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Scuba Diving In Bora Bora - One Of The Best Things To Do In French Polynesia


Scuba diving in Bora Bora is possible all year. Summer in Bora Bora is wetter than the rest of the year, lasting from November to April. The average yearly air temperature is 27 degrees Celsius/80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The average water temperature in summer is around 29°C/84°F and 26°C/79°F in winter. The visibility in the water is greater than 30m/32-98ft.


Detailed Bora bora map
Detailed Bora bora map

The island group known as Bora Bora is located in the Leeward Islands. The Leeward Islands are the western part of French Polynesia's Society Islands.

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Bora Bora is 30.55 km2 (12 sq mi). The main island lies 230 km (125 nm) northwest of Papeete and has a lagoon and barrier reef. Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu, the island's tallest peaks, are the relics of an extinct volcano (2,385 ft).

The commune of Bora-Bora also contains Tpai atoll. Bora Bora speaks French and Tahitian. Many Bora Bora people have learned English thanks to tourism.

Bora Bora is known for its coastal (and offshore) luxury resorts. Vaitape sits on the island's western side, opposite the lagoon's main canal. The island's produce consists largely of seafood and coconuts, which were previously important for copra production.

Bora Bora

An aerial view of Bora bora beach
An aerial view of Bora bora beach

Bora Bora is one of the most popular islands in the Tahitian Islands. Bora Bora, one of the Society Islands' nine islands, was constructed about seven million years ago by a volcano. Bora Bora, like the majority of French Polynesia's islands, is surrounded by a ring of coral reef, also known as an atoll.

This south Pacific island may easily be characterized as the heart of the amorous world, with overwater bungalows, thatched-roof houses, and a mythical ambience dotting the island. Bora Bora is just one of the most gorgeous islands in the world.

Experience Scuba Diving In Bora Bora

Two tourists scuba diving under Bora bora waters
Two tourists scuba diving under Bora bora waters

What to Expect Bora Bora diving is well-known for sharks (lemon sharks, gray sharks, white tip and black tip reef sharks, hammerhead sharks) and manta rays, and divers can see beautiful hard and soft corals teaming with reef species on all dives.

Other ray species that are prevalent include leopard, bat, eagle, and stingrays.

Bora Bora is a popular tourist destination with a wide range of activities, including snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water activities. One of the most popular activities here is scuba diving.

Divers of all levels of expertise can participate in diving. Eagle Rays' Station, Muri Muri, Anau, Tapu, Toopua, and Tupitipiti are some of the most popular dive spots near Bora Bora.

People Also Ask

What Is Scuba Diving Like In Bora Bora?

Bora Bora diving is well-known for its manta rays and sharks, and all dives feature vibrant hard and soft corals teeming with reef life. Many divers' bucket lists include diving in the waters of the world's most stunning lagoon.

Can You Snorkel From Shore In Bora Bora?

At a Bora Bora resort with coral on its coasts, you can stay in an overwater house. Step outside and down a few steps to snorkel in a lively world of angelfish, parrot fish, and needle fish.

How Deep Is The Bora Bora Lagoon?

Close to the airport and the coral reef behind Motu Tane, which belonged to Paul Emile Victor, this site is between two motus inside the Bora Bora lagoon and is suitable for beginner swimmers because the depth ranges from 50 cm to 3 meters (1.5 to 9 feet).


Bora Bora vacations are known for its beautiful luxury resorts and numerous exciting activities. Bora Bora activities to do are unlimited, whether you like to get your adrenaline racing or prefer a calm day at the beach.

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