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On-the-Go Security: Why Every Traveler Needs A VPN

Connecting your phone, tablet, or laptop to public WiFi at places like coffee shops, hotel rooms, or airport lounges exposes your browsing activity to potential onlookers and risks exposing your login credentials on sites you visit.

Author:Velma Battle
Reviewer:Michael Rachal
May 28, 2024
Connecting your phone, tablet, or laptop to public WiFi at places like coffee shops, hotel rooms, or airport lounges exposes your browsing activity to potential onlookers and risks exposing your login credentials on sites you visit. Clearly, this is not advisable. Whenever you use public WiFi, it is highly recommended to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) app for secure browsing. However, this is just a small taste of what the best travel VPN can do and the benefits it can provide to travelers and digital nomads.

1. Secure public Wi-Fi

Everybody loves free stuff, and that includes public Wi-Fi. Many travelers search for and connect to various networks while on the go, which can be quite insecure. Often, networks available in public spaces are unsecured and more susceptible to risks.
Hackers may attempt to access a wealth of sensitive information, making it crucial to understand the dangers associated with public Wi-Fi. These networks generally do not require a password, leaving you unaware of who else might be using the same connection. To protect yourself, consider using a VPN. So, the next time you find yourself working at a café or airport, remember to activate your VPN for added security.

2. Access Blocked Websites

Have you ever found yourself abroad, itching to watch your favorite show, only to be met with a frustrating message that says, "Due to legal restrictions, this episode cannot be viewed from your current location"? This common issue, known as geo-blocking, can be effortlessly bypassed using a VPN. With a VPN, you can unlock and enjoy any content, no matter where you are.
How to unblock sites or content? To unblock any website, you need to set up VeePNfor international travel with a large number of white VPN servers. The provider has 2500+ VPN servers and can unblock any streaming service, website, web resource, etc. In the area of bypassing geographical restrictions, VeePN is completely in order and this has been verified personally.

3. Privacy

Your personal data on your phone, tablet, or computer should remain private. Unfortunately, hackers and certain foreign governments don't share that sentiment. When traveling and connecting to local WiFi networks, these governments can monitor your device's contents and track if you're accessing sites or apps that they prohibit. The list of such countries is well-known, even if not explicitly stated. Protect your privacy and avoid censorship by using a VPN; it hides your online activities from prying eyes.
However, be aware that some countries attempt to block VPN access. Despite these restrictions, you still have a fighting chance if your chosen VPN isn't blocked.

4. Avoid Location-Based Price Targeting

Finding the best deals for hotels or rental properties can be challenging for travelers. The issue stems from many websites using individuals' online information to show targeted advertisements and adjust pricing accordingly. As a result, some businesses charge higher prices based on the user's location. If you choose a good VPN to download, you can prevent personal information about you from being leaked and used to raise prices. This way you become an anonymous user, about whom nothing is known except the country of origin that you chose when connecting to the VPN. You can change it and try to find a better price.

5. Secure Share Files and Data

Many individuals often travel for work-related purposes and can significantly benefit from enhanced security measures. With the shift of many companies to remote work, it's unsurprising that some employees need to exercise extreme caution with their documents and information when working outside the office.
When employees are on vacation but still need to complete work tasks, minimizing exposure to cyber threats is crucial. For those frequently sending important emails and sharing files with colleagues, a VPN can provide a secure method to ensure these communications are carried out safely.
Why Every Traveler Needs A VPN
Why Every Traveler Needs A VPN

6. Access Sensitive Accounts

When traveling, it's inevitable that you'll need to access your bank accounts, credit cards, and other sensitive information online. Without the enhanced security provided by a VPN, your banking passwords, emails, and credit card details could be exposed to unauthorized access.
By activating a VPN, you can securely check your financial accounts and emails, safeguarded from prying eyes and potential cyber threats.

7. Protection Against Hackers

If you didn't share your trip on social media, did it even happen? However, beware—public networks can leave your social media accounts vulnerable to cybercriminals.
Hackers often sell compromised social media credentials on the dark web to fraudsters. To prevent any misunderstandings with your friends, make sure you’re securing your social media accounts with a VPN before posting updates.

Final Words

As you embark on your travels, remember to leverage the protection of a VPN to maximize the benefits this powerful cybersecurity tool offers. With its user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly safeguard your data, all while saving time and money. Cybercriminals often seek to exploit system vulnerabilities, but a well-implemented online security strategy can effectively thwart their attempts to access your sensitive information.
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