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Canada's Oldest Park - Experience The Jaw-dropping Beauty Of Banff National Park


Banff national park, which is also Canada's oldest park, features amazing mountain beauty in the heart of the majestic Canadian Rockies, so it's no surprise that millions of tourists visit this breathtaking corner of the world each year.

Oldest Park In Canada ( Banff National Park )

Banff was founded in the 1880s with tourism in mind when employees on the Canadian Pacific Railway discovered many natural hot springs.

A couple tourist traveling Banff National Park
A couple tourist traveling Banff National Park

According to Banff & Lake Louise Tourism, the region was identified as a tourism hotspot and was designated as a reserve in 1885 to protect the springs and surrounding area from development.

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The protected area was expanded in 1887 and dubbed the Rocky Mountains Park of Canada before being renamed Banff National Park.

Banff National Park combines Rocky Mountain peaks, turquoise glacial lakes, a picture-perfect mountain town and village, rich wildlife, and picturesque drives. It was Canada's first national park and the flagship of the country's park system.

The park was Canada's first national park and the world's third, and it is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Banff National Park Map

Banff National Park is located west of Calgary in the Canadian province of Alberta and attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Location of Banff National Park with its famous hotsprings
Location of Banff National Park with its famous hotsprings

With some of the best vistas of the Rockies and waterfalls to behold, as well as a variety of exciting activities, it's a great place to spend your vacation.

Banff has a total size of 2,564 square meters and is known for its tranquil beauty. Banff National Park provides visitors with enough spectacular experiences, from majestic snow-clad mountains to shimmering alpine lakes.

Banff National Park is in the Rocky Mountains on Alberta's western border with British Columbia.

Banff is 80 miles west of Calgary and 401 miles southwest of Edmonton. Jasper National Park borders Banff, Yoho, and Kootenay national parks.

Kananaskis Country comprises Bow Valley Wildland Provincial Park, Spray Valley Provincial Park, and Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.

The Trans-Canada Highway travels through Banff National Park from near Canmore to Yoho National Park in British Columbia.

Banff is the park's commercial hub. Lake Louise lies near the Trans-Canada Highway and the Icefields Parkway, which leads to Jasper.

Top 6 Banff National Park Things To Do

Over three million visitors visit the park each year for a variety of activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, and camping in some of the world's most beautiful alpine scenery.

Cave And Basin National Historic Site

In an underground cave that is the cradle of Canada's national parks, visitors may experience hands-on exhibits and bubbling thermal waters.

A view of Cave And Basin National Historic Site
A view of Cave And Basin National Historic Site

Banff Upper Hot Springs

Spend some time relaxing in the Upper Banff Hot Springs.

Unwind in the hot spring that is at the highest elevation that is still active in Canada. This family-friendly destination features both a gift shop and a café. There is a shop where you may rent towels and swimsuits.

Vermilion Lakes Drive

Take a leisurely stroll along Vermilion Lakes Drive Take a bike ride or a walk along Vermilion Lakes Drive, unwind on the docks and benches that line the lakes, gather information about the surrounding area, and go for a canoe ride or go up Mount Rundle.

Some cyclists biking on Vermilion Lakes Drive
Some cyclists biking on Vermilion Lakes Drive

Lake Minnewanka Loop

Lake Minnewanka Loop is an excellent destination. Take a journey on the Lake Minnewanka bus during the summer months to see some of the area's most beautiful lakes, such as Johnson Lake and Two Jack Lake.

A stunning view of Lake Minnewanka Loop
A stunning view of Lake Minnewanka Loop

Have fun going on hikes, having picnics, and spending time on or near the water. In the winter, it is an excellent location for activities such as snowshoeing, winter walking, and cross-country skiing.

Lake Louise Lakeshore

Pay a visit to the lakeshore of Lake Louise. This breathtaking mountainous location is a mecca for taking memorable photographs, as well as for outdoor activities such as climbing, canoeing, horseback riding, and hiking.

The Mount Victoria glacier reflects on Lake Louise
The Mount Victoria glacier reflects on Lake Louise

Taking public transit provided by Roam or reserving a seat on one of the Parks Canada shuttles in advance will provide the greatest possible experience.

Travel Along The Icefields Parkway

The Icefields Parkway connects Lake Louise and Jasper, running parallel to the Continental Divide through some of the most remote and wild regions of Banff and Jasper national parks.

Some cars passing the Icefields Parkway
Some cars passing the Icefields Parkway

Explore two of the area's highlights or read on for more information. As this 230 km route traverses glaciers, emerald lakes, and expansive valleys, snowfall is possible at any time of year.

People Also Ask

What Is So Special About Banff National Park?

Banff National Park is distinguished by its proximity to the vast, pristine environment of the Canadian Rockies and its easy accessibility.

The park encompasses 6,641 square kilometers (2,564 square miles) of rugged terrain and is brimming with valleys, peaks, glaciers, woods, meadows, and rivers that offer breathtaking views.

Can You Swim In Banff National Park?

Most of the park's glacier-fed lakes are far too chilly for swimming, but they give great photo opportunities. However, there are numerous public swimming facilities located throughout the national park.

Can You Stay In Banff National Park?

There are numerous lodging alternatives in the park, ranging from luxury lodges to remote huts. A few of our favorite hotels in Banff National Park are listed here.


Banff, Canada's oldest national park, is certain to have a history that would spark the interest of its tourists - and it's just as fascinating as you'd expect. Banff has always piqued the imagination of travelers, owing to its extensive and fascinating history.

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