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The Iconic Paris Landmarks Prepare To Take Center Stage For The 2024 Olympics


The iconic Paris landmarks prepare to take center stage for the 2024 Olympics. The Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris in 2024 will be the largest event ever staged in France. The Olympic Games will be held from July 26 to August 11, 2024.

During four weeks, the spectacle will go down in history, and Paris will be the center of the globe - the world of sport and so much more. The Games are a popular, multicultural festival that the entire globe may enjoy. They symbolize a new expedition that will take France on an excursion unlike any other.

With only 18 months left until the Olympic Games in 2024, the city of Paris is working feverishly to complete all of the construction work. The impact that Russia's war in Ukraine is having on the steel sector is partially to blame for the delays that have been encountered.

A location that was supposed to be done this summer won't be finished until the beginning of next year; this means that it will be just a few months before the Paris Games begin on July 26, 2024.

Iconic Paris sites get ready to take center stage for 2024 Olympics

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Badminton and rhythmic gymnastics competitions will be held in the Porte de la Chapelle stadium in Paris, a cosmopolitan working-class area. The facilities will be utilized again during the Paralympics before being handed over to local clubs and schools.

The steel for the arena was supposed to be supplied by Ukraine, according to Christophe Rosa, deputy general delegate of the Paris Olympic and Paralympic delegation at Paris City Hall. According to Ukraine's steel manufacturers' organization, output dropped by more than 70% last year as a result of Russia's invasion and damage of key installations.

Rosa said on Monday:

We’ve found solutions to source steel from other places in Europe including in the east, in Poland, but also a number of manufacturing plants in Southern Europe in order to contain delays and aim to finish the works in 2023.- Christophe Rosa

Steel in the quantity of 1,500 tons is required for the building work, which has an estimated cost of 138 million euros ($150 million).

The agreement with the athletic apparel manufacturer, which is rumored to be valued roughly 2.8 million euros ($3 million) each year, was authorized by city council the previous year, and as a result, the venue will be known as the Adidas Arena.

For sporting events and live performances, the arena itself will have seating for up to 8,000 people, and it will serve as the new home court for the Paris Basketball club in the near future.

According to Paris City Hall, two gymnasiums adjacent to the site will provide much-needed athletic facilities in one of the capital's poorest regions. Hundreds of migrants and asylum seekers have lived in dismal circumstances in temporary camps that have been routinely evicted by authorities in recent years.

The facilities will feature badminton and weightlifting events during the Paralympics and will thereafter be utilized for practice by a wheelchair basketball club.

It’s the only venue that we’re having to build in the city of Paris for the Olympic Games. We’re renovating many, including training grounds for the Games,- Eve Brunelle

said Eve Brunelle, equipment project manager at the Paris Olympic and Paralympic delegation at city hall.

Other important building projects are the Olympic Village, which will house around 15,000 athletes and officials, and the swimming pool, both of which will be located in the suburbs north of Paris.

Meanwhile, the French Senate began considering an Olympics-related measure on Tuesday, which would, among other things, enable for the first time in the country the use of artificial intelligence in video monitoring to detect potentially dangerous circumstances. The use of facial recognition technology would be forbidden.

Final Words

Rights organizations have expressed worry over the initiative. Following the Senate, the bill, which also targets anti-doping in sports, will be considered in the National Assembly.

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