Asia Map

Full Asia Map from Turkey to Japan, plus links to Asian country maps

This Asia map is the continent east of Europe, west of Pacific Ocean, north of Indian Ocean.

Note that geographically the ‘Middle East’ is actually West Asia and large parts of Russia are in East Asia.

Asia Map: where to go in this huge region?

Traditional cleaners at dusk, Shwedagon complex, Yangon, Myanmar

Traditional cleaners at dusk, Shwedagon complex, Yangon, Myanmar, Asia map.

We Bugboggers have visited most of these Asian countries and feel like forcing our opinions on you, the helpless reader, about the most interesting places we’ve seen in Asia. Unfortunately, as it happens, some of these countries are less safe than they were a few years ago so don’t just jump on the nearest plane. Some research is worthwhile.

Also, it should be mentioned that we happen to like experiencing bizarre cultures and customs, not lying senseless on a beach, so Papua New Guinea, Myanmar and Nepal fit the bill perfectly for us, at the time.

Yemen is definitely off the safe visit list now thanks to military intervention by Saudi Arabia, while PNG men, always ready for a fight, have become erratic and unpredictable in their ways of late – tho’ to tell the truth we did have a little threatening axe waving during our trip there. However, if you’re keen on bizarre lifestyles check on the current situation with a travel agent.

Asia downsides

• weather is frequently hot and oppressively humid throughout the year. Or way too hot for most of the time. But sunshine is the payback.

• Asian countries may be quite disorganised so it’s important to be alert for problems, watch baggage, check money exchange etc..

• Thievery is some Asian countries is commonplace (such as Thailand, India). In others extremely rare (Japan, Malaysia, Singapore)

• Food hygiene can be erratic so care is needed. However, cuisine may also be delicious  and very cheap!

Singapore, Marina Bay nightly free showtime

Singapore, Marina Bay nightly free showtime.

Some regional Asia maps