Andalucia Map, Spain

Andalucia Map, Spain

Andalucia Map, Spain, by Google, additions by Bugbog

Andalucia map: why holiday there?

Local people have drinks and walks beside the river, Seville, Andalucia map, Spain

Local people having traditional evening drinks and walks beside the river in  Seville, Andalucia.

Andalucia encompasses much of Spain’s best culture, cities which host dramatic and fascinating buildings and customs that epitomise Spain. If you’re going there for big beaches, cheap red wine and lots of sunshine then perhaps focus elsewhere but if not…Andalucia is not only a sunny and warm part of Spain but also extremely Moorish – in both senses of the word. Here are some of the dazzling cities you can find there: Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Ronda, Malaga (beaches, but kind of muddy), Cadiz, to name but a few. And another thing…where’s the Costa del Sol? On the east coast of Andalucia!

Why Seville, Andalucia?

The Spanish coast has mutated into a hideous mish-mash of foreign owned skyscrapers, so the heart of España has retreated to inland Andalusia (Andalucia) Spain’s most southerly region, and the largest, liveliest, prettiest, most interesting city in Andalucia is unquestionably the capital, Seville (Sevilla in Spanish).
Want to see the glory of Spain? Check la vida de Sevilla.

Best months in central Andalucia, specifically Seville

Best: March-June, September-November, when temperatures range from pleasant to quite hot. March average temperatures are 8C- 21C (46F-70F), June averages 17C-31C (62F-88F). Note the superb Easter festival of Semana Santa and April’s colourful Feria de Sevilla, (Feria de Abril).
Avoid: July-August, when there is extreme heat (ranging from lows of 20C (68F) to highs of 35C+ (95F+) and no beach, though the nearby Costa de la Luz has the best beaches in Spain! December is the wettest month, though at 95mm that’s not exactly torrential.

Andalucia map, links to best places: