Stonehenge area map, England

Stonehenge area map including Avebury, West Kennet barrow, Silbury Hill and the famous White Horse at Uffington (below). Click on red balloons,  zoom or expand.

Uffington White Horse, England. Photo BBC.

The Uffington White Horse photographed by the BBC for a series of extraordinary sites seen from the airThe White Horse is in the county of Oxfordshire,  8 km (5 miles) south of the town of Faringdon town, and 2.5 km (1.6 miles) south of Uffington.

The Uffington White Horse was cut into the hill 3,000 years ago. It’s 110m by 40m,  the longest chalk engraving in the UK, but research indicates that Bronze Age people who produced this art did not just cut away the turf to reveal chalk but dug large trenches and filled them with chalk, a lot more work and determination required, possibly a form of worship by a Celtic tribe to the horse-goddess Epona.

More prehistoric sites near Stonehenge

First choice is undoubtedly Avebury, a larger circle of smaller stones set around a charming little village. Less than an hour’s drive north of Stonehenge, you are free to walk around them, sit outside the local pub and view them over a glass of beer or hug them at your leisure with no charge at any time of the day, night or year.

Nearby are more ancient remains, Silbury Hill and West Kennet Long Barrow.

There are also plenty of giant White Horses carved into chalk hills and prehistoric hill forts around, though the latter only involve high grassy mounds surrounded by steep rings.

The Cherhill White Horse

A giant chalk White Horse, Wiltshire, England

The Cherhill White Horse, near Avebury, Wiltshire county.

Not as impressive as ancient stone circles perhaps, but various White Horses canter over the Wiltshire chalk hills around Avebury and Stonehenge and are good for a brisk walk with no-problem access and great views. Apparently locals spend a lot of communal time cleaning and maintaining the White Horse – weeding, replacing eroded chalk, trimming grass etc. And not neccessarily for commercial reasons. They take pride in living near ancient art.

Crop Circles

Alien Crop Circles, England

Crop Circles in Wiltshire.

And if you’re lucky, it’s early summer and aliens have been busy so you may stumble across some crop circles too. Wiltshire (county) is a popular alien graffiti zone, though they are hard to find as a) Extra Terrestrials have unpredictable habits and b) light planes are hard to come by.

This photo was, in fact, taken of a field near Murska Sobota, Slovenia (though the Bugcrew have seen crop circles in Wiltshire fields, sadly without a camera to hand).

If you wish to have a chat about all things alien and weird graphics in particular apparently those who orbit in crop circles hang out at the Barge Inn, Honeystreet, Pewsey (town) Wiltshire, every summer.