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Best Florida West Coast Beaches


Aside from Asia's best beaches, the United States of America's Florida proves to be the best of the best when it comes to beautiful beaches. Allows us to explore more so that we can enjoy our trip. Are you excited about what Florida has to offer?

Let's take a look at their beautiful location in Florida and see for yourself where your heart belongs.

West Coast Florida's Best Beaches

Siesta Beach, Siesta Key, Near Sarasota, Central-West Florida

Over the last 20 years, Siesta Beach on Siesta Key, a barrier island 8 miles long, has been named the best beach in the United States by a number of publications. Is said to have the world's best, white powder sand. It has been washed by the warm, clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico and is said to be the best in the world.

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Siesta is a public beach with full facilities, activities, and a lot of places to stay. It's very commercialized and built up, but it's a great, safe, and kid-friendly place with gradual slopes, shallow waters, lifeguards, and gentle waves. Siesta is also home to a lot of fish, and it's the best place to snorkel on the west coast of Florida.

Siesta Key's Crescent Beach, Turtle Beach, or Palmer Point Beach on the south end of the island are good places for people who want to avoid crowds.

Destin Beach, West Florida

Another great place to go to the beach, with fast-growing, luxurious resorts on the pristine sand. All kinds of watersports, like sailing and diving, are popular in Destin. It's also known for having the largest fishing fleet in the state. People go there to get a death-defying tan.

Henderson Beach State Park is probably the best beach because it isn't crowded and has sugar-white sand and clean water. But nearby public beaches are almost as good as the Park but don't charge you to go there.

Fort Walton Beach is a good place to go if you want to spend some time on the sand.

Pensacola Beach, Santa Rosa Island

Santa Rosa is a large, white sand, a barrier island south of Pensacola that is full of dunes, grasses, sea oats, huge hotels, and other tourist traps. It is connected to the Fairpoint Peninsula by bridges. In the summer, the beach gets a lot of people because it is washed by the clear green waters of the Gulf. For people who want to be alone, this is not the place for them.

There is a boardwalk with shops, restaurants, clubs, and clubs on the north side of the island. It is also crowded with street musicians and artists in the summer. Surfing, swimming, biking, hiking, fishing, sailing, and noisy marine sports like jet skis and parasailing are all possible. This isn't a peaceful place, but it's good for families and young party people.

Also, Pensacola is very touristy. There are many festivals, a few interesting museums, and a zoo in the city. They lay eggs in the dunes from May to August. The babies are born from mid-July to October.

Perdido Key, Near Pensacola, North-West Florida

Perdido is one of the less-developed areas of the Florida Panhandle, which is the top left corner of the state that meets Alabama. It has 52 miles of white sand beaches, many of which are backed by rolling, partly grassed dunes, and a climate that sees more than 340 sunny days a year.

Nature parks (also known as state recreation areas) like Big Lagoon State Park, Gulf Islands National Seashore, and Perdido Key State Park are found all over the state. They're great places to go for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, sailing, diving, camping, and watching wildlife (many birds, osprey, dolphin, and various sea turtles).

People can swim, sunbathe, and go bodyboarding on the wide and beautiful beaches, but there isn't much of a resort feel. There are a lot of places to stay and things to do close by.

Turtles lay eggs from May to September, and their babies hatch two months later and head for the bright sky. There is a sad truth: Many people mistake the lights of hotels and stores for their marine destination and end up going in the wrong direction. Only 1% of hatchlings are still alive today. On the Gulf Beach Highway, 15 miles southwest of Pensacola, off S. R. 292, there is a state park called Perdido Key.

Grayton Beach, Panhandle, Northwestern Florida

The Emerald Coast is a stretch of sand and water between Panama City Beach and Destin, Florida. This fine, white sand beach and emerald Gulf waters make for great swimming, sunbathing, fishing, kayaking, and boating.

Four miles of trails through pine Flatwoods around Western Lake, or a nature trail through an oak forest bent and twisted by salt winds that looks like "Middle Earth." Modern cabins and a full-service campground can be found.

Grayton is near the town of Grayton Beach on County Road 30A, which is south of U.S. 98. Grayton is close to Grayton Beach.

There is a doctor who works with Julian G Bruce. If you want to see another unspoiled beauty in the Panhandle, you should go to St. George Island State Park. The park is great for all kinds of nature and water sports, and the beach is also known for great shell collecting. Picnic and camping facilities are there.

People can get to the park by taking the US 98 road from East point to St. George, which is a barrier island in Apalachicola Bay, which is in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fort De Soto Park, Near St Petersburg

The park is made up of five islands that cover more than 1,000 acres, with shallow waters and three miles of soft white sand beaches. It attracts more than 2. 7 million visitors each year. If you want to swim, there are two main pools at North Beach and East Beach with modern facilities, as well as a dog beach. Dogs can run free on a stretch of beach near the park's pier.

There are also fire hydrants and garden hoses with spray nozzles in the next fenced-in area. The park has a 6. 8-mile walking trail, a 2. 5-mile canoe trail, a lot of nature trails, a boat launching facility, and a lot of room to camp.

The best way to get there is to take I-275 south to exit 17 (Pinellas Bayway) and then turn west at the second stoplight. In this case, the address is 3500 Pinellas Bayway South.

Caladesi Island State Park, Near Dunedin

In this three-mile stretch of white sandy beaches, no cars are allowed. There are grassy dunes, birds, and calm Gulf waters. This is a great place for swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, and shallow-frying yourself.

Get there by taking a ferry from Honeymoon Island SRA, which is 30 miles west of Tampa, to get to the island.

Clearwater Beach is north of Dunedin on the Gulf Coast. It's a great place to go swimming. All of the water is crystal clear. There are lots of wide and white sands that are safe for little kids to play on. It is a commercial area, which means it is well-kept.

Gasparilla Island State Park, Southwest

Gasparilla Island is one of the few places in Florida that people don't know about.

The island of Gasparilla is about an hour and a half west of Ft. Myers, and it includes the peaceful historic town of Boca Grande. There are dolphins and manatees on the island, as well as 7 miles of beautiful sandy beaches.

Keewaydin Island Beach, Southwest

To get to this hidden gem, you'll need to take a boat. It's just off the luxurious island of Marco Island, which is about two hours west of Miami. The stunning white sand beach is full of shells and has a great view of Marco Island. It's a great place to go for a peaceful walk. If you don't have a boat, you can still go to public beaches like Tigertail and South Marco, which are both very pretty. The water at Keewaydin Beach is warm, but there are strong waves.

Which Side Of Florida Has The Best Beaches

Beautiful beaches can be found on both sides of Florida. The Atlantic Ocean has more swells. As a result, Florida's East Coast has a lot to offer in terms of water sports. It's an excellent choice for water sports and adventure seekers.

The Gulf Coast, on the other hand, has white-sand beaches and calm, crystal-clear waters. It's the best option for those looking for peace and quiet, as well as families with small children.

What Is The Most Affordable Beach Town In Florida

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Surely, we all want our vacation not to be costly if possible. So here are the 10 most affordable beach towns in Florida that you'll surely love:

  • Port Charlotte
  • Fort Pierce
  • Daytona Beach
  • Venice
  • Palm Bay
  • Melbourne
  • Port Orange
  • Tarpon Springs


What are your thoughts? Are they stunning? Beaches such as the ones mentioned above are just a few examples. There's a lot more if you visit West Coast Florida! clear water is something you'll enjoy there. So, if you want to experience and feel that, you need to make a plan right now and reserve one of the beaches I've listed.

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