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Nisyros - The Sleeping Giant Of The Dodecanese

Nisyros is a one-of-a-kind Aegean island in the Dodecanese archipelago, with a volcanic terrain that defines it. Nisyros is a volcanic crater with a landscape of distinctive rock formations. It is home to Greece's youngest active volcano, which is 160,000 years old.

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Jun 13, 2022
Nisyrosis a one-of-a-kind Aegean island in the Dodecanese archipelago, with a volcanic terrain that defines it.
Nisyros is a volcanic crater with a landscape of distinctive rock formations. It is home to Greece's youngest active volcano, which is 160,000 years old.
The majority of visitors come for a day trip from Kos to see the geological marvels, but you may remain for longer and completely relax in the calm pace of island life.
While it has several good beaches, the island's major draw is its tranquil environment and natural beauty. Consider Santorini without the crowds!
According to Greek mythology, Nisyros was constructed when Poseidon severed a piece of Kos and tossed it at the gigantic Polybotes to prevent him from fleeing.
The island was a source of millstones used in some of the oldest watermills, and ancient walls dating back to the 5th century BCE have been discovered.
The Knights of St. John captured the island in 1315 after repelling the Romans and erected a fortress there before the Ottomans and Italians came.
Nisyros is an open-air geological museum with abundant indigenous flora and wildlifethanks to its diverse rock formations.
It's a haven for nature enthusiasts who also want to immerse themselves in history, culture, and total relaxation.
Thermal springs, recognized for its medicinal effects in the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, and skin ailments, may still be found on the island at Loutra, Pali, and Avlaki.
Thermiani's spring was even visited by Hippocrates himself, and although the historic baths are no longer operational, you may still have a real thermal experience by swimming in the waters of Avlaki.

Map Of Nisyros

Map Of Nisyros
Map Of Nisyros
Nisyros is a volcanic island in the Dodecanese, between Kos, Tilos, and Astypalea, that is commonly referred to as an open geology museum.
All tourists are captivated by the vast range of landscape, castles and monasteries, colorful cottages, and whitewashed roads.
Volcanic rocks, as well as a diverse range of flora and wildlife, are abundant on the island due to its volcanic origins.
It's worth noting that Nisyros' volcano is one of Greece's newest and most active volcanoes.
With a large collection of houses, squares, and dozens of churches, Mandraki, the capital town, reflects its majestic and scenic nature.
The neighboring hilly communities are as lovely and appealing, with spectacular views of the sea and the famed volcano. Visiting Nisyros is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
This section includes a map of Nisyros that shows all of the island's prominent landmarks.

Routes And Ferries To Nisyros

A Ferry To Nisyros
A Ferry To Nisyros
Book your ferry tickets to Nisyros with Ferryscanner and set sail from Piraeus with Blue Star Ferries for a 13-hour voyage.
Other places are connected to the island by this route, and you may obtain ferry tickets to Nisyros from Lipsi (4.40 hours) and Kalymnos (4.40 hrs) (2.40 hrs). Blue Star Ferries, Kateros NE, or SAOS Anes lines all depart from Kos (1.30 hours).
You may also book ferries from Ikaria (7.10 hours), Astypalaia (2.45 hours), Chalki (1.25 hours), Fourni (6.30 hours), and Kastelorizo (8.40 hrs).
There are other departures from Patmos to Nisyros (4.55 hours), Rhodes (4.10 hours), Symi (2.45 hours), and Tilos (4.10 hours) (1 hr).
Nisyros does not have an airport, although flights to Kos International Airport 'Hippocrates' are available from Athens, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Heraklion, and Astypalaia, which has an airport that serves select European flights during the summer.
When you arrive in Kos, take a cab or a transport to the port, which is 24 kilometers away, to catch the boat to Nisyros.

Discover The Top 12 Things To Do In Nisyros

Nisyros Town
Nisyros Town
This traditional Greek island, located between Tilos and Kos, is considered as one of the country's greatest hidden gems, since it has been untainted by mass tourism.
The tiny, circular isle has been distinctively sculpted by the volcano's outburst, and visitors may stroll around the rim of an active volcano to see old walls of black volcanic stone.

Visit The Volcano

Nisyros Volcano
Nisyros Volcano
This is a must-have item! With three main craters dubbed Stephanos, Alexandros, and Polivotis by the locals, it's easy to see how the volcano comprises the majority of Nisyros.
We suggest going early in the morning to escape the heat and congestion, since there are a lot of day cruises that come throughout the summer.
Also, visit the Volcanic Museum (located in Nikia's former elementary school), which explains a lot about Greece's volcanoes and their many rock formations.

Get Lost In Mandraki

The Port Of Mandraki
The Port Of Mandraki
Mandraki, Nisyros' picturesque major town, is snuggled into hills on the island's northwest point, with a magnificent shoreline, stunning white-washed buildings, and numerous traditional tavernas, as well as the town squares.
Before exploring the charming lanes with hidden stores and classic white houses with blue coloured doors and windows, stop by one of the local cafés and mix with the friendly residents.
We recommend that you come here for dinner and arrive in time for sunset, so you can see the whole island light up in the evening.

Make Time For Some Spiritual Healing

A Church In Nisyros
A Church In Nisyros
Historical Byzantine churches, such as the Panagia Faneromeni Church, may be found all across the island, and are all accessible by well-marked bicycle and hiking paths.
The island is great for those seeking a spiritual experience, since there are several monasteries to visit, the most prominent of which being Panagia Spiliani.
Dekapendavgousto (Assumption of the Virgin Mary) festivities last nine days, and guests from all around the neighboring islands join the locals in engaging in centuries-old rituals.

Dip Into The Hot Springs

Nisyros Hot Springs
Nisyros Hot Springs
Thermal springs flow into the sea in many locations near Nisyros as a result of the volcanic activity; many people travelto the spa at Loutra on the north coast to take advantage of its therapeutic effects, while additional hot springs can be found at Thermiani and Avlaki.
In fact, spas with hot mineral springs can be found all around the island, so take use of them.
A spa from the early twentieth century may be found within a few meters from Mandraki.

Explore The Palaiokastro

The Palaiokastro, perched on a mountaintop overlooking Mandraki, is the most remarkable of the island's cultural relics.
This massive acropolis and fort, which dates from the 4th century BC, currently has nothing left save for remnants of the volcanic basalt walls. The fort has a fairly long overall length.
The wall and cliff cover an area of over 130.000 m2, with a total circumference of about 2 km, and some of the stones that make up the wall weigh up to 3.5 tons. Two towers have recently been reconstructed from the rock that surrounds the location.

Stay At Charming Little Apartments

A Nisyros Apartment
A Nisyros Apartment
There are no expensive hotels or luxury resorts to be found here. The lodging on Nisyros is basic, with an emphasis on hospitality and service.
Villa Calliope, a mansion erected in 1849 that has been tastefully renovated and has classic architecture and interiors integrated harmoniously with contemporary elements, is a must-see for a unique stay.
Melanopetra, an 1850s flat that has been beautifully renovated into two boutique apartments, is the most engaging stay on the island.

Eat And Drink At Wonderful Taverns

Nisyros Food
Nisyros Food
There is a great option for food and the standouts for us are Aphrodite’s, a family-run tavern that serves fresh seafood dishes and are known for their homemade dolmades; Captain’s House for the tastiest grilled fish; Balkoni tou Emporiou for their traditional Nisyros’ cooking (make sure to ask for the local specialties of the day); if you are looking for some Italian cuisine make your way over to Bacareto in Buso; head to Oxos for a coffee and delicious desserts; and for after-dinner drinks check out Enalla X or Mira Mare (both offer great views of the island) (both offer great views of the island).

NISYROS (Νίσυρος), Greece ► Top Places & Secret Beaches in Europe #touchgreece - 2011

People Also Ask

How Do I Get To Nisyros?

The island of Nisyros can only be reached by ferry. Nisyros is accessible by ferry from Piraeus port in Athens, as well as other Aegean islands.
Nisyros' nearest airport is on Kos Island, which is accessible to Nisyros via boat. We can help you book your boat tickets!

Where Is The Nisyros Volcano Located?

The volcano on the Greek island of Nisyros is the country's youngest. It, like the ones in Methana, Milos Island, and Santorini Island, is an active volcano.
The oldest rock formations on the island are 160,000 years old, while the newest (prehistoric) are just 15,000 years old.

What Is Nisyros Known For?

Nisyros, a tiny, calm Dodecanese island between Kos, Tilos, and Astypalea in the south Aegean Sea, is most known for its active volcano, which features one of the world's biggest hydrothermal craters, and its hot springs, notably Loutra and Pali.

What Type Of Volcano Is Nisyros?

Nisyros is a stratovolcano located at the easternmost point of the Hellenic island arc. The northward sinking of the African plate under the Aegean microplate is responsible for this arc of volcanoes. West of Nisyros lies Santorini, a more well-known volcano.

Does Nisyros Have An Airport?

Nisyros Island does not have an airport. The nearest airport is in Kos, which is a neighboring island. Aircraft arrive at Kos Airport from Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, and other Greek islands, as well as charter flights from other countries.


A Panoramic View Of Nisyros
A Panoramic View Of Nisyros
Nisyros, a Greek island, is one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea, yet it has escaped tourists.
It is located between the islands of Kos and Tilos in the Dodecanese group of islands. The island has a surface area of 41 km2 and a 28-kilometer shoreline.
The island was constructed during a fight between gods and giants, according to legend. Poseidon pursued the huge Polivotis to Kos, where he ripped a piece off and hurled it at his foe, plunging forever into the lower Aegean.
Legendary rock-modern Nisyros, where it is supposed that the volcano's eruptions represent the anger of the vanquished giant's breath.
Along with the volcanoes Milos, Santorini, and Metana, these eruptions built the island, which is considered Greece's youngest volcanic hub and is still active.
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