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Boeing Plane Returns To Airport In Japan Due To Cockpit Window Crack

After a fracture was discovered in the cockpit window of a Boeing plane returns to airport in Japan on Saturday. No injuries were reported among the 59 passengers and six crew members.

Author:Velma Battle
Reviewer:Michael Rachal
Jan 15, 2024
After a fracture was discovered in the cockpit window of aBoeing plane returns to airport in Japanon Saturday.
A spokesperson for Flight 1182 stated that the fracture discovered on the outermost of four layers of windows encircling the cockpit caused the aircraft to return to Sapporo-New Chitose airport instead of its original destination of Toyama. No injuries were reported among the 59 passengers and six crew members.

Boeing Plane Returns To Airport In Japan

All Nippon Airways airplane
All Nippon Airways airplane
Following the recent Alaska Airlines incident, Boeing may face another negative public relations day when one of its 737 aircraft is grounded in Japan due to a discovered crack in the cockpit windshield. All Nippon Airways was tasked with operating the Boeing 737-800 aircraft on its route from Sapporo to Toyama.
Succeeding takeoff from Sapporo-New Chitose airport, however, the cockpit window break was observed. A spokesperson for the airline was quoted by Reuters as saying that the fracture was discovered on the outermost of the four layers of cockpit windows. The aircraft was subsequently rerouted and landed in Sapporo.
The crack was not something that affected the flight's control or pressurisation.- All Nippon Airways
The aircraft contained 59 passengers and six crew members at the time. A Boeing 737 MAX 9 did not constitute the aircraft involved in the incident.
In the United States, the Boeing 737 MAX 9 is presently in the newsand the subject of an official investigation following the Alaska Airlines incident that occurred a week ago.
Although the ANA aircraft is a 737 model, it is not one of Boeing's 737 MAX 9 aircraft, which have been in the public eye since last Saturday, when a blowout on an Alaska Airlinesflight left a gaping crater in the side of the fuselage.
Although all 174 passengers and six crew members of the Alaska flight landed safely, flight data revealed the aircraft ascended to an altitude of 16,000 feet (4,876 meters) prior to its descent back to Portland International Airport.
Alaska Airlines has announced that its fleet of 737-9 aircraft will be grounded. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced on Friday that until Boeing provides additional information regarding the near-catastrophic Alaska Airlines incident, all 737 MAX 9 aircraft will remain suspended.
For the safety of American travellers the FAA will keep the Boeing 737-9 MAX grounded until extensive inspection and maintenance is conducted and data from inspections is reviewed.- US Federal Aviation Administration
The safety regulator has also initiated an investigation into the incident, which is the first significant in-flight safety concern involving a Boeing aircraft since the fatal 737 MAX accidents of 2018 and 2019, which resulted in an extended grounding of the aircraft. Mike Whitaker, administrator of the FAA, said:
We are working to make sure nothing like this happens again.- Mike Whitaker
Our only concern is the safety of American travellers and the Boeing 737-9 MAX will not return to the skies until we are entirely satisfied it is safe.- Mike Whitaker
A MAX was not on board the All Nippon Airways (ANA) flight. Boeing's latest statement said:
As operators conduct the required inspections, we are staying in close contact with [Alaska Airlines] and will help address any and all findings.- Boeing
We are committed to ensuring every Boeing airplane meets design specifications and the highest safety and quality standards. We regret the impact this has had on our customers and their passengers.- Boeing
In 2019, Boeing MAX 8 aircraft were grounded worldwide following two fatal accidents.

Final Words

A Boeing aircraft returns to the airport in Japan following reports of a cockpit window break that occurred during the flight. The fracture manifested in the most exterior stratum of the four window layers encircling the cockpit.
There were no passengers or crew members injured. ANA flight NH1182 was en route from Toyama, located on Japan's main island of Honshu, from Sapporo, Hokkaido.
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