Southwest US Map

Southwest USA Map

Southwest US map of best National Parks.

Map by Google, additions by Bugbog
n.b. these locations are approximate. Before hitting the road  check on a full size, zoomable map!

Southwest US Map Overview

This southwest USA Map covers many of North America’s best national parks and roads in Utah, Arizona and lesser parts of Colorado, California and New Mexico.

Various tourist circuits of these parks are possible but an agreeable way to travel is in an RV (Camping Van), giving a couple or family the flexibility of moving on when ready but also enabling them to stay in RV parks that are a lot closer to park entrances than the nearest hotel, so sunrise or moonlit walks suddenly become easier.

The most convenient starting point for many park tourists will be Las Vegas, giving many superb first night options, from Death Valley in the north to Grand Canyon and Monument Valley to the east and Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon and more to the northeast.

A possible two week Southwest US itinerary

Bryce Canyon overlook, Utah, USA

Bryce Canyon, Utah, Southwest USA

1 night in Las Vegas, Nevada.
2 nights in Zion Canyon NP (National Park), Utah.
2 nights in Bryce Canyon NP, Utah.
3 nights in Moab, Utah, after a long but stunning drive on Route 12 to/through Capitol Reef NP, Utah, and on Route 24 (mostly) to Moab. With Moab as base spend 1 day in Canyonlands NP, 1. 5 days in Arches NP, and half a day in Sand Flats Recreational Area on a bike, ATV or Hummer hired/arranged in Moab.
1 night in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, part Utah, part Arizona.
2 nights in Grand Canyon NP, Arizona.
1 night in Las Vegas = 12 nights.
The other two nights could be spent in Las Vegas recovering from an international flight or throwing the pension down the toilet, breaking the long Route 12/24 drive at Capitol Reef, adding Grand Staircase Escalante NM (National Monument) or Canyon de Chelly NM to the trip, or participating in some extra activity time in Moab – white water rafting, for example. Or a hundred other possibilities…