon, Kamala, Kata Yai, Kata Noi, and Mai Khao.
The sunsets at Laem Phromthep are believed to be the most spectacular in Thailand.
However, it is not all beaches; there is also beautiful traditional architecture, such as the Goom Restaurant. That, combined with the friendly atmosphere and the famous Phuket nightlife, explains why the island is a popular tourist destination in Thailand.

Map Of Phuket Beaches

Phuket is Thailand's largest island. It is in southern Thailand, on the Andaman Sea. The island is largely mountainous, with a mountain range running from north to south in the west.
A detailed map and places of Phuket island
A detailed map and places of Phuket island
Phuket's mountains comprise the southern end of the Phuket mountain range, which extends 440 kilometers (270 miles) from the Kra Isthmus.
Although some newer geographical works refer to the Tenasserim Hills areas in the isthmus as the "Phuket Range," these titles do not appear in classical geographic texts.
Furthermore, the name Phuket is very new, having previously been known as Jung Ceylon and Thalang. Khao Mai Thao Sip Song (Twelve Canes) is the greatest elevation on the island, at 529 meters (1,736 feet) above sea level.
However, barometric pressure readings have revealed[by whom?] that there is an even higher elevation (with no apparent name) of 542 meters above sea level in the Kamala hills behind Kathu waterfall.

Phuket Beach Party

There is no shortage of excellent options among the greatest beach clubs in Phuket.
Tourists enjoying and partying in one of Phuket's beach party
Tourists enjoying and partying in one of Phuket's beach party
There's a wide range of options available, from huge beachfront pool locations to smaller venues that deliver a punch where it counts. They all have the same attributes of pleasure and sophistication and are great places to spend a relaxing day.
Setting up a stylish modern restaurant/bar made from natural elements as close to the sea and sand as possible, organizing the occasional party with internationally recognized DJs/artists, mixing it up.
And of course with some capable barmen who know how to fix cocktails, adding a talented chef who can create delicious tapas and classy snacks to accompany the drinks, and finally, a beautiful sunset to ensure everyone has the perfect evening.

Top 5 Beaches In Phuket

Kata Beach

Kata Beach is a 1.5-kilometer stretch of golden sand that is one of Phuket's most popular beaches due to its combination of beauty, facilities, and activities.
An aerial view of one popular resort in Kata Beach
An aerial view of one popular resort in Kata Beach
Hundreds of tourists visit every day to enjoy the sun and swim in the sea. This beach is appealing in a variety of ways. It is frequently busy yet never congested.
The warm sea is often as flat as a pancake, crystal transparent, and turquoise in color during the north-east monsoon season (November to April). The south-west monsoon season (May to October) might make for tougher swimming conditions, although surfers throng to enjoy the waves at this time of year.
You should not enter the sea on days when red caution flags are flying due to dangerous rip tides and surges, but you probably wouldn't want to go to the beach anyway.
Late in the year, when the seas settle, Kata Bay fills up with gorgeous yachts from all over the region competing in the King's Cup Regatta, one of Asia's greatest sailing competitions.

Freedom Beach

Phuket's Freedom Beach is a 300-metre-long stretch of white sand in Patong. The beach is located in a beautiful bay strewn with granite boulders and bordered by hills covered in dense vegetation. Its exclusivity stems from its difficult accessibility, yet it is definitely worth the effort.
Some tourists in freedom beach Phuket
Some tourists in freedom beach Phuket
Aside from sunbathing, the location offers beach soccer (2 mini-goals), beach volleyball, and snorkeling. The shallow waters at both ends of the beach are teeming with marine life.
At Freedom Beach, there are no jet skis or other loud maritime leisure activities; the only audible engines are those of the long-tail boats in the distance.
Liberty by name, liberty by nature. Despite its location in the rowdy Patong neighborhood, Freedom Beach is far from what one may imagine.
It's a calm, untouched beach that's far less accessible than the majority of beaches on the island since land access takes channeling your adventurous side and trekking through a jungle, but it's also attainable by boat.

Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi puts a world of charm into a little stretch of coastline. It's much quieter than its larger, more popular neighbor, Kata Beach, and, while still quite developed, has more of that private island feel.
An aerial view of Kata Noi beach
An aerial view of Kata Noi beach
It's good for day trips to the beach, with a couple of nice resorts and restaurants nearby, and the sea here is ideal for activities like snorkeling and surfing.
Kata Noi Beach is a wonderful place to unwind and enjoy the sun. It's one of Phuket's smaller beaches, measuring roughly 700 meters in length.
The main draws here are the soft beach, crystal clear water, and lush green jungle backdrops. Kata Noi is on a dead-end road, so the only traffic you'll see is if you're seeking for a parking spot.
From December to April, the sea is generally quiet, whereas surfers come out to play between May and October. During this time, Kata Noi Beach experiences high swells, therefore be cautious if you see red flags on the sand.

Karon Beach

Karon Beach is a favorite of many visitors to Phuket. It's not as busy as Patong, but there's still enough to do here than sunbathing.
An amazing view of Karon Beach with tourists
An amazing view of Karon Beach with tourists
The rocky area to the south of the beach is ideal for snorkeling, but for those looking for a more high-octane sport, jet skis may be rented on the beach.
While the sand may not be as soft as on other beaches, the length of the beach ensures that you will not be crowded.
Karon Beach holds the unusual distinction of having the squeakiest sand on Phuket. When you walk on it, it creates a hilarious sound because it is fine and soft.
It is the third-longest beach in Phuket, measuring 3.3 kilometers in length, and is nearly completely straight. It's tree-lined for much of the southern end, with volleyball nets and beachfront cafés in the northern half.
The water is readily accessible here, albeit it is known for its severe riptides during the low season. There are almost no rocks throughout the length of the beach, so you may take a refreshing plunge without fear of injuring your feet.

Patong Beach

No list of Phuket's greatest beaches would be complete without mentioning Patong. While not the most picturesque by Phuket's high standards and certainly not the quietest.
The popular Patong Beach with tourists doing various activities
The popular Patong Beach with tourists doing various activities
It provides more activities than any other beach and has an unrivaled nightlife scene, so no list is complete without it.
The beach, without a doubt the most popular piece of shoreline on the island, could be said to be a victim of its own popularity, being generally busy all along its 2.5 kilometer length.
During the day, tourists hire jet skis, ride banana boats, and drink on the beach, and at night, it's party time. You either love it or detest it because of its party atmosphere and proximity to the neon lights of Bangla Road, but everyone should try it.
However, no section in Phuket has a more vibrant vibe. The village behind the beach includes many fantastic restaurants and hotels, as well as the greatest of Phuket's nightlife, while the beach has good sand and plenty of attractions and activities.

People Also Ask

Why Is Phuket Famous?

Phuket is famed for its culture and spectacular temples, in addition to its beautiful beaches, wonderful foods, amazing nightlife, and adventure activities.
Phuket's rich culture and colorful history have a lot to say.

Is It Safe To Travel In Phuket?

Phuket is a relatively safe place for female travelers, who are unlikely to be harassed due of their attire, and it does not have a large problem with violent street crime.
Drink spiking and frauds are the two most serious criminal hazards to female tourists in Phuket.

What Is The Best Month To Visit Phuket?

Most visitors believe that the best season to visit Phuket is from November to February, when the days are mainly bright and dry - great if you plan to spend a lot of time on the beach.
The rainy season lasts from May to October, when the south-west monsoon brings heavy rains and high humidity.


Phuket offers a diverse range of attractions. There's always something to see and do on Phuket Island, from natural to man-made, from land-based to water-based activities. The best part is that all of these treasures are only a short drive or sail away from one another.
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