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Canada Maps, Cartes de Canada

Canada Map

Canada’s main tourist destinations. Map by Google, additions by Bugbog. Satellite map below.

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Canada Photos and Guides

Why holiday in Canada?

Not just a greener, gentler version of USA, Canada is a huge, picturesque, sparsely populated country, with a multicultural identity and an interesting clash between English and French influences.
Canada is most attractive to outdoor types, particularly skiers in winter and hikers in summer, though the relaxed urbanity of Vancouver and lively culture of Montreal draw city lovers too.
For land viewing of arctic wildlife – especially polar bears – Canada’s Churchill is unbeatable.
It’s safe, spacious, spectacular, serves good, varied cuisine and speaks your language. . . what more do you want?

However, although extremely cold in many places (-20C is not uncommon), the short summers can be very hot (30C+), it’s not cheap (nor expensive), while distances are massive, requiring time and money for a proper look around.