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G Adventures Reviews - Things You Need To Know About This Travel Company


If you are curious about G Adventures reviews, then you are in the right place.

G Adventures provides itineraries to locations all over the world, and the vast majority of them include the services of local tour guides to assist travelers.

Since its start, G Adventures tour has garnered a reputation as a tour operator that is known for providing visitors with experiences that are one-of-a-kind and off-the-beaten-path, while also putting an emphasis on sustainable and responsible travel.

G Adventures In A Nutshell

Bruce Poon Tip established what is now known as G Adventures in 1990. Previously, the company was known as Gap Adventures.

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G Adventures logo
G Adventures logo

It is an adventure travel firm that organizes and leads tours in small groups, with a maximum of sixteen participants in each excursion.

G Adventures tours are designed for anyone above the age of 18. Its primary clientele are young to middle-aged travelers, with some tours restricted to independent travelers aged 18 to 39. There are, however, packages for elder travelers and families.

G Adventure tours are mostly concerned with adventure travel, but they also provide other forms of travel excursions. They provide a basic tour service that is neither cheap nor luxurious, but somewhere in the middle.

G Adventures is great if you require the assistance of a reputable tour operator while yet having the freedom to do your own thing!

Every trip includes a Chief Experience Officer (CEO), often known as a tour guide, to help the group throughout the journey. They are mostly natives, though some may be expats with extensive knowledge of the area.

G Adventures will cover the fees of lodging, transportation (within the destination), some meals (mainly breakfast), and entrance tickets to attractions and other major experiences included in the program.

Visas, travel (unless booked via them), border crossing fees, meals, additional activities, and tips are not included in the price. As a result, extra cash is required.

Tours Offered By G Adventures

G Adventures has a large selection of excursions based on various travel types, experiences, and age groups.

Classic Tours - A variety of activities and excursions, such as well-known tourist hotspots and activities, important cultural places, and unusual and unique local experiences.

Tourists crossing the river through a wooden bridge
Tourists crossing the river through a wooden bridge

National Geographic Journeys - An upscale excursion that provides up-close and personal experiences at the top activities and attractions of the location.

National Geographic Journeys logo
National Geographic Journeys logo

18 To Thirtysomethings Tours - Tours that are exciting, high-energy, and full of excitement, perfect for young people. Prepare yourself for a lot of drinking and partying.

A group of young adults sitting beside an infinity pool
A group of young adults sitting beside an infinity pool

Wellness Tours - Experiences centered on self-improvement, such as yoga, meditation, wholesome food, and other activities like these can be found on some tours. If you are seeking a place to go away, this is the place for you.

A Group of people doing Yoga
A Group of people doing Yoga

Active Tours - Exciting activities like hiking, kayaking, and bicycling, as well as other experiences that are perfect for individuals who are looking for an adventure.

A man riding a zipline
A man riding a zipline

Rail Tours - excursions along some of the most famous rail lines in the world, with stops in a variety of places along the way.

A couple drinking during a train ride
A couple drinking during a train ride

Marine Tours - Tours aboard cruise ships that focus on marine life and other sights that can only be reached by sea travel, such as boats and ships. Eg: G Adventures Arctic voyages.

A group of tourists riding a boat
A group of tourists riding a boat

Local Living Tours - Tours that allow you to experience a significant portion of the local culture at each of your destinations.

A tourist trying some local delicacy
A tourist trying some local delicacy

Family Tours - Personalized itineraries that cater to all members of the family and include kid-friendly activities.

A family enjoying a tour
A family enjoying a tour

Reviews About G Adventures

With over 30 years of expertise, we believe G Adventures is a fantastic tour company that understands what is best for its customers.

A cartoon man holding the fifth star
A cartoon man holding the fifth star

It eliminates the need to organize everything yourself and is a safer way to travel. Of course, there are drawbacks, as with any other tour operator.

They also do not provide tours to every country in the world, so double-check. The decision is also influenced by your personal preferences, and you can contact their support service to clear up any confusion.

Many of their guests have been on the trip of a lifetime, and we are more than happy to share their experiences with you so you can have a little idea what to expect.

Read up on some reviews of their travel adventures here:

Tara Mergeay - Just came back from my 5th G-trip , this time it was 'the best of Iceland in 7 days'. I had a wonderful time: lovely group, beautiful views, cool activities, delicious food.

  • Barry Houldsworth - Amazing 16 days in Costa Rica. Our CEO (their term for leader) was amazing. She did a great job of creating a real family atmosphere and I know I have made some friends for life. Everything with the trip went smoothly, transports were on time, and issues were handled with quiet efficiency.
  • Rebeca - You should book the tour directly with G Adventures as all the information is clearer on their site. But overall, a really amazing tour. You learn lots about the local culture and get to do some exciting activities like paragliding and trekking to balance it out.
  • M - Great itinerary at a very good price. I traveled with a much younger group which made keeping the pace during walking tours impossible. Tour guides made no accommodations which made the trip very challenging.
  • Deanna - The tour itself was very good. Our tour leader had to replace the first leader because of a family issue. Kevin did a fantastic job taking over. He made our trip easy and fun. I DO however have an issue with G Adventure customer service. I sent several emails about an issue I had during the tour. No one responded. Kevin tried to help but there was radio silence from the company itself.
  • Barbara - This was my second G Tours experience and just as wonderful as the first (in northern India) Our CEO Son Pham was a legend. His knowledge and passion for his job and Vietnam was undeniable. He was very helpful to all on the tour and he went above and beyond! Thank you.

Pros And Cons


  • Adventure-based travel
  • Local, real, and sustainable experiences
  • Affordable tours
  • Many positive experiences by past travelers


  • Lacking amenities (sometimes)
  • Varying customer service
  • Frustrating cancellation policy
  • Poor accommodation (sometimes)

People Also Ask

Is G Adventure Ethical?

G Adventures is a tour company that promises to "Do the Right Thing" by providing valuable experiences to travelers while also assisting local communities. It is a company that promotes ethical tourism, and we believe it is worthy of your consideration.

Is G Adventures A Canadian Company?

G Adventures is the largest adventure travel company in Canada and a global leader in the adventure sector. More than 40,000 travellers every year enjoy our distinctive small group adventures, safaris, and expeditions on all seven continents, with a focus on culture, nature, and active travel.

Is G Adventures Affiliated With National Geographic?

National Geographic and award-winning Canadian tour operator G Adventures have partnered to develop National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures, a new line of experience vacations to locations across the world.


G Adventures is a remarkable travel company that has been in business for more than three decades. It's less stressful and more secure than doing your travel alone. This tour company, however, is not without its flaws, the same as any other type of business.

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