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A Look Into MENA-based Broker ADSS

When it comes to picking a brokerage firm that suits your trading needs, it is vital to consider the platforms that the broker provides and the services that it offers to clients. In this ADSS review, we take a look at the investment firm’s trading platform, what features it offers to traders, as well as its educational resources. For those interested in this topic, make sure to read below.

Author:Velma Battle
Reviewer:Michael Rachal
Oct 11, 2023
When it comes to picking a brokerage firm that suits your trading needs, it is vital to consider the platforms that the broker provides and the services that it offers to clients. In this ADSSreview, we take a look at the investment firm’s trading platform, what features it offers to traders, as well as its educational resources. For those interested in this topic, make sure to read below.

ADSS’ Background

ADSS is a popular MENA-based brokerage firm that aims to provide high-quality investment opportunities and a rewarding trading experience for clients. This is done through its multi-asset trading technology, providing access to liquidity, a personalised view of the markets, and a variety of instruments.
As one of the only brokerage firms in the GCC, ADSS also operates in various locations around the world, such as the UK. ADSS is regulated by the SCA in the UAE and the FCA in the UK. Overall, ADSS is considered a responsible brokerage firm committed to offering a fair, transparent and competitive trading environment.

ADSS’ Trading Platform

ADSS has a bespoke trading platform that is designed to provide a seamless trading experience for both desktop and mobile users. The platform is very intuitive, allowing traders to trade with confidence, since they know that their funds remain secure. Traders also have the option of expanding their portfolios with ADSS’ large product range, which includes competitive spreads, global financial markets, and no commissions. The trading platform’s interface is made to be easy-to-use, so traders can better take control and where and how they trade without any compromise.


The trading platform provides smart features such as watchlists and asset class filters to allow for quick access to any market while making it easier to find new ones. Traders can stay in control with advanced deal ticket drop-downs, for precise order entry.


ADSS provides customisable, comprehensive, and simple charting. This enables easy research into any particular instrument. After choosing a product, the chart section will then automatically display historical data in an interactive chart. Traders can use this to see further details such as high, low, open and close levels, or change the view’s time period. The platform’s charting tools can be changed, letting traders tweak the colour, line width, pattern and indicators in a few simple clicks.


The brokerage firm’s trading platform features an intuitive and dynamic interface. This makes it easy for traders to move around the platform and find what they need. They can customise the view to best suit their trading needs, and effortlessly move from analysing the market to trading what they need in a few simple clicks.


Traders have the option to decide how they want to trade. This is because ADSS offers a seamless trading experience on both desktop and mobile devices. ADSS’ powerful trading platform lets traders switch between devices without compromising on functionality or speed.


ADSS lets its clients use MetaTrader 4 (MT4). This program offers highly competitive pricing and deep liquidity. Additionally, MT4 is one of the world’s most innovative and popular trading platforms, making it widely used in various financial markets such as CFDs, futures, and forex, to name a few.
MT4 comes in two different versions. The first is the desktop platform, which is a very powerful trading platform. It has customisable charting, advanced research and educational tools, in addition to expert advisor plugins. MT4 also has a web terminal platform in case users do not want to manually download the trading platform. Instead, they can trade directly through their favourite web browser.
The second version is its mobile application. This lets traders trade on the go. Traders can also trade in 39 different languages on either Apple or Android phones, with the program providing highly competitive fees and spreads. MT4’s trading signals can help traders make more informed trading decisions. It also provides the latest headlines so traders can better prepare themselves in case the market makes an unexpected move.

Educational resources

Another thing that makes ADSS stand out from the crowd is its priority in educating and empowering the trading community to become better traders. This means the brokerage firm provides traders with plenty of free educational resources to help them better reach their trading potential. These courses are designed to help traders better navigate the forex, stock, index, commodity and cryptocurrency markets. The brokerage firm also offers resources on how to better analyse the latest news and provides insights on market movements, so traders will be able to better spot new opportunities.


ADSS provides a bilingual glossary page right on their official website, which is in both English and Arabic. This is great for traders whose first language may not be English. The glossary features key trading terms and their definitions so that traders can get familiarised with them. These terms are listed in alphabetical order and are also bilingual. The glossary is very comprehensive, with many popular trading terms being covered and explained. For novices who are just getting into trading, they can take a look at ADSS’ glossary before getting started.

News and analysis

ADSS provides a news and analysis section on their official website. Aside from offering up-to-date information on current events, the section explains how these events relate to the financial markets. There are also articles that explain what is currently happening in the financial markets and their developments. This section is typically updated and is also written in both Arabic and English.

How-to guides

The brokerage firm provides how-to-trade guides on its official website. These cover all the basics from how to trade currencies and stocks, to explaining the difference between fundamental and technical analysis. These guides are great for beginners, as they can easily help boost one’s trading skills and knowledge. The guides are also written in Arabic.
For those who are looking for something more engaging and visually appealing, ADSS has a video library on their website that is part of a 10-part video course. This is a more engaging way for traders to understand and learn about certain trading topics such as trading strategies or reading trading charts.

Bottom line

Overall, ADSS is a highly reputable brokerage firm that offers plenty of financial services and trading solutions. This helps to improve the trading community, no matter if they are a novice or an experienced trader. The combination of comprehensive trading technology, educational tools, and extensive market coverage positions ADSS as a broker that people should consider.
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