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Best Lotions For Masturbation That Are Travel Friendly For On-The-Go Pleasure


Now that COVID restrictions have been lifted and travel days have returned, your masturbation lotion may require some updating. Masturbation is a popular stress reliever because it is simple to do once you find your groove.

In this article, we will provide the best lotions for masturbation that are travel friendly for on-the-go orgasms and pleasure.

This is perfect for people who experience intense travel anxiety and having masturbation while traveling is their stress reliever.

Masturbation is a great way to relieve stress from travel-related challenges, so there's nothing wrong with it. So without further ado, here are the best lotions for masturbation and some masturbation advice that you can consider during your travel.

Travel Masturbation Tips And Advice

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A man wearing a red back pack while traveling and another man masturbating on the upper left part
A man wearing a red back pack while traveling and another man masturbating on the upper left part

Travel and masturbation can go hand in hand, as can staying at home and masturbating. Before we proceed in presenting the best lotions for masturbation, let us first give you some tips and advice for masturbation during your travel.

Watch Some Porn

When traveling on business, keep in mind that the company may not appreciate the idea of paying for visual entertainment while masturbating.

If you want to watch some X-rated content on the room's television, make sure any changes are made on your personal credit card, not the company's.

Think Outside The Box

Something about being alone in a hotel room can make a guy feel more daring. If a man is shy or set in his ways about masturbation, fondling oneself while away from home can be an opportunity to experiment.

Consider some anal play, masturbating with a different hand, using a different lubricant, changing the genre of pornography used, talking out loud, or anything else that makes you uncomfortable at home.

Take Some Precautions

If you're driving a long distance, be mindful of the urge to masturbate. While many men masturbate while driving, it is the definition of a distraction and can be dangerous.

Instead, pull over to the side of the road or find a rest stop with a men's restroom and consider masturbating there.

Slow down and try to do it on a road with little traffic if you insist on keeping your hands on your penis instead of firmly on the wheel.

Be Considerate

It's nice for a guy to be somewhere where no one knows him, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't be considerate of the other guests.

It's fine to be a little more vocal while masturbating, but don't let the moans and groans become too loud to be heard by the kids next door.

And although exhibitionism can be fun among adults, just because no one knows you in the place you are traveling doesn't give you the right to pleasure yourself with the curtains wide open or publicly.

Best Lotions For Masturbation That Are Travel Friendly

Whenever and wherever the masturbation occurs during your travel, regular use of the best lotions for masturbation can help keep the penis and vagina in good health and better prepared for pleasurable handling.

Masturbation can cause the skin on the genitals to become rough and raw, so using a lotion to restore smoothness, moisture, and suppleness is recommended.

Here are the best travel-friendly lotions for masturbation:

Gun Oil Masturbation Lube

A gun oil masturbating lube on a bag along with phone, keys and paper
A gun oil masturbating lube on a bag along with phone, keys and paper

Gun Oil is a water-based masturbation cream that is always ready to use. It has a creamy formula that never drips, allowing for easy cleanup. All you need is a splash of water on your genitals.

Because it is made with high-quality ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Oat, Ginseng, and Guarana extracts, the lubricant is extremely gentle on the skin. This cream also has a longer duration than most masturbation creams.

Gun Oil lubes allow you to have sex alone or with your partner. You'll never feel alone again after purchasing Gun Oil lube. You'll always be ready for fun while traveling or at home.

Sliquid Lubricant

Sliquid lubricants with different packaging colors
Sliquid lubricants with different packaging colors

This lubricant is ideal for travel because it comes in a small 8.5-ounce bottle. The last thing you should be thinking about when being intimate and wanting a quick orgasm is harmful chemicals in your body.

The silicone and water-based formula of Sliquid Organics Silk Lubricant is free of any unwanted additives. This lube is botanically infused and vegan and the silicone blend of 12 percent makes it last longer and is ideal for sensual massages.

When applied to the skin, the Aloe Vera in the formula acts as a natural moisturizer, and the lubricant also contains vitamin E, green tea, and hibiscus.

This combination is unique and will produce unforgettable, invigorating sensations.

It also does not leave any stains, which is another reason why this lubricant is suitable for travel.

Shibari Personal Lubricant

Shibari lubricant in a white bottle with words Shibari travel friendly on the right
Shibari lubricant in a white bottle with words Shibari travel friendly on the right

When packing for a weekend getaway, don't forget about pleasure. Shibari's palm-sized lube fits easily into your carry-on bag, and the discreet packaging will blend in with your other items as you go through bag check.

This masturbation lotion is also the best-selling lubricant on Amazon. It is water-based, making it safe for toys, FDA-approved, and provides a smooth glide-on sensation. Furthermore, it contains no dyes or perfumes that could harm your genital skin.

Swiss Navy Masturbation

Swiss navy lubricant tubes places on a big plastic packaging
Swiss navy lubricant tubes places on a big plastic packaging

Swiss Navy Premium masturbation lotion comes in leak-proof bottles with single-hand locking pumps, making application to the skin simple and safe while traveling.

Furthermore, Swiss Navy Premium is a water-based lubricant that is pH-balanced for a woman's sexual health, has low osmolality, and is designed specifically for people with sensitive skin. It has a long-lasting, velvety feel that is ideal for water or anal play.

This results in an unforgettable experience for both partners, genders, and sexual orientations. It is also non-staining and compatible with all adult toys.

People Also Ask

What Is Masturbation?

Masturbation is the act of touching one's own body for sexual pleasure. Masturbation occurs in a variety of ways. Everyone's experience with touching their own body for sexual pleasure is unique. It all depends on what makes your body feel good.

Can Lotion Be Used For Masturbation?

It is beneficial to use lotion when masturbating. It makes it slicker, which causes men and women to ejaculate faster. Masturbating without lotion is time-consuming and not recommended if you masturbate every day.

Why Do Men Masturbate With Lotion?

To make masturbation more interesting, men use lotion. Lotion makes it more slippery, allowing men to ejaculate more easily. The sensation of masturbating with lotion is superior to masturbating with bare hands. A man's penis can become red and dry if he does not use lotion.


Masturbation, like partnered intercourse, is more pleasurable when you're in the right frame of mind, which you can achieve at any time, even while traveling. Thus using a great masturbation lotion is vital to achieve great pleasure and orgasm.

We hope that the above list of the best masturbation lotions can assist you in making masturbation more pleasurable, accessible, and enjoyable.

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