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Airlines Offer Free Changes For Taylor Swift Fans After Argentina Concert Delay


Airlines offer free changes for Taylor Swift fans after Argentina concert delay. The pop star announced the postponement of her show in Argentina's capital, originally scheduled for Friday, to Sunday due to heavy rain. She expressed on X, formerly known as Twitter, that the decision was made because the weather conditions were so genuinely chaotic that attempting to hold the concert would be unsafe.

LATAM Airlines, the largest carrier in South America, communicated with its customers in Chile through X, stating: "#AttentionSwifties: we know your planes changed so starting today we are updating our flexibility policy for those with flights from Buenos Aires” for Saturday or Sunday." The Chile-based airline announced that it would be waiving both ticket-change fees and differences in fare for travelers who can fly anytime until November 17, following the postponement of Taylor Swift's show at Argentina's largest stadium.

Despite some customers expressing dissatisfaction on social media, reporting difficulties in finding available seats, and claiming that LATAM informed them about the waiver too late, the airline has not yet commented on whether it plans to add extra flights.

Sky Airline posted to its Instagram: "If you had tickets for the Taylor Swift concert that was postponed, November 10 in Buenos Aires, we want to tell you we have activated our passenger protection and support plan. You can change your flight date at no cost (without penalty or fare difference), to fly up until Friday, November 17, departing from either Ezeiza airport or Aeroparque Jorge Newbery airport. To access the protection plan you must do so only through our online chat at skyairline.com, where we will ask you for a photo/image of the concert ticket dated November 10.”

It's common for airlines to supplement their flight schedules for major events such as high-profile concerts, conferences like CES, or sports tournaments. However, industry executives said that a change fee waiver in response to a canceled or postponed concert is highly unusual.

This development also underscores the significant impact Taylor Swift's tour, The Eras Tour, has on bookings. This unconventional move in airline waivers may signal a new era, with the tour's influence extending to other industries such as hotels.


In her tweet announcing the rescheduled show, Taylor said, "Good newsis I get to stay in Argentina longer!!" Now, it seems like more of her fans might also have the opportunity to extend their stay.

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