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Couple Take Revenge On Airbnb Host By Leaving Taps Running And Gas On For 25 Days


Couple take revenge on Airbnb hostby leaving taps running and gas on for 25 days. A couple from China wanted to exact their vengeance in an unconventional manner, so they left the gas and water taps open for a period of 25 days.

This couple used Airbnb to find a place to stay while they were in South Korea. The deed was done in order to exact revenge on the host for not allowing the couple to cancel their reservation some time in the past.

Under the guise of perhaps contracting the COVID virus, the Chinese couple submitted a request to cancel their reservations during the COVID waves that were occurring in Seoul. But when the owner of the home wanted some verification documentation, the couple was completely taken aback by the request.

It has been stated that the pair has thrown away 120 tons of water and 116 dollars' worth of power. In addition to that, they left a gas bill in the amount of $730.

The couple made their reservation for the hotel room without first determining its location, and they paid in full in advance for their stay of twenty-five days. They demanded a refund after discovering that it was located on the outskirts of the city; however, their request was ultimately turned down.

According to the host, who is not named in the reports, the couple asked if there were any surveillance cameras within the rooms, but the host said no. The host says that they denied the couple's request.

The couple exacted their vengeance as soon as they were given the room by turning on all of the electrical appliances, the lights, and the gas, and they even kept the water taps running while they were doing so.

Reports indicate that the pair spent a significant amount of time away from the property due to their lengthy travels across the nation. They had only been to the villa a total of five times in the twenty-five days that they had rented it.

After the couple had left, the host did not have any reason to think that anything was amiss until the gas company contacted him and informed him that his gas consumption levels had exceeded the criteria.

According to reports, the host has apparently paid off various extraneous charges totaling up to $1,570 out of their own pocket on top of the water, gas, and electricity bills.

The host then attempted to provide assistance to Airbnb, but he was told by the firm that they would not accept any responsibility for the situation and that the couple and the host would need to work together to find a solution.

During this time, the couple had already left the country, which meant that the host was responsible for paying all of the bills. When the story was picked up by the local media, the couple's conduct came under intense scrutiny, and they were held accountable for the mayhem that had occurred.

Final Words

In the end, situations like these do not happen very often, but they do bring attention to the dangers and potential repercussions of renting out one's property to unrelated parties. Both hosts and guests have a responsibility to exercise caution and maintain open communication in order to maximize the likelihood of a pleasant and trouble-free stay for everyone concerned.

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