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8 Most Mesmerizing Experiences For Newly Weds In Africa

Here are 8 most mesmerizing experiences that newlyweds can enjoy when honeymooning in Africa.

Author:Velma Battle
Reviewer:Michael Rachal
Jun 23, 2024
Moments fade, but memories are forever. Getting married is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world where you commit yourself to a partner and continue your journey of life together. However, managing the wedding event can be quite a task followed by a honeymoon experience that should last forever. Newlyweds today have to go through a lot of research before they decide how they want to spend the first few days of their lives together.
If you and your partner are interested in wildlife and safari Africa can be a great honeymoon destination that can offer you amazing experiences. With plenty of options to choose from you and your partner can decide what activities you would prefer when you honeymoon in Africaand how you can spend your days to create memories that will last forever.
Here are 8 most mesmerizing experiences that newlyweds can enjoy when honeymooning in Africa.

Sleep Out In A Private Luxurious Tree House

One of the best experiences that newlyweds can have when they are honeymooning in Africa is to enjoy a private luxurious sleep out in a tree house. When you are holidaying in Kenya or South Africa you can book tree houses that would offer you a luxurious sleep-out option. These luxuriously designed and decorated tree houses have all the necessary and luxurious facilities and amenities that you would need for a romantic experience. This allows you to enjoy uninterrupted panoramic views of the landscape which adds to the experience. You also get to view the wildlife and enjoy a stunning sunset from your vantage point. As you move into the night you can share a bottle of wine and munch on midnight snacks as you two talk and spend quality time together.

Watch The Sunrise With Private Hot Air Balloon Rides

Apart from sleeping in a luxurious tree house with your partner, you can also head out for some early morning adventure. Hot air balloon rides are quite common in various countries across Africa. Hence, you can enjoy these private rides that allow you to enjoy the sunrise and get a bird’s eye view of the landscape below. If you are heading to Kenya you can opt for a hot air balloon safari in Masai Marawhich is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can spend an hour up in the air early morning and glide over the savannah grasslands. From up above you also get to watch the wildlife and birds which is a unique experience. The hot air balloon flight ends with a nice bush breakfast ready for you when you land in the wilderness.

Enjoy Pure Bliss With Private Bush Baths

Once you are done with your hot air balloon ride you can return to your luxurious safari lodge where you can enjoy private bush baths. For a newlywed, this is a private and intimate moment and a lot of care is taken to ensure that the couple gets the privacy they need. This is a mesmerizing experience where couples get an immersive experience of being one with nature as they soak away everything else that’s on their minds. With snacks and drinks at a hand’s reach, newlyweds can spend their time the way they want hearing the calls of the birds and nature around them. You can choose private bush baths that overlook the endless plains of Serengeti or the mighty Zambezi River depending on what you prefer.

Spend An Idle Day On A Private Island

Various African countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Seychelles offer newlyweds the experience of being alone on the island. This is a unique experience that most honeymooners would want when they are spending the first few days of their lives with their partner. Spending quality time on a private island is nothing short of a dream come true where newlyweds can do whatever comes to their mind. They can eat whatever they fancy, go swimming, enjoy sunbathing or spend quality time talking about their future. You can indulge in the most luxurious meals served by the hotel or resort you choose to make your honeymoon experiences in Africa unforgettable. However, make sure that you know what to pack for an island holidayin Africa.

Enjoy The Views With Private Helicopter Rides

One of the best experiences that newlyweds can enjoy honeymooning in Africa is going out for a private helicopter ride. Watching the landscape from high above is an experience in itself. Various luxury packages and plans include helicopter rides that allow you to enjoy the wildlife and the landscape from a vantage point. You can enjoy helicopter rides above the spectacular Masai Mara, the Okavango Delta, the Namibian Desert and Skeleton Coast, the mighty Victoria Falls, the plains of Seregenti and many such landscapes. This also works when you have limited time on your hand and you still want to make the most of your honeymoon in Africa.

Spend Time With Mountain Gorillas

Standing face-to-face with a mountain gorilla is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When you are heading out for your Africa honeymoon you can opt for gorilla trekking experiences which allow you to head up high in the mountains to watch these majestic primates in their natural habitat. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is one of the magnificent national parks in Ugandaand can provide you with an experience that takes you deep into the forest and learn more about these gorillas and how they survive. This is a perfect honeymoon for wildlife-loving couples who seek adventure and want a chance to get close to nature.

Enjoy A Celestial Dance In A Desert

Being out there in the desert watching the night sky transform is a great experience for newlyweds when they are honeymooning in Africa. Namibia offers a unique experience from the rest of the African countries and if you and your partner love watching the stars together you can book a luxurious lodge in Sossusvlei to enjoy some celestial drama. As the sun sets in the west, you can watch the stars come out and eventually stare at the Milky Way which is hard to see when you are in a city. Enjoy your time in a luxurious lodge packed with modern facilities and amenities.

Relish Delicious Cuisine At A Private Candlelight Dinner

A candlelight dinner all by yourselves is a private experience that you have to enjoy when you are honeymooning in Africa. Various luxurious safari lodges and resorts would provide you with an opportunity to enjoy delicious meals under the stars. With no one else around you can have private conversations over your meal and talk about what matters to you. You can also look out for various cellar dinners where you can enjoy a fine selection of wines available for you. With a sumptuous meal and tasty wine, you can make your Africa honeymoon an unforgettable one for sure.
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