Italy Map of Tourist Destinations

Italy Map of main tourist places

Italy map by Google, additions by Bugbog. Main tourist destinations.

Italy Tourist Map: Why holiday there?

Europe’s bootboy, Italy, hosts arguably the most sumptuous hoard of art and architecture in the world, a living museum, with ancient Rome’s buildings, museums and the Vatican (I know, it’s another country, but it really doesn’t feel that way! ) soaking up tourist masses with ease, Florence prides art a little too well but can’t handle the crowds, while Venice is a completely different experience – strangely damp and spooky yet blazing with colour during the carnival; smaller town across the country offer similar oddities – Lucca and its walls, Pisa and its tower, Siena and its horsey madness, Pompeii’s frozen town, Verona’s opera. . .

Forum Romanum, Rome. Photo by Jose Ramon Lopez.

And then there are the grand lakes and mountains up north, the coastal scenes down south, great beaches (though primarily on Sardinia island), good food, fair prices and nice people if you can catch them away from tourist turbulence.

Rowing towards Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy

Ponte Vecchio, Florence.

Italy encompasses some of the world’s most fascinating ancient cities, with Rome, Venice and Florence topping a global list of ‘see before you die’ destinations, as well as an unbeatable collection of art treasures.
Throw into the tourist pot cute hilltop villages, rolling golden vistas, good wine, opera, predictable sunshine, a serious attitude towards food with always edible, good value cuisine and you have one of the world’s most attractive destinations.

The Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome travel, Italy

Sistine chapel, Vatican Museums, Rome.