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Indonesia Pictures - The World's Most Populous Archipelago


In Indonesia, Bali is one of the most interesting islands, but a wave of unregulated concrete and brick is taking over. This is burying spirituality in favor of greed, temples in favor of big hotels and festivals in favor of partying, and terraced rice fields in favor of parking lots.

The global crisis has slowed growth, but the usual Bali attractions remain large, warm beaches, rumbling volcanoes, fantastic food, art, dancing, and music (provided you like it dissonant), and pleasant people, though they aren't as easygoing as they once were.

The island's most renowned beaches are Kuta and Legian, but resort hotel vacationers will also love Jimbaran and Nusa Dua. We have provided Indonesia pictures for your convenience.

Ricefields and mountains in a sunny cloudy day
Ricefields and mountains in a sunny cloudy day

Visit Java

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Compared to the beautiful island of Java, which is mostly Muslim, the capital city of Jakarta is a lot more crowded and ugly. Borobudur is worth seeing, the tea plantations are beautiful, and the best displays of Javanese culture, arts, and traditions can still be found in Jogjakarta, which was badly damaged by an earthquake a few years ago.

Woman Gazing At The Ocean with 3 birds flying
Woman Gazing At The Ocean with 3 birds flying

Visit Sulawesi

Check out Sulawesi island's pastoral life, weird dwellings, bizarre funeral customs, and unique burial methods for true off-planet oddities.

The Tana Toraja (Toraja Land) region of Indonesia's Sulawesi island resembles a postcard of Mother Nature's Ideal Home. The ground is carpeted with terraced rice fields, the walls are formed by limestone cliffs, and the unique décor is provided by winged, bamboo-thatched dwellings on stilts. Each hamlet is made up of one extended family, predominantly Christian but with some strange animistic beliefs thrown in for good measure.

Motor Boat Near Dock during Sunset at Baliem Valley
Motor Boat Near Dock during Sunset at Baliem Valley

Visit Baliem Valley

The rainy and weird Baliem Valley in West Papua (Western New Guinea), which includes the most colorful and beautiful part of Indonesia's Baliem experience, Dani fashion, is Indonesia's most important thing.

Outside of Wamena, the well-traveled Dani man sports feathers in his hair, pig fat mixed with soot on his upper torso, face, and hair, and a big, awkward penis gourd. The koteca is 30-50 cm long, light brown, and maintained erect by one string around the waist and one around the scrotum, whether curly or straight. Optional accessories include pig tusks in the snout, battle paint, and a bundle of spears.

 Indonesia Two Man Holding Surfboards Going to Beach Marga, Bali
Indonesia Two Man Holding Surfboards Going to Beach Marga, Bali


Kalimantan is a large but little-visited mass of mountains, wild rivers, primitive cultures, curious beasts, and tropical forests that make up two-thirds of Borneo island (Malaysia and tiny Brunei control the other third). The last three have been under attack for decades by Indonesia's illegal logging and mining industries.

Man Sitting on Fishing Boat on Calm Body of Water
Man Sitting on Fishing Boat on Calm Body of Water

Best Time To Visit Indonesia

The dry season, which runs from April to September, is the best time to visit tropical Indonesia. Rain, wind, rough waves, seaweedy beaches, and stifling humidity are all possible in other months.


Indonesia is a must-see destination. If you're fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit this sun-drenched corner of the planet, prepare to be wowed by a world of adventure, culture, history, and natural beauty. With so much land to cover, a vacation to Indonesia should last at least two weeks to fully appreciate the country's immense terrain. Split your time across the beautiful islands of Bali, Lombok, and Java, spending five to seven days on each before moving on to the next.

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