Holland Map, Netherlands

Holland Map Netherlands

Holland map Netherlands,  roads and tourist destinations

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Holland Map: why holiday there?

This little kingdom – more properly known as The Netherlands –  deserves a lot more attention than just for its tulips, windmills and Amsterdam (the capital) hedonism. Netherlands cities are brimming with grand architecture, top class museums, art galleries, a buzzing nightlife and other attractions that make up a great urban culture trip.
Dutch people are relaxed and open-minded who generally speak excellent English, the country is compact and easy to get around, with a smooth and efficient transport network, both domestic and international.

Four classic Dutch windmills in Zaans Schans, Netherlands, Holland

Four classic Dutch windmills in Zaans Schans, Netherlands, Holland map. Photo by Kevin Bus.

Holland map: best seasons

Best weather  in Holland is generally May-September
Weather conditions can change rapidly and dramatically in the Netherlands so always carry warm/cool and wet gear with you on your Dutch trip.

Worst: Winters are cool, December-February, but when winds start to whistle across the flatlands, the chill factor freezes your blood and bicycles are not on the menu du jour – a warm, dry taxi will do nicely. However, if you’re visiting for purely urban life and wrap up well then winter can be interesting and is naturally less touristy.
Spring and Autumn involve a lot of rain so grey skies sometimes seem to be Holland’s default setting.

Keukenhof Gardens in springtime, near Amsterdam, Holland

Keukenhof Gardens in springtime, near Amsterdam.

Holland vs Netherlands: what’s the name confusion?

The correct term for this country is the Netherlands (Nederland in the Dutch language means low lands), or more formally ‘The Kingdom of the Netherlands’ (which includes Aruba and the Dutch Antilles).
The reason for the Netherlands/Holland confusion is that the two most important of the country’s twelve provinces – historically the most powerful and still hosting the most important Dutch cities of Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam – are called North and South Holland; those were the places that made the country great and those were the places everyone talked about. Even the Dutch people (aka Nederlanders) call their country Holland from time to time, including at international soccer games.
The origin of the Dutch name/language is a combination of German deutsch and Dutch dietsch meaning language of the common people – as opposed to the Latin language that the posh folk spoke in medieval times.