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United Airlines Employees Allegedly Made $10K A Week Stealing Pot From Luggage


United Airlines employees allegedly made $10K a week stealing pot from luggage. The federal government claims that two United Airlines cargo agents at San Francisco International Airport planned and carried out a plot to steal marijuana from the luggage of leaving customers over a period of several years, and that they made as much as $10,000 per week selling the illegal substance.

According to a criminal complaint that was submitted to the United States District Court for the Northern California on June 9, Joel Lamont Dunn was characterized as the mastermind and Adrian Webb as his "right hand man" behind the brazen ring that involved other cargo agents at the airport.

When the alleged plot was conceived in 2020, an informant who had "knowledge of the conspiracy to steal marijuana" was working as a ramp freight agent alongside Dunn and Webb.

The informant reported to the federal authorities that Dunn had contacted them "to assist with stealing marijuana from checked baggage" at SFO. According to the charge filed in criminal court, the informant was paid around $2,000 in cash for each shift that they worked, "or more if large quantities were taken that day."

United Airlines plane in the air
United Airlines plane in the air

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It is unknown who was able to sneak such large quantities of marijuana through airport security. According to the complaint, the informant informed investigators that Dunn was "the leader of the operation," and that Webb "appeared to be [his] right-hand man and gave directions when Dunn was not around."

Both of them have been charged with conspiracy to distribute a prohibited narcotic, but they have been given the opportunity to post bond. According to the documents from the court, the bail for Dunn was set at $75,000, while the bail for Webb was set at $50,000. There is currently no scheduled date for the trial.

Both Dunn and Webb could not be reached for their thoughts at this time. The Post has contacted United Airlines for a comment on the matter. According to the lawsuit, the two people were brought to the attention of federal authorities when they were "robbed at gunpoint in the employee parking lot of SFO near their personal vehicles."

According to the federal complaint, video security footage taken just before the crime shows Dunn, Webb, and other employees "moving black trash bags out of the secure area airport, consistent with the marijuana theft scheme."

According to the allegations made by the federal government, neither Dunn nor Webb informed the authorities about the theft of marijuana from their possession.

In October of the previous year, federal agents acting on a tip from their sources stopped two people as they "exited the secure area of the airport with a cart carrying two large boxes, and a large black plastic bag on top of the boxes, and headed to the G-side of the International Garage," according to the complaint.

Final Words

The allegation in the complaint states that the individuals were allegedly transporting contraband to the G-side of the international garage. According to the allegations, federal agents discovered 14 kilos, which is equivalent to 30 pounds, of marijuana.

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